Real Name: Roscoe (presumably - see comments)

Identity/Class: Demon (likely Class 2 - see comments) (possibly the 12th-15th century or earlier to modern era)

Occupation: Fetch-and-carry agent

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Razan the Night Jackal, "Sheriff"

Enemies: Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed, active near Route 66, USA

First Appearance: Spirits of Vengeance I#1 (December, 2017)

Powers/Abilities: As a demon, Roscoe had the ability to shapeshift between his true demonic form and a form resembling that of a human.

In his demonic form, he possessed razor-sharp claws and teeth, jet black skin and no eyes.

Height: Various
Weight: Various
Eyes: None
Hair: None

(Spirits of Vengeance I#1 (fb) - BTS) - An ancient demonic being, Roscoe and another demon participated in a great betrayal. In the modern era, Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze witnessed an angel spontaneously combust in his friend Mack's diner after being hit with mystic bullets and Roscoe and the other demon, nicknamed "Sheriff," were sent by Razan the Night Jackal to acquire the bullets.

(Spirits of Vengeance I#1) - After Johnny Blaze absconded from the diner with one of the bullets, Roscoe and "Sheriff" arrived at the diner in the human form of police officers as Blaze was leaving. Noticing the supposed "police," Blaze commented that they had the wrong guy but Roscoe's associate, "Sheriff," assured Blaze they had the right guy and ordered Blaze to hand over the bullet. Realizing the two "police officers" were not local law enforcement or even local at all, Blaze announced his suspicions of the two's origins and "Sheriff" remarked to Roscoe that they had a clever one. Roscoe agreed and commented that Blaze was more than met the eye. When the "Sheriff" repeated his order to turn over the bullet or pay, Blaze transformed into Ghost Rider and attacked the two demons, exclaiming his disbelief that the demons could talk to him about payment when they had participated in the universe's greatest betrayal. "Sheriff" quickly recognized Blaze as a Ghost Rider but Ghost Rider knocked Roscoe aside with his chains and entrapped "Sheriff" in chains. Ghost Rider then used his chains to entrap Roscoe as well and burned both demons with his Penance Stare.

Following the defeat of Roscoe and his ally, Blaze met with the Hell-lord Daimon Hellstrom and the two looked through ancient books in hopes of identifying what type of demons Roscoe and "Sheriff" were. After deciding against the two being moray demons, Blaze found an image of Roscoe in a book and positively identified him. He then asked Hellstrom if Roscoe and "Sheriff" were heavy hitters but Hellstrom explained that while they were strictly fetch-and-carry agents, they were still demons.

Comments: Created by Victor Gischler and David Baldeon.

    Roscoe was only ever called by the name of Roscoe. It could very well be his real name but it seems more likely that it was just the alias he was using while posing as a human.

    While we weren't explicitly stated what Class of demon Roscoe was, it seems likely that he was a Class 2 demon that probably originated as a human and degenerated into demonic form in the afterlife.

    The era in which Roscoe originated is not entirely clear. Ghost Rider remarked that Roscoe and "Sheriff" participated in the universe's greatest betrayal (which I took to mean Lucifer's betrayal of God/war on Heaven and subsequent downfall) but Blaze reads a book in which he identifies Roscoe. The book shows an armored Roscoe battling what appears to be some sort of knight (or at least, an armored human). Knights were common around the 6th all the way up through the 15th century or so so I noted that Roscoe was around at least around the 12th-15th centuries or even earlier in the profile. It's possible Roscoe was around even during Lucifer's betrayal in Biblical times.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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"Sheriff" was a demon associate of Roscoe's, both of whom participated in a great betrayal. In the modern era, they were both tasked by Razan the Night Jackal to recover a piece of enchanted silver from Johnny Blaze. Posing a local law enforcement sheriff and his deputy, the two demons confronted Blaze, who refused to turn over the silver. Suspecting the police officers were not what they seemed, Blaze transformed into Ghost Rider and the demons revealed their true forms to attack Ghost Rider, who defeated and destroyed the demons using his Penance Stare.

Like Roscoe, "Sheriff" was able to transform between human and demonic forms.

--Spirits of Vengeance I#1d

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Spirits of Vengeance I#1, p7, pan1 (Roscoe in demon form, main image)
Spirits of Vengeance I#1, p7, pan2 (Roscoe in demon form, headshot)
Spirits of Vengeance I#1, p8, pan2 (Roscoe in ancient demon form, seen in a book)
Spirits of Vengeance I#1, p5, pan6 (Roscoe in human police officer form)
Spirits of Vengeance I#1, p6, pan4 ("Sheriff")

Spirits of Vengeance I#1 (December, 2017) - Victor Gischler (writer), David Baldeon (art), Chris Robinson (editor)

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