ravenscore-tyler-88194-fullTYLER RAVENSCORE

Real Name: Tyler Ravenscore

Identity/ClassAlternate reality (Earth-88194/"Shadowline") Shadow (see comments);

Occupation: Former patriarch of the Ravenscore family

Group Membership: Formerly the Ravenscore family

Affiliations: Formerly the Ravenscore family;
    formerly Gordon Castle

Enemies: Guillermos family (Barbara, Christina, Michael, & Victor Guillermos; Ripley Weaver, Emmanuel; others), Dirk Ravenscore

Known RelativesDirk Ravenscore, Eric Ravenscore (sons)

Aliases: "Pig" (by Barbara Guillermos, at least)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    at least formerly House Ravenscore, Venezuela

First AppearancePower Line#1 (May, 1988)ravenscore-tyler-88194-pl1-portal

Powers/Abilities: Initially, Tyler had a matter-restructuring ability, which allowed him to reshape the forms of both organic beings and inanimate matter. This power was usurped by his son Dirk.

    After learning to refocus his energies, Tyler could open portals in space, either through his own body, allowing others to travel from a great distance (at least a few miles to perhaps hundreds or thousands of miles).

Height: Unrevealed (he seemed taller than Emmanuel at an odd perspective, but then shorter than everyone else when teleported with a group at the party; he was tall again in Critical Mass); perhaps 6'2"
Weight: Unrevealed; perhaps 300-400 lbs. (he was huge in Powerline#1, but not quite as obese in other appearances)
Eyes: Unrevealed (they look light blue in one image in Powerline#1; he's in shadows in #2; and they aren't seen close enough to tell in Critical Mass)
Gray (likely brown or black in youth)

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS) - As one of the Shadows, Tyler lived for an undisclosed time period unaging until he had children, at which point they began to age anew.

    Tyler was a member of the European Ravenscore crime family (many of whom were shadows like himself).

(Power Line#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tyler frequently told Dirk that the Ravenscore's reputation came first and that it needed protecting. 

    At some point, Tyler's son Dirk became the Ravenscore family's head.

    The Ravenscore family were rivals of the more honorable Guillermos family, also composed of shadows.ravenscore-tyler-88194-pl5-train

(Power Line#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tyler enjoyed creating sculptures, presumably with his matter-restructuring abilities. 

(Power Line#2 (fb) - BTS) - No longer wanting to look human, Dirk Ravenscore used his own power-amplifying ability to enahnced's Tyler ability to alter the form of objects and beings and then forced Tyler to "make his flesh run like water," hideously mutating Dirk. Although Dirk was pleased with the results, Tyler screamed. 

    In the process, Dirk somehow usurped Tyler's restructuring abilities.

(Critical Mass#1/2 (fb)) - As part of a plot to exterminate the Guillermos family, the Ravenscores made contact with the shadow Gordon Castle, who could open spatial portals to allow instant transport across great distances. 

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS / Power Line#2 (fb) - BTS / Power Line#5 (fb) / (Critical Mass#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Dirk had Gordon Castle (who wished to gain status by allying with the Ravenscores) train Tyler in refocusing his energies to allow him to turn his body into a biological doorway.

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS) - Tyler arranged to meet with Michael Guillermos at his estate under the guise of seeking to broker peace between the two families.

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS) - At the Guillermos estate, Emmanuel (apparently in charge of security) advised Michael that he (Tyler Ravenscore) was there. 

    When Michael instructed Emmanuel to escort Mr. Ravenscore up to the house, Barbara asked how he could agree to see "that pig." Barbara continued, noting the past relationship between their families, but Michael silenced her, noting that a feud was not the legacy he wished to leave his children. 

(Power Line#1 (fb)) - Tyler complimented Michael on his decision, noting that children were so important and that he had admired Michael's portraits of his children on his way into the building.

    After Michael noted they weren't there for pleasantries, Tyler advised that their discussion was between them, man to man. Michael countered that this was a family matter and that his family would stay, and Tyler accepted this before noting that Dirk, Tyler's son and the leader of the Ravenscore family, had decided that the Ravenscore-Guillermos feud had gone on centuries too long and that he was there because they wanted to see all the hatred and bitterness done away with. ravenscore-tyler-88194-apple

    Michael noted that the Ravenscores' criminal interest and drug running were still of great concern to his family. When Barbara asked how Tyler expected to get their two families to see eye-to-eye, Tyler told her "By doing away with your family, of course" as he opened a portal allowing numerous powered and/or armed members of the Ravenscore family to enter the Guillermos villa.ravenscore-tyler-88194-pl1-face

    Hitting the alarm on a panel, Michael alerted Emmanuel of the intruders and then blasted a desk back over on top of Tyler, wiping the grin off of his face, but it was too late. Christina, Barbara, Emmanuel, and Michael (and apparently the rest of their family) all fell before the Ravenscores, although Michael telekinetically hurled Victor out of the villa.

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS) - Protected from a rough landing by his weak field, Victor ran as the plantation was engulfed in flames and he heard the sounds of cruel laughter and death.

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS / Critical Mass#1/2 (fb)) - Per Shadow tradition, Victor's flight meant he had given up and had forfeited any right to revenge: The feud was over.

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS / Critical Mass#1/2 (fb)) - The Ravenscores took over the Guillermos estate.

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS / Power Line#2 (fb) - BTS) - As Tyler's son Eric was infatuated with weak-powered shadow Lenore Castle (Gordon's daughter), Dirk and Tyler arranged a masquerade in Lenore's honor at House Ravenscore, the former Guillermos estate.

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS) <Saturday, March 12> - Meeting with various other shadows during the masquerade, Tyler sent for Eric, interrupting a confrontation where Lenore forcefully resisted Eric's aggressive flirtations.

(Critical Mass#1/2 (fb)) - As Lenore complained to her father about Eric, Tyler invited Gordon to the meeting, advising him that he needed to teach Lenore respect, which was what had built the Ravenscore family into what they were. Tyler continued that respect was what would be the cornerstone of the new union between the Ravenscore and Gordon families. Tyler further discussed how the portal ability Gordon had trained him in had allowed the Ravenscores to slaughter the Guillermos family. When Gordon expressed discomfort with that, Tyler reminded him that he must be committed to helping the Ravenscores, not-so-subtlely advising him that he and his family would be punished if he strayed from them. 

    They arrived at the meeting as Ripley Weaver (who had not been present when the Ravenscores slaughtered the Guillermos) tried to convince the rest of the shadows that as the Old One, as Doctor Zero, was drawing negative attention to the shadows and that they should seek to promote a more positive shadow representative to counteract this. Disgusted with this, Eric soon left. Tyler explained to Gordon of the shadow tradition that effectively ended the Ravenscore-Guillermos feud when Victor had fled, and that Ripley was going along with this in an effort to further his long-term goals.

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS) - After Lenore had met up with Victor Guillermos and the pair had found that their proximity greatly enhanced their own weak powers, a conflict ensued against other shadows who teased her as cheating on Eric.

(Power Line#1 (fb) / (Critical Mass#1/2 (fb)) - After Eric joined the conflict, the raised voices were heard inside the meeting, and Dirk had Gordon teleported those at the meeting outside so they could view the excitement. 

    Tyler demanded to know what was going on, and Gordon -- seeking Tyler's approval -- chided Lenore for disrupting an important meeting and then berated Ripley for seeking to expose the shadows' talents like a carnival act. Tyler suggested Ripley and Victor go, but told them to come back any time, mockingly adding, "Our house is your house."

    Ripley's response escalated into a fight between Eric and Ripley, during which Eric blasted off Ripley's left metal hand. Tyler remained silent as Lenore and Victor saved Ripley and flew away. 

(Critical Mass#1/2 (fb)) - Putting his hand on Gordon's shoulder, Tyler noted that they had known each other a long time and he was honestly sorry, but -- as other shadows took Gordon away -- Dirk would insist that somone answer for what had happened.ravenscore-tyler-88194-pl2-death2

(Power Line#2 (fb)) - Dirk summoned Tyler into what had presumably formerly been Tyler's office. Seeing Dirk handling his sculptures, Tyler noted that he had spent a long time on them, but Dirk mockingly noted that Tyler's art had inspired him to try it himself. ravenscore-tyler-88194-pl2-deathAs he transformed the sculpture to approximate the forms of Victor and Lenore, Dirk further mockingly noted that he could not understand Tyler giving up such a fascinating ability. He praised Tyler's adaptation of the portal-power but asked him if he wasn't worried that one of those passing through him might get stuck inside.

    Appreciating that Dirk was upset over the debacle at the masquerade, Tyler noted that no one could have anticipated how Victor and Lenore's powers would enhance each other. Tyler shyed away from Dirk's hand as Dirk reached out to his face, agreeing that while they could not have known, the damage was done as the entire Ravenscore family had been humiliated by two "snot-nosed brats"; Dirk punctuated the point by shattering the sculptures against the wall.

    Seeing blood dripping from the ceiling, Tyler looked up and saw Gordon Castle's battered form tied to a chandelier. Tyler asked if that was necessary, and Dirk replied that he could boost Gordon's spatial doorway power to send Ravenscore enforcers anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. When Tyler noted that he had almost the same power, Dirk agreed and -- as he channeled painful energies into Tyler -- noted that there was no point in having two shadow dwellers with the same abilities. As Tyler was consumed with the energies, Dirk noted that someone had to answer for the two kids and -- reminding Tyler how he had always told him of the importance of the Ravenscore's reputation -- that he would not have wanted to disappoint his father.

CommentsCreated by D.G. Chichester, Margaret Clark, David Ross, and Bob McLeod.

    It's not clear how Dirk slew Tyler. As Dirk could boost others' powers, he must have somehow caused him to create a warp that somehow consumed him...it looked a little like he was either imploding or being pulled into the center of a warp.

    It was an interesting twise

    In case you're not familiar with the Shadowline, here's your primer.

Profile by Snood.

Tyler Ravenscore
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