Membership: Firehair, Highwalker, several unidentified others

Purpose: To provide protection in numbers for prehistoric mutants

Aliases: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: The individual tribesmen who had abandoned them at birth

Base of Operations: A cave near "the burnt place," prehistoric Earth

First Appearance: Avengers VII#39 (February, 2021)

History: (Avengers VII#39 (fb) - BTS) - After watching an infant taken to the so-called "burnt place" and being too afraid to stop a pack of wolves from taking the infant, the psychic later known as the Highwalker vowed never again to stand by and watch another being like himself perish and he began recruiting mutants like himself into a group that became known as the Tribe without Fear, helping them to better control their abilities and accept themselves for who they were.

(Avengers VII#39) - Ten years later, around 1,000,000 B.C., the Highwalker appeared to rescue an one-eyed infant and found the infant with a young red-haired girl standing over. Asking the girl not to hurt the infant, the Highwalker watched as the scared girl ran off and he rescued the infant and took it back to the Tribe without Fear. When the red-haired girl became curious that there might be more like herself, she attempted to follow the Highwalker and the Highwalker introduced himself and recognized the girl as the infant he had earlier failed to stop wolves from taking. Revealing his psychic abilities and his failure to stop the wolves, the Highwalker invited the girl to stay with the Tribe without Fear and the girl subsequently left her wolfpack to join the Tribe. One day, Firehair's powers manifested and she telepathically sensed the impending approach of the raging tribes who had left their infants in the "burnt place." When the tribesmen burst into the cave dwelling of the Tribe without Fear, the Highwalker ordered the Tribe to retreat while he confronted the angry men. Firehair struggled to control her own anger and when the Highwalker was reminding Firehair not to give in to her own hatred and fear, he was fatally hit by the men's spears and rocks. Without the Highwalker to help guide them and temper their anger, the Tribe without Fear savagely fought back and both the Tribe without Fear and the angry men killed each other, leaving only Firehair alive, having telepathically felt their death throes. Saddened by the loss, Firehair laid amongst the dead in the "burnt place," offering herself to the buzzards, but she was instead chosen as a host for the cosmic Phoenix Force.

Comments: Created by Jason Aaron, Dale Keown and Scott Hanna.

While not explicitly stated, the Tribe without Fear were all early examples of mutants, with the Highwalker being a prehistoric parallel to Professor X and Firehair being a prehistoric parallel to Jean Grey/Phoenix.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Tribe without Fear has no known connections to:


The Highwalker was a prehistoric mutant who gained psychic abilities despite his physically enfeebled form. Despite being completely paralyzed, the Highwalker was able to telekinetically levitate himself and he began seeking out other mutants like himself, soon coming across a red-haired infant in the "burnt place." When the girl became surrounded by buzzards, the Highwalker witnessed a pack of wolves abscond with the girl and he assumed they killed the infant. Determined to never again stand by and watch as his own kind was killed, the Highwalker began watching the "burnt place" as other tribesmen abandoned their mutated infants there and, speaking to the infants via telepathy, he began gathering them together for their own mutual protection as the Tribe without Fear. Training the young mutants in the use of their powers and to accept themselves as they had become, the Highwalker led the Tribe and ten years later, when the surviving red-haired girl returned to "the burnt place" and saw a one-eyed infant, the Highwalker asked the girl to leave the infant be and he recruited the infant into the Tribe. At first fearful, the red-haired girl ran from the Highwalker, only to return a short time later, curious if there were others like herself. Recognizing the red-haired girl as the infant he had once thought killed by wolves, the Highwalker brought her into the Tribe without Fear as Firehair. When Firehair's powers manifested as telepathy, the Highwalker tried to comfort her but she quickly sensed the impending arrival of the tribesmen who had abandoned the Tribe at the "burnt place." Still dedicated to protecting his kind, the Highwalker ordered the Tribe to retreat for their own safety as he attempted to calm the tribesmen. Unfortunately, the Highwalker was soon became distracted trying to calm Firehair's anger at the attackers and he was impaled by spears.

Highwalker was completely paralyzed by he was capable of moment via telekinetic levitation and he could speak into others' minds via telepathy.

--Avengers VII#39d

images: (without ads)
Avengers VII#39, p9, pan3 (Tribe without Fear, main image)
Avengers VII#39, p10, pan1 (Tribe around a fire)
Avengers VII#39, p7, pan4 (Highwalker)

Avengers VII#39 (February, 2021) - Jason Aaron (writer), Dale Keown (pencils, inks), Scott Hanna (additional inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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Last updated: 12/13/2021

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