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Real Name: Jac'Oyaa

Identity/ClassExtraterrestrial (Blue Kree) humanoid

Occupation: Captain of a Kree warship

Group Membership: Kree military

Affiliations: Supreme Leader Nenora, Lieutenant Nep'Perr

Enemies: Skrulls; especially the Super-Skrull (Kl'rt)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Kree Empire, Large Magellanic Cloud

First Appearance: Silver Surfer III#20 (February, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Jac'Oyaa was a Blue Kree who presumably possessed all of the standard capabilities and weaknesses of a normal member of his species. Specifically, Jac'Oyaa had enhanced strength, durability, endurance and speed (compared to a male human of his size and age) and he required an atmosphere with a higher nitrogen content (similar to that of Hala) in order to breathe comfortably. Jac'Oyaa would have needed a special chemical or apparatus to breathe in Earth's atmosphere.

Height: 6' (estimated)
Weight: Unrevealed (perhaps 190 lbs.)
Eyes: Light blue
Skin: Blue
Hair: Brown (or Reddish-Brown)

(Silver Surfer III#20) - During the Second Kree-Skrull War, Captain Jac'Oyaa was in command of a starship that was part of a Kree Imperial armada. As the armada engaged in battle with a Skrull fleet in the vicinity of the red giant star known as Calexo, the captain stood on his bridge with Lieutenant Nep'Perr nearby. Observing the enemy fleet on the viewscreen, the captain remarked that, since they were "Coming from that quadrant -- they must be from the woman, S'Byll of Satriani!" Lieutenant Nep'Perr asked if S'Byll was another of their "emperors" but Captain Jac'Oyaa corrected him, saying that it was, "'Empress' in this case." When the lieutenant then asked if there were now five emperors, the captain replied, "Four! Emperor Kylor died in battle with General Kol'Lann's fleet!" The lieutenant then asked his captain how did a woman expect to consolidate the shattered Skrull empire.

   In an instant, the viewscreen switched from a view of the battle to a close-up of Supreme Leader Nenora's face as she delivered the following order: "Attention, Captain Jac'Oyaa! Place Lieutenant Nep'Perr under immediate arrest!" Captain Jac'Oyaa replied, "At once, Supreme Leader!"

   Once Nenora's image was no longer on-screen and two privates had taken Lieutenant Nep'Perr into custody and shackled his arms behind his back, Captain Jac'Oyaa addressed his fallen subordinate, saying, "You fool! No matter how far away she is, our Supreme Leader has access to every communications link in the empire! She hears everything! And her strategies are leading us to one victory after another! If anyone, male or female, consolidates the enemy's empire, it will be Nenora the Kree! It now seems quite fortunate that the Silver Surfer destroyed our old leader!"

   At that moment, a private reported that the Skrull ships were turning to flee and Captain Jac'Oyaa ordered the ship to go after them at full speed! However, almost immediately afterwards the ship was attacked from the rear even though there was no one there. When a panicked crewman exclaimed that something was burning through the side, Captain Jac'Oyaa replied, "Impossible! Nothing less than the Silver Surfer could do that, and we'd see him!"

   That opinion was proven false when the Super-Skrull entered through the hole he had just created and stated that, this close to the deep space Skrull power sources, he was the Surfer's equal. After demonstrating his powers by smashing some of the controls on the bridge, the Super-Skrull stated that, since it was only with the Silver Surfer's aid that Empress S'Byll had been able to bring about his return to life, the Surfer would never feel his might, but then added, "Only you, Kree scum -- only you!"

   Secretly observing these events from aboard a distant starship, Nenora told a general that her plans had to be expedited and ordered him to take them down (to the planet Zenn-La).

   The fate of Captain Jac'Oyaa and his crew has not been revealed but it seems likely that they were all killed by the Super-Skrull.

Comments: Created by Steve Englehart, Ron Lim and Joe Rubinstein (with an assist by Tom Christopher).

   Captain Jac'Oyaa only appears in five (or six) panels and the only one that provides a full body shot shows him from behind. I've chosen to use this main image because it's the only one in which his name is mentioned and it's more dramatic than an image of two Kree officers whose faces can't be seen because they're looking at a viewscreen.

   Also, Captain Jac'Oyaa's hair was brown in the two panels on page 13 in which he appeared but reddish-brown in the three panels on page 14. You can see the difference by comparing the two images in the subprofile. However, you can't tell his hair color (or even if it's really him) in the one panel from page 15.

   Although some Kree seem to only have one name (i.e., Ronan, Una, Zarek), most Kree have two names, a given name and a family name, that are separated by hyphens (i.e., Mar-Vell, Yon-Rogg, Phae-Dor). However, Silver Surfer III#20 was the first story to feature Kree whose given and family names were separated by apostrophes instead of hyphens (i.e., General Kol'Lann, Captain Jac'Oyaa, Lieutenant Nep'Perr). It's an odd deviation from standard naming practices, especially since letterer Ken Bruzenak must have been quite familiar with the format of Kree names from his work on previous issues of the third Silver Surfer series. I can't help but wonder what caused this change that only lasted for this single issue.

   In case anyone's curious, the only other Kree character with an apostrophe in their name is Ajes'Ha, one of the Chosen Eight of Fate from Thunderbolts I#45 (December, 2000).

    Jac'Oyaa's name likely represents an homage to inker Frank Giacoia.--Spidermay

Profile by Donald Campbell.

Captain Jac'Oyaa has no known connections to

Lieutenant Nep'Perr has no known connections to

Lieutenant Nep'Perr

   A male Blue Kree officer with black hair who served aboard a starship, commanded by Captain Jac'Oyaa, that was part of a Kree imperial armada.

   During the Second Kree-Skrull War, as the armada engaged in battle with a Skrull fleet in the vicinity of the red giant star known as Calexo, Lieutenant Nep'Perr and Captain Jac'Oyaa were on the bridge watching as the battle between the two fleets began. When the captain observed that coming from a certain quadrant meant that the Skrull ships must have been from the woman, S'Byll of Satriani, Lieutenant Nep'Perr asked, "Another of their 'emperors'?" but the captain corrected him, stating that it was "empress" in that case. The lieutenant then asked, "How many are there now? Five?" but the captain corrected him again, stating that there were four since Emperor Kylor had died in battle with General Kol'Lann's fleet.

   Lieutenant Nep'Perr then asked his captain, "Then how does a woman expect to consolidate their shattered empire?" The lieutenant was visibly shocked when, a second later, the viewscreen switched from a view of the battle to a close-up of Supreme Leader Nenora's face as she ordered Captain Jac'Oyaa to place him under immediate arrest, and the captain replied, "At once, Supreme Leader!"

   Two privates then took Lieutenant Nep'Perr into custody and shackled his arms behind his back. Once Nenora's image was no longer on-screen, the captain called Nep'Perr a fool and reminded him that, no matter how far away their Supreme Leader was, she had access to every communications link in the empire and could hear everything. The captain also stated that her strategies were leading them to one victory after another and if anyone, male or female, was to consolidate the enemy's empire, it would be Nenora the Kree!

   Lieutenant Nep'Perr was presumably removed from the bridge at this point and thus was elsewhere on the starship when the Super-Skrull burned his way through the hull and onto the bridge.

   Lieutenant Nep'Perr's fate has not been revealed. If the Super-Skrull quickly destroyed that Kree starship and/or killed its crew, then he definitely would have died along with them. However, if the Super-Skrull was slow in carrying out the killings, then Nep'Perr might have escaped custody and fled in an escape pod. If he survived the war, then the revelation that the Supreme Leader who had ordered his arrest had actually been a Skrull might have nullified the charges against him. Or not.

--Silver Surfer III#20

images: (without ads)
Silver Surfer III#20, page 14, panel 1 (main image)
      page 14, panel 3 (head shot)
      page 15, panel 1 (being boarded)
      page 13, panel 5 (Nep'Perr's famous last words)
      page 14, panel 2 (Nep'Perr in shackles)

Only Appearance:
Silver Surfer III#20 (February, 1989) - Steve Englehart (story), Ron Lim (pencils), Joe Rubinstein (inks - with an assist by Tom Christopher), Craig Anderson (editor)

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