Real Name: Shawn Trella

Identity/Class: Human cyborg

Occupation: Criminal;
    former sports star

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Mister Colt

Enemies: Coach Pavlich, Darkhawk (Connor Young), Derek Lu, Spider-Man (Miles Morales of Earth-1610), Harris Young

Known Relatives: Unidentified uncle

Aliases: "Man"

Base of Operations: The Whiskey Cave bar, Woodlawn Heights, the Bronx, New York, USA

First Appearance: Darkhawk II#1 (October, 2021)

Powers/Abilities: Shawn Trella is a cyborg whose body is almost entirely composed of mechanical parts. The nanotech in his body grants him superhuman strength sufficient to lift and easily hurl a 2-3 ton dumpster. It also enhances his speed and agility, allowing him to easily dodge punches at point blank range. He can also extend his limbs to at least double their normal length for grappling and he can channel and project energy from his hands. Shawn also has a cybernetic eye that glows red when he is angry and yellow when he is channeling energy.

Prior to his cybernetic transformation, Shawn was a skilled sports star but a little on the slow side in terms of speed.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'7")
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Blue (cybernetic eye glows red when angry & yellow when channeling energy)
Hair: Blonde

History: (Darkhawk II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Shawn Trella was a notable high school sports star and his games were often watched by middle schooler Connor Young. After taking a shot at the big leagues, Shawn ultimately was not fast enough to keep up and he later returned home to help his uncle with managing a bar.

(Darkhawk II#1) - Shawn and two of his friends ran into high schoolers Connor Young and Derek Lu as they returned from a basketball game and Shawn immediately recognized Connor as a rising high school basketball star. When Connor asked what it was like being back in town and helping his uncle with the bar, Shawn replied that he was glad he took his shot at the big leagues but lamented that he was not fast enough and that no one wanted a slow-moving statue in the pocket these days. Commending Connor on how well his high school sports career was going, Shawn warned Connor and Derek about going down 237th Street, as police were looking for anyone who might know anything about a high-tech robbery that had earlier occurred. Secretly involved with the robbery himself, Shawn later recruited some youngsters including Derek Lu to commit robberies on his behalf. When Derek failed at one of the robberies due to the intervention of the new Darkhawk, Shawn berated Derek and his new agents for acting like amateurs and being flashy. Derek insisted he had not been flashy but Shawn exclaimed that he could do nothing to help Derek if he continued to screw up. Shawn then ordered Derek to acquire Darkhawk's armor to prove himself and Derek assured Shawn that he heard him loud and clear.

(Darkhawk II#2) - After Derek failed to acquire Darkhawk's armor (learning in the process that the new Darkhawk was his best friend Connor Young), Derek returned to Shawn, who was playing pool at Whiskey Cave. When Derek commented that he couldn't acquire the armor, Shawn replied that Derek had to but Derek admitted having misgivings about becoming a criminal. Derek continued, promising that he would not say anything about Shawn's activities to the police, and when he expressed hope that Shawn would be okay with his decision, Shawn's employer Mr. Colt appeared and shot Derek twice, killing him.

(Darkhawk II#3) - Upon learning of Derek's death, Connor Young confronted Shawn at Whiskey Cave and Shawn feigned concern, remarking on how he had heard about Derek and his body being found on the docks. Shawn then asked Connor to give Derek's family, especially Derek's sister, his condolences and when Connor asked what else Shawn might know about Derek's murderer, Shawn questioned Connor putting him on the spot about it. Connor then cut to the point and revealed that he knew Derek had been up to something bad with Shawn, prompting Shawn to threaten that Connor was on some dangerous ground coming into Whiskey Cave and accusing Shawn of being involved in Derek's death. Connor remained strong, demanding that Shawn tell him what had happened to Derek, and Shawn responded by getting into Connor's face and warning Connor to leave before he wound up just like Derek. Connor then left and Shawn sat back down to pour himself another drink. Moments later, Darkhawk blew a hole in the wall of the bar and announced that he heard Shawn was wanting the Darkhawk armor. Threateningly suggesting Shawn take a test drive of the armor first, Darkhawk picked up Shawn and flew him into the air, trying to force Shawn to confess to killing Derek. When Shawn insisted he hadn't killed Derek, Darkhawk dropped him, snagging Shawn moments before the thug hit power lines. A panicked Shawn then revealed that Mr. Colt had killed Derek and that he operated out of Hunt's Point. Darkhawk then flew to Hunt's Point and located Colt, who admitted that Shawn had proven his worth by leading Darkhawk into a trap.

(Darkhawk II#4) - As Darkhawk, Captain America and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) took down several of Mr. Colt's cybernetic minions, Mr. Colt himself hooked Shawn up to several machines and asked Shawn one last time if he was committing to Colt's program. Shawn loyally commented that he just wished to hit his full potential and Colt assured Shawn that he would. Colt then switched on the machines and electrical current was sent through Shawn's body.

(Darkhawk II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Shawn was then transformed into a superhumanly strong cyborg using nanotechnology.

(Darkhawk II#5) - Shawn Trella showed up at Derek Lu's funeral and Connor immediately confronted Shawn, who admitted his suspicions that Connor was the new Darkhawk, remarking on how Connor knew things Darkhawk did and how Darkhawk had showed up at Whiskey Cave seconds after Connor had stormed out during Connor's earlier confrontation with Shawn. Connor then demanded to know why Shawn was there and Shawn responded by threatening to kill everyone in the room if Connor didn't accompany him outside. Once in the parking lot of the funeral room, Shawn asked where Connor's Darkhawk armor was and Connor transformed into Darkhawk, knocking Shawn back against the wall. Revealing his own cybernetic transformation, Shawn grabbed a nearby dumpster and hurled it at Darkhawk, who asked if Colt had forced Shawn into becoming a cyborg. Shawn gloated that Colt didn't have to force him to do anything and that Colt had finally found a way for Shawn to realize his full potential. Shawn then blasted Darkhawk away and almost immediately caught up to the hero, who hitched a ride on a train to get Shawn away from the funeral home. Shawn quickly caught up to the train and the battle continued atop the train and, soon, atop a fence when the two combatants jumped from the train. Monologuing that Mr. Colt had wanted the Darkhawk armor intact but could surely do something with the pieces, Shawn prepared to blast Darkhawk again but Darkhawk unleashed hidden weapons within his own armor and managed to down Shawn, who lost one of his cybernetic arms in the process. As the dust cleared, Shawn began to pick himself back up but he was immediately and completely webbed up by the arriving Spider-Man (Miles Morales). Taken into custody, Shawn ranted and raved that he couldn't be held captive forever and that it would be "on sight" as soon as he was free. Watching from afar via video screens, Mr. Colt remarked to himself that Shawn already had more potential than his previous cyborgs.

Comments: Created by Kyle Higgins and Juanan Ramirez.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Shawn Trella
should be distinguished from:

Whiskey Cave

Whiskey Cave was a bar owned by Shawn Trella's uncle that Shawn returned to Woodlawn Heights to help run. Secretly working with former A.I.M. operative Mr. Colt, Shawn based himself out of Whiskey Cave, recruiting his own agents to commit robberies while he took a kick back of the loot. After Derek Lu and Shawn's other new agents caused an explosion that drew the attention of the new Darkhawk, Shawn met with Derek and the others at Whiskey Cave and ordered Derek to acquire the Darkhawk armor to prove himself valuable. When Derek proved unable to acquire the armor, he returned to Whiskey Cave to inform Shawn and when Derek expressed misgivings about becoming a criminal in the first place, Shawn's employer Mr. Colt appeared and shot Derek dead on the floor of Whiskey Cave. Upon learning of Derek's death, Derek's friend Connor Young confronted Shawn at Whiskey Cave but when Shawn threatened Connor into leaving, Connor returned to Whiskey Cave as Darkhawk and blew a hole in the wall to grab Shawn and threaten him into revealing Mr. Colt's involvement in Derek's death.
--Darkhawk II#1 (#2, #3,

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Darkhawk II#5, p7, pan1 (Shawn Trella, main image)
Darkhawk II#5, p4, pan2 (Shawn Trella, headshot)
Darkhawk II#2, p19, pan3 (Shawn Trella, pre-transformation, playing pool)
Darkhawk II#4, p19, pan3 (Shawn, pre-transformation, in armor)
Darkhawk II#2, p19, pan1 (Whiskey Cave)

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