Earth Avengers: United We Stand comic

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Agent Fox 29 (Hydra, Avengers foe)

Agent Tiger 7 (Hydra, Avengers foe)

Baron Strucker (Hydra, Avengers foe) - by Grendel Prime

Baron Zemo (Masters of Evil)

Black Knight

Black Panther

Black Widow

Captain America (Avengers member) - by Grendel Prime


Devil Dinosaur

Doctor Doom

Dugan, Major

Enchantress (Masters of Evil)

Executioner (Masters of Evil)

Falcon (Avengers member) - by Grendel Prime

Fury, Nick


Hawkins, Dr. Richard

Iron Man


Moon Boy



Ragnarocket (Hydra weapon, Avengers)

Redwing (Falcon's partner)

Scar Eye

Scarlet Witch

Shostakov, Alexi

Sitwell, Agent

Tigra (cat-like Avenger, Avengers: United They Stand comic) - by Grendel Prime

Ultimate Amplifier

Vision (Avengers member) - by Grendel Prime

Wonder Man (Avengers member) - by Grendel Prime


Wise Eye

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issue (publication date) - writer, pencils, inks, editor

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