Titus Alexander Island, with burning handsTITUS ALEXANDER ISLAND

Real Name: Titus Alexander "Alex" Island

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-7190) human mutate (via extraterrestrial technology)

Occupation: Student, would-be adventurer

Group MembershipColumbia University student body;
Sammy Sosa High School student body

Affiliations: Amandla, Clare Weiss, Frances Fenton, Omega, Purdy, Dean Quiller, Upward Bell;
    possibly the Mink, Nowhere Man;
ward of the robots Rupert and Lydia and later of Edie Fallinger

Enemies: Hugh Gold; Daniel Greenspun, the Mink, the Mink's disembodied hand, the nanobot conspiracy, Roofee (Rufus) and his gang, Dave Shundler

Known Relatives: Rupert and Lydia (foster parents, destroyed);
    Edie Fallinger (legal guardian)

Aliases: "Al" (by the Mink), "Alice" and "Wonderland" (by Roofee and his gang);
    although Island was intended to become an adult Omega and was called that by the Mink, he never used that alias

Base of Operations: Initially Waldo, New York State;
    later Edie Fallinger's home at Dyckman Street, Washington Heights, New York

First Appearance: Omega: The Unknown#1 (October, 2007)

Powers/AbilitiesIsland had dreams in which he saw Omega, with whom he was psychically connected. However, Island could not directly communicate with him or understand his actions, but only witness them.

    Island had the ability to generate destructive energy, which he could fire from his hands at a range of several meters in the form of blue bolts that could destroy a robot or damage an object. The energy was partly thermal, being able to start fires wherever it touched. Island's hands heated up before launching these rays, causing him pain and producing scars in the shape of the Greek letter omega on the palms of his hands. If Island touched another person at that time, he would burn their skin and leave an omega-shaped scar mark. This power only activated when Island was in immediate physical danger; but his hands throbbed whenever Omega was in trouble. Using this power in intensive combat (for example, to defeat four enemies) caused Island exhaustion.

    Island seemed immune to nanobot infection despite his continued contact with a source of infection, Greenspun's textbook. At the time, Island had had no known contact with the antidote for the nanobots, and the nanobots indeed had warned Greenspun against a person who would be immune.

    After waking up from a coma following a car accident, Island's brain had trouble remembering what had happened.

    At fourteen years of age, Island was considered a gifted child. He had been educated at home by the androids Rupert and Lydia, whom he had believed to be his organic progenitors, and who had tutored him in various subjects, including history and mythology. American vernacular culture and literature were two subjects with which he was not as familiar.

    Island quickly learned any skills that had clear restrictions and specific rules, such as the game of pinball.

    Island's studies had not favored social activities, in which he was awkward. Island had trouble identifying sarcasm or knowing what to expect from a particular social interaction. The androids Rupert and Lydia knew that Island had not developed the ability to fraternize with other people when he left Waldo. Later, Island was perceptive enough to understand that Dave Shundler was associated with his enemy, even though he only briefly interacted with Shundler; this revelation could have been because of unrevealed mental powers, or because Island had improved his ability to identify other people's emotions.

    Dr. Vikram Desani of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital theorized that Island displayed traits of Asperger's syndrome; but Island did not receive a formal diagnosis in this regard.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'0")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 100 lbs.)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown

History: (Omega: The Unknown#7 (fb); Omega: The Unknown#8 (fb); Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z#2) - In Reality-7190, an alien civilization of nano-robots invaded and laid waste to several planets. A civilized world detected them and tried to fight them with powerful heroes, but those were infected by the nanobots and attacked their own world. The survivors of this last attacked planet tried to stop the nanobots on other planets, providing them with people with extraordinary powers and the moral imperative to fight the invaders. 

    On Earth, their first attempt at a hero, Silliman Renfrew, failed due to the meddling of the opportunistic adventurer known as the Mink. Following Renfrew's death in 1993, the aliens sent a second super-powered hero to Earth, later calledOmega , to guard the next candidate for the role of defender of Earth. Also in 1993, young human Titus Alexander Island was placed in the care ofRupert and Lydia , two benign androids sent by aliens whom Island believed to be his real parents, and who homeschooled him in a chalet in Waldo, New York, with minimal interaction with the outside world for the next fourteen years. Omega secretly watched him from the surroundings.

(Omega: The Unknown#1 (fb)) - For some time, Island woke up at night with nightmares in which he saw Omega; however, having never met Omega, Island could not identify him. Simultaneously, Rupert and Lydia stated that they were going to take Island to Wolfmesser Institute, Pennsylvania, with other talented children, a prospect that did not tempt Island.

with Lydia's disembodied head(Omega: The Unknown#1) - Just after the invaders' robots arrived on Earth, Island accompanied his supposed parents by car to Pennsylvania, but they had a car accident in which Rupert and Lydia were destroyed, revealing to Island and the world their robotic nature. The being known as the Mink took an interest in these robots and sent rogue cops to track down the survivor of the accident. Meanwhile, Island had slipped into a coma and was sent to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where nurse Edie Fallinger took an interest in him and visited him on his breaks. 

    Another hospital staffer, Clare Weiss, discovered that Island did not legally exist. Island woke up from a nightmare in which he had seen Omega captured by enemy robots, trying to escape. Island then met Doctor Vikram Desani and Fallinger, for whose attentions he was grateful. Weiss convinced the hospital to place Island in Fallinger's care, giving her the child's allowance so that Island would not be in an institution and instead would go to school.

    Meanwhile, the robots and Omega tracked Island down to the hospital. Two robots tried to attack Island in the hospital, and Omega tried to rescue him, but was injured himself after defeating a robot. Island, to his own surprise, generated an energy beam that disabled the other robot. Omega grabbed the robots and fled through the window, leaving few traces of what happened. Doctors found Island in his room, his hands burned and scarred, and they initially thought Island had injured himself.

(Omega: The Unknown#2) - Fallinger took Island and Weiss to his new home, and they enrolled Island in Sammy Sosa High School, the local public high school, all of them unaware that they had been followed by Omega, the robots, and Mink's agents, each of whom was aware of the others' presence. From Fallinger's window, Island watched Omega battle three robots in the street just in front of the building; not understanding the need to warn Fallinger, he decided to close the blind and socialize with his friend.

(Omega: The Unknown#3) - At Sammy Sosa High School, Island's erudition and pedantry attracted the attention of Roofee's gang of thugs, their victim Hugh Gold, and his female classmate Amandla. At recess, Amandla accompanied Island to a mobile stand to buy food from Minister Upward Bell's car, correctly theorizing that the bullies wouldn't directly harass Island if he was with her. Island recognized an employee from the mobile restaurant as the man who had fought in the street the previous day, and mentioned him to Amandla, explaining that, bizarrely, Island had seen the man before but didn't know who he was. Roofee's thugs followed Island and Amandla to his home and insulted them.

    Island later returned to Columbia Presbyterian for a checkup, but Dr. Desani saw no medical concern; he was more worried about the unorthodox nature of Weiss's decision to put Island under the care of a nurse, and the fact that Councilman Alfonso Edgardo had taken a personal interest in the case (ignoring that Edgardo was in cahoots with the Mink). In an attempt to give a semblance of normalcy, Island asked Weiss to come with him to Times Square, even though he wanted to go to the library there; the Mink's cops tracked him down.

    Island continued having nightmares, in which he saw Omega, the robots and, without understanding why, a salt shaker.

(Omega: The Unknown#4) - Island noticed the big statue of a head in front of Fallinger's apartmen, and the statue, in turn, took an interest in Island. Roofee's goons insisted that Island join them for ice cream, with Gold frightened into inviting them all. Island unfavorably impressed Roofee by winning at pinball, and Gold then tried to escape from the group, only to be intercepted and beaten up. Roofee led Gold and Island to a field, where Roofee handed Gold his gangmate Dominic's gun, and asked Gold to use the gun to recover his shoes, or to aim it at Island, whom Roofee used as a human shield. In danger, Island activated his powers and burned Roofee's arm, while Gold shot himself with the gun. The thugs fled, but Island called the hospital to have Gold admitted. The hospital also treated Roofee for his burns with the omega letter mark, and Doctor Desani, correctly deducing a relationship between Island's similar scars, demanded that Island explain what had happened.

(Omega: The Unknown#5 - BTS) - Desani was apparently satisfied with Island's explanations or was unable to hold him back when Fallinger came looking for him.

Island using his powers(Omega: The Unknown#5) - In an attempt to get closer to Island, the Mink courted Fallinger for an excuse to take Island to a baseball game; but Island distrusted the Mink and refused to tell him about the mysterious man in blue (of whom Island knew very little at the time); Fallinger, on the other hand, believed that the Mink was interested in Island. 

    Island left the baseball stadium, asking Amandla to come with him to the hospital to visit Gold and Roofee; but he also asked Amandla to carry overnight supplies in a backpack and stole money from Fallinger to buy two bus tickets for Waldo, since he wanted to go with his friend to explore his old house, by then secretly guarded by the robots. Exploring the chalet, Amandla found two spare robot bodies for Rupert and Lydia, as well as an Omega uniform. A robot attacked them in the house, firing ray guns that caused a fire. Island destroyed the robot, but the house burned down and he fled with Amandla.

(Omega: The Unknown#8 - BTS) - Before leaving, Amandla took Omega's uniform with the idea of ​​giving it to Island.

(Omega: The Unknown#6 - BTS) - During the several days that Island did not attend school due to his excursion to Waldo, Weiss used his aptitude exams to grant him early entrance to Columbia University, with the collaboration of Dean Quiller, through a pilot program.

(Omega: The Unknown#6) - Island attended Gold's funeral with Amandla, Fallinger and Weiss; at Amandla's request, and against his own judgment, Island cheered up Gold's parents by lying about his friendship with the deceased. Weiss then took Island to Columbia University -- despite Fallinger's reluctance -- to introduce him to Quiller, who in turn introduced them to his graduate student, Frances Fenton, who, like Island, was gifted and had started college early. Island noted that Weiss had a crush on Quiller, and Island liked him as well; similarly, Weiss warned Island that she should not mention to Fallinger how attractive his new friend Fenton was, lest he make Fallinger jealous. Following Quiller's program, Island chose just three classes to fill his own skill gaps, and he met the teachers: Literature, with Vivian Kornbluth; American vernacular culture. with Rudy Cakeman; and robotics, withDaniel Greenspun.

(Omega: The Unknown#2 - BTS; Omega: The Unknown#6 (fb) - BTS; Omega: The Unknown#7 (fb) - BTS) - Greenspun was secretly controlled by the conspiracy of nanobots. The nanobots had brought him a nanobook-infected textbook on robotics which was soon attached to his chest. Greenspun had been manipulating his students, giving them copies of the book to infect them. With this, he managed to get the students to work for him without discussion. The conspiracy warned Greenspun that he should fear the person who was not infected by nanobots upon contact with the book. The fast-food chain Butterdog's, also implicated in the conspiracy, provided scholarship money for the robotics department, in exchange for using the department for their own purposes.

(Omega: The Unknown#6) - Greenspun gave Island a copy of the textbook, purportedly for him to read. Island subsequently returned home, where Amandla was visiting. Amandla noted that Island was uncomfortable with Fallinger, and he revealed to her friend that since Fallinger was dating the Mink, Island couldn't afford to trust her.

(Omega: The Unknown#7) - Island read Greenspun's robotics book, but he was not affected by its nanotechnology. Island then noticed that Greenspun's students were building offensive robots, programmed to attack Omega. Island warned Greenspun, but only succeeded in revealing his immunity to nanotechnology and causing Greenspun to panic and flee to warn his superiors about Island. Confused, Island attempted to raise the warning to the Dean, but, as he was not in, he was met by Fenton. She listened to Island, then theorized that there was a conspiracy using the robotics department as a franchisee to further Greenspun's goals.

    Island accompanied Amandla, Fallinger, and the Mink to see the movie Photocopy Shop 2; but during the screening, the Mink received an emergency call and left the theater; his companions were kicked out. In the process, the Mink admitted that he had Omega locked in the basement of his island lair. Amandla claimed to be taking Island to her house, but instead she decided to go with him to the Mink's labyrinthine basement to rescue Omega; she had access to the original plans because a relative of hers had been hired to build them, so she had an idea of ​​how to get in. Island agreed to accompany him, also recruiting Fenton for this mission. In Island's basement, Fenton found Renfrew's body.

(Omega: The Unknown#8) - Island and her friends are startled to find the exotic-looking Nowhere Man. The Nowhere Man offered to take them, one by one, to the Nowh-Area, a pocket dimension in one hand-held jar, where they would talk to a person they could not talk to otherwise; not sympathizing with the Mink, the Nowhere Man urged them to hurry before the Mink returned to his base. Island entered the Nowh-Area and spoke to Hugh Gold, who admitted to being angry with Island because Island's presence as a genuinely smart student had upset a status quo in which others took Gold for a nerd, and had caused Gold to socially disappear; and because he expected Island to protect Gold, even though Gold hated him, so Gold came to blame Island for Gold's own suicide (Island, however, thought he had been sent to New York to protect humans, including Gold, thus failing at that). 

    Gold pointed the gun he had killed himself with at Island, but Island used the hole in the gun to get out of the Nowh-Area. He then discovered that Amandla and Fenton had found Omega, malnourished and dirty; and, with the Mink's imminent return, the Nowhere Man helped them escape the base, back to New York, via the jar. Island and his friends took Omega to Minister Bell, who took Omega in. Omega insisted that Fenton eat chicken seasoned by him, and Island understood, and explained to Fenton, the effect Omega was going for: the seasoning provided immunity against the nanobot infection.

    Leaving Omega with Bell, Island and his friends alerted Dean Quiller that Greenspun had been corrupted by an outside force. Quiller joined Island and her friends in confronting Greenspun, who was parading alongside his students and robots. Greenspun refused to explain to Quiller, instead attacking him. Island stepped in and got into a physical fight with Greenspun. The robots tried to defend Greenspun, so Island knocked down four robots with his lightning bolts, revealing his powers in public. Fenton stopped Greenspun, and Amandla freed him from the nanobots' control by giving him Omega's salt to eat. Convinced of the problem, Quiller agreed to find a solution to the threat. Amandla, meanwhile, gave Island the Omega suit.

Island in costume(Omega: The Unknown#9) - After trying on the suit at Fallinger's house, Island discovered that the Mink was visiting and, according to the book he had read, Island was an Omega, and Mink had convinced the press that the Omegas were a galactic cult using Earth as a battlefield against interstellar enemies, with Island being a child recruited to their army of nihilistic vigilantes. Fallinger contacted Weiss, who convinced Island to display his costume in public and ignore the press. Island put Weiss in contact with Quiller and Upward, while he went to face Greenspun. With Amandla, Island was intercepted by the Mink's severed hand, turned into a human-sized villain associated with the conspiracy, supported by robots that harassed Amandla. This skirmish was joined by the Mink, who, getting off his helicopter, sent Island against the robots so he'd fight the hand. The Mink sacrificed his life to destroy his hand using a grenade, while also trying to gain Island's trust one last time.

    Island and Amandla fled in the Mink's helicopter, meeting up with Fallinger and the pilot, Purdy, who offered to help. Fenton, by phone, informed them that the salt provided by Omega was expanding, giving them resources to counteract the nanobot infections. Island, Fallinger and Amandla got out of the helicopter to go in a car driven by another former Mink agent,Dave Shundler . Island understood that Shundler was secretly associated with the nanobot conspiracy, but decided not to fight him, because Shundler was too devastated to act against him, so he allowed Shundle to take him to the University with his friends. There, Fenton explained that Omega's salt had mixed with chemical elements and now grew on its own; and Island urged all of his allies, starting with Fallinger, to eat some of the salt. Fenton and Upward began to distribute the salt.

(Omega: The Unknown#9-10 - BTS) - Meanwhile, in a warehouse at the intersection of 207 Street and Dyckman Boulevard, Omega fought against the robots and defeated them by causing an explosion that destroyed the building and killed several people. Omega survived but, dazed, joined a homeless community without attempting to return to Island, since the boy no longer needed him. This, in combination with the distribution of salt, caused the alien conspiracy of nanobots to lose their advantage, although they continued on Earth trying to infect other people. Greenspun, however, recovered.

(Omega: The Unknown#10) - With Amandla and Fenton, Island, convinced that he would no longer need his powers, threw his costume and Greenspun's book into the Hudson River. Island later accompanied Fenton to inform the Dean of his success, and the two discovered that the Dean and Weiss were a couple. Afterward, Fenton kissed Island, surprising him. Island went to the robotics lab to try to take control of the half-built robots.

Comments: Created by Jonathan Lethem, Karl Rusnak and Farel Dalrymple.

    Titus Alexander Island is the protagonist of the 10-issue comic-book series Omega: The Unknown (2007-2008), by novelist Jonatham Lethem and artist Farel Dalrymple. As a child, Lethem had been a fan of the original Marvel series Omega the Unknown (1976-1977), by Steve Gerber, Mary Skrenes and Jim Mooney; after the cancelation of the story, Gerber tried to wrap up loose ends and unfinished plotlines in the Defenders and, once Gerber was fired in 1978, writer Steven Grant officially closed the plots in two issues, to Gerber disatisfaction. Years later, in the 2000s, Lethem had a chance to work for Marvel, and he promptly chose Omega, describing it as "a resource of thwarted possibility, open to speculation, not plumbed-out." Hearing about this project, Gerber was initially enraged at not having been invited to work in this reboot of a character he considered his; however, when Gerber and Skrenes had a chance to talk with Lethem, Gerber admitted to have misunderstood Lethem's motivations.

    The two series have similar titles, but the small-fonted indicia in the 1976 series calls it "Omega the Unknown", and the equivalent for the 2007 series calls it "Omega: The Unknown", with a colon, even if the colon cannot be seen in the covers. Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z#2 identifies the universe this series happens at as Earth-7190, but mentions the series as "Omega the Unknown" without colon. This article uses the name "Omega: The Unknown" for the 2007 series.

    In Omega: The Unknown#5, Island identifies the town where he was raised as Waldo, New York. However, in Omega: The Unknown#1, when his supposed parents are taking him out of his town, Island says that he doesn't want to leave Pennsylvania ("I don't want to leave Pennsylvania"). This may be a typo, because #1 also mentions that they are taking Island to the Wolfmesser Institute, Pennsylvania (perhaps he meant "I don't want to leave FOR Pennsylvania"). The accident could have taken place in the jurisdiction of New Jersey, because the Mink mentions "these Jersey cops."

    In Omega: The Unknown#3, Island tells Amandla that he has seen the man in blue fight the Mink across the street from him. However, in Omega: The Unknown#2, where the fight takes place, Island closes the shutter before the Mink joins the fight, so he shouldn't have seen him.

The book that Greenspun recevies in Omega: The Unknown#2 is titled "Robotics. What comes next." The book Island extracts from Greenspun in Omega: The Unknown#8 is titled "The Omega Chronicles." Island mentions that the salt had changed the book, apparently to the point of changing its title.

In Omega: The Unknown#9, it is not clear what happens between two specific scenes: Island and Amandla leave Fallinger's house and decide to go find Greenspun. Next thing we know, they are on the roof of a building, fighting the Mink's severed hand, and there's a robot seemingly destroyed by Island's powers.

Just clarifying, was Titus not a creation of the aliens? Did they choose and then mutate an Earth-born otherwise normal human and place him with the androids? The entry for #9 notes that he was an Omega.--Snood

That's a good question, and the story is ambiguous.
First of all, I don't know what is "an Omega". There is an alien civilization with the Omega logo, that wants to help Earth against the nanobot. They use superpowered people called "the Omegas" as their warriors. Are these human-looking aliens, or mutated humans? I think the second.
There are three guys with Omega powers on Earth: Silliman Renfrew (sub-profile under Omega), the guy in blue, and Island.
Silliman Renfrew was apparently a superpowered human with human parents. The alien civilization may have modified him before or soon after birth to give him powers. When he died, the alien civilization selected Island as the following defender of the Earth.
Island was raised by robots, who misled him to believe they were all humans. The doctors at the Presbyterian failed to identify Island as anything but a human. So, he must be human: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Anyone that is not proven alien is assumed to be human. I'm not assuming that Amandla or Edie Falinger are aliens.
Last proof: The Omega alien civilization depicted in the artistic drawings by Blue Guy show that they all have pointed ears, which Island, Renfrew and even Blue Guy are lacking.

Profile by Skippy Farlstendoiro.

Titus Alexander Island has no known connections to:

Rupert and Lydia

Rupert and Lydia, schematics

An alien civilization, sometimes known on Earth as the Omegas, was against the expansion of a rival species of infectious nanobots. They sent a super-powered protector to Earth,Silliman Renfrew, but he died in 1993. 

    With the world lacking a protector, they arranged for a new superpowered agent to be born on Earth - Titus Alexander Island. Two benign human-looking androids, Rupert and Lydia, were assigned as Island's wards, pretending to be his parents and home-schooling him in a chalet in Waldo, New York, while another superpowered agent, later calledOmega (and the man in the blue costume), secretly watched the house from the surrounding area. 

    Replacement robot bodies for both Rupert and Lydia were hidden in the house, along with a blue uniform of the Omegas. 

    The transcendent narrative being called the Overthinker also knew about Island's robot parents. 

    During the next fourteen years, Rupert and Lydia taught Island about several intellectual subjects, including history and mythology, but restricted his contact with other humans and noticed that Island's ability to make friends was limited. Although they pretended to be Island's paretns, he referred to them by their first names, not by affectionate appelations. They took care of Island and conforted him when he had his frequent nightmares.

    In 2007, Rupert and Lydia arranged for fourteen-year-old Island to attend the Wolfmesser Institute, in Penssylvania, where he was to live and stay with other gifted students, a prospect Island was unhappy at. While travelling there in their car, the three of them had a traffic accident by colliding with a tank truck. Rupert was destroyed in the wheel, his real robotic nature revealed. Lydia was beheaded, both pieces near Island's prone position. Knowing she had little time left, Lydia confirmed that Island was alive and asked him to accept the help of the people he'd meet. Island fell into a coma, and the robots were recovered by the Mink, an opportunistic adventurer with influence in New York City. Surprised at the advanced technology of the robots, the Mink connected Lydia's head to a car's battery, causing it to burn, after which he decided to keep an eye on Island, as he was a survivor related to the robots. Purportedly, the Mink also recovered Rupert's damaged body.

    Rupert and Lydia's home was taken over by robots associated with the conspiracy, despite Omega's efforts to protect it. Island was moved to New York City, where he ended up as nurse Edie Fallinger's ward -- because, surprisingly, Island had no legal identification or proof of existence, something that his parents supposedly should have given him. Island continued having night terrors, one of which featured Lydia's disembodied head.

    Involved in a war between the Omegas and the nanobot conspiracy, Island decided to return to his old home in Waldo, with his new friend Amandla accompanying him. There, they found Rupert and Lydia's replacement bodies, which Island promptly recognized, and the Omega uniform. The robots attacked them at the chalet, with laser guns that destroyed the robot bodies. Their fight with Island caused a fire that consumed the house, burning most of it contents.

--Omega: The Unknown#1-6, #8

Note: Rupert and Lydia were destroyed in Omega the Unknown#1. Spare bodies for both of them were seen in #5; but those were not activated when Rupert and Lydia were destroyed. The story did not reveal what the spare bodies were supposed to do; maybe they could only be activated if they had access to the brains of the original robots, or they required manual activation by one surviving robot.

    Rupert and Lydia apparently had not given Island any identification (at least, not one that the hospital could find). If they had enrolled Island in the Wolfmesser Institute, he'd probably have some legal trail, unless the Institute was also related to the secret Omega cult on Earth. The Institute is not seen in the story.

    Pages 16-17 of Omega: The Unknown#6 feature several illustrations of characters, including Rupert and Lydia, both disguised as humans and as their robotic selves. This pages is a mere illustration that does not enter continuity in any obvious way.

images: (without ads)
Omega: The Unknown#4 page 12 pan 6 (main image, burning hands)
Omega: The Unknown#1 page 7 pan 4 (with mother's head)
Omega: The Unknown#5 page 19 pan 5 (using powers)
Omega: The Unknown#9 page 17 pan 4 (in costume)
Omega: The Unknown#6 page 16-17 pan 1 (robot diagrams)

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