Classification: Extratemporal (31st century-see comments) mechanical creatures

Location/Base of Operations: Various locations around Earth-21443

Known Members: Biomechanoid-Three, Biomechanoid-Zero-Eight-Seven, Biomechanoid-Zero-Nine-Seven, several unidentified (but numerically designated) others

Affiliations: Kang (temporally divergent counterpart of Earth-6311's Nathaniel Richards)

Enemies: Avengers of Earth-21443 (Black Panther/T'Challa, Black Widow/Natasha, Captain America, Captain Marvel/Carol, Hulk/Banner, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Spider-Man/Peter, Thor), a time-displaced Thanos of Reality-21443

First Appearance: Avengers Mech Strike#1 (April, 2021)

Powers/Abilities: The Biomechanoids can absorb and devour matter and energy (with the exception of Vibranium) to grow in size and strength, with their ultimate size and shape being a pylon-like form that can channel energy like an antenna. All Biomechanoids can heal physical damage to some degree and has superhuman durability, able to shrug off most physical attacks, even from godlike foes such as Thor. In their third forms, the Biomechanoids possess rockets capable of projecting them through the air.

Traits: Each Biomechanoid begins as a box-like memory core that is both biological and technological. The memory cores possess metallic tentacles capable of reaching for things such as nearby matter that it can absorb to create for itself a larger body. Once they absorb enough matter, the Biomechanoids change form to resemble a reddish-brown metallic creature of sorts that continues devouring matter and growing in size. After devouring enough matter and reaching a certain size (which appeared to vary depending on the Biomechanoid), each Biomechanoid changes into a green-hued flying form before reaching its final form, that of a metallic gray pylon with various spike-like protrusions. In their final forms, the Biomechanoids are immobile but capable of transmitting and directing energy in much the same way an antenna does.

Type: Various (depending on form)
Eyes: Various (depending on specific Biomechanoid)
Fingers: Various (depending on specific Biomechanoid)
Toes: Various (depending on specific Biomechanoid)
Skin color: Various (depending on form)
Average height: Various (constantly growing in size)

History: (Avengers Mech Strike#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Biomechanoids were created by a temporally divergent Kang the Conqueror counterpart in the 31st century using designs derived from his Growing Man technology. Taking great pains to hide the Biomechanoids' coding and origins, Kang sent Biomechanoid memory cores to Earth's modern era in a conquest attempt, knowing full well the Avengers would get involve.

(Avengers Mech Strike#1) - Having consumed enough matter to build itself a body, Biomechanoid-Three rampaged through Cleveland, absorbing all metals and technology into itself and growing larger with each meal. The Avengers were quickly called to the scene and they attacked the creature directly, only to watch the creature grow in size. The Black Panther eventually determined that the Biomechanoid was absorbing metals from cars and other items into itself and when Captain Marvel blasted the creature, it had no effect, leading the Avengers to determine that the Biomechanoid also absorbed energy. Before they could get the Hulk out of the fray, however, the Biomechanoid drained the Gamma energy from Hulk, returning him to human form. After Black Panther leaped into the creature's maw, remarking on having a plan, Thor responded by hitting the Biomechanoid with a fierce attack, downing the creature for a short time until it began healing itself. Iron Man suggested prepping an orbital weapon and evacuating the city but the creature soon fell back down, destroyed from the inside by the Black Panther. Black Panther acquired the Biomechanoid's memory core for later study.

Weeks later, Black Panther and Iron Man had determined that the Biomechanoid appeared to be an human-made autonomous weapon that consumed to create its body but they proved unable to determine its motivation, as the technology making it up was at a level the Avengers could not match. Iron Man also informed the Avengers that this particular Biomechanoid was the third in a series and Black Widow how they planned to stop the other Biomechanoids if this one was capable of shrugging off Thor's strongest attack. Black Panther replied that the Biomechanoids appeared to be unable to digest Vibranium and he revealed that both he and Iron Man had been working on something to help multiply the Avengers' forces. Activating the Avengers' wristbands, Iron Man led them into a large hangar where he revealed giant mech suits called Biomechanoid Response Units for each of the Avengers, clad in Vibranium plating to keep any future Biomechanoids for devouring them. Black Panther then sternly remarked that they didn't know where the Biomechanoids came from or what they wanted but they knew for certain there would be more. The Avengers then opted to take their Biomechanoid Response Units out for a test run, unaware that Biomechanoid memory cores were activating in Tianjin, Birmingham, Montreal, Kiev and Tallahassee.

(Avengers Mech Strike#2) - Weeks later, the Avengers found themselves battling three more Biomechanoid events with Black Widow and Thor taking down a Biomechanoid. Days later, Captain America and Hulk ripped the memory core out of another Biomechanoid as Black Panther and Iron Man continued to study the memory core of Biomechanoid-Three in hopes of finding a permanent way to stop the Biomechanoids from appearing. Days more after, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel battled a Biomechanoid that got away from them and devoured an entire shipyard, evolving into a flying form. As Spider-Man and Captain Marvel opted to see where the flying Biomechanoid was going in hopes of learning more about the Biomechanoids, Black Panther and Iron Man's test managed to decipher a date stamp from the 31st century. Quickly deducing the Biomechanoids attacks to have originated from Kang, Black Panther and Iron Man prepared for a direct attack as Kang made his presence known, gloating about how he had expected the Avengers to have deduced his involvement earlier despite taking pains to hide the origins of the Biomechanoids. When Black Panther attempted to rush Kang, Kang incinerated the hero and activated the memory core of Biomechanoid-Three and used it to infect Avengers Mountain with a Biomechanoid virus. Iron Man sent a communication out to the other Avengers to inform them of Kang's appearance and with the Mountain's teleportation capabilities down due to the Biomechanoid virus, he rushed into the hangar to power up his mech suit. As the Biomechanoid Virus ravaged Avengers Mountain, allowing Kang control of the facility, Iron Man donned his mech suit and fled, reporting to the other Avengers that Avengers Mountain had been fully compromised.

(Avengers Mech Strike#3) - The Biomechanoid virus completely overtook Avengers Mountain as the other Biomechanoids the Avengers were battling converted themselves into pylon-like forms. When the Biomechanoid virus began absorbing the cosmic energy inside Avengers Mountain's Celestial form, it shattered time, causing various beings such as dinosaurs, invading futuristic Martian and Badoon aliens and reptilian beings to appear in the present. Iron Man informed the other Avengers that Kang had planned for the memory core of Biomechanoid-Three to act as a Trojan horse to infect Avengers Mountain while the other Biomechanoids were meant to simply spread the Avengers too thin. As the Avengers regrouped, the Biomechanoids in pylon form channeled Kang's temporal energy into Kang himself within Avengers Mountain.

(Avengers Mech Strike#4) - The Biomechanoid virus continued to leave Avengers Mountain under Kang's control and when the Avengers teamed up with a time-displaced Thanos from the past, Thanos sent an army of space pirates to distract Kang, who activated more Biomechanoids to fend off the attack. When the mech-suited Avengers then attacked the pylon Biomechanoids, Kang also activated more Biomechanoids to defend the pylons. After Kang defeated the space pirates, the Biomechanoids remained around Avengers Mountain as Kang refocused his Biomechanoids defenses on the pylons, redirecting energy from his personal defenses into ten newly-activated Biomechanoids. Still battling Biomechanoids at one of the pylons alongside the Avengers, Iron Man immediately picked up sensor readings on the ten new Biomechanoids and informed the other Avengers that their power levels were off the charts. Leaving their mech suits behind on auto pilot to battle the Biomechanoids, the Avengers took advantage of a distracted Kang to teleport into the Biomechanoid virus-infected Avengers Mountain to confront Kang personally.

(Avengers Mech Strike#5) - Just as the Avengers were prepared to take on Kang, an Eternity-empowered Black Panther appeared to stop Kang, who fled into the timestream leaving the Avengers to battle a group of corrupt Avengers he had assembled from different realities. Eventually arriving in Kang's past as the past Kang was about to activate his first Biomechanoid, Black Panther struck down Kang in the past before he could send the Biomechanoids to the modern era, diverging the reality where Kang had successfully unleashed to Biomechanoids into Reality-21443 and sending the Kang active on that reality into the clutches of Eternity itself.

Comments: Created by Jed McKay and Carlos Magno.

To clarify (or possibly muddy some things up a little too, depending on who's reading): Reality-21433 is the reality in which Kang successfully sent the Biomechanoids into the past and took over Avengers Mountain. Both Kangs (the one killed by Black Panther & the one active in Reality-21433) are not the original, prime Kang but rather, temporally divergent counterparts. The killing of Kang in the past prior to him sending the Biomechanoids into Earth's past is the event that diverged Reality-21433 from its original timeline (designated Reality-92147) and Earth-92147 can be differentiated from Earth-616 (despite similarities) due to a few minor things such as Hulk and Spider-Man being active members of the Avengers while the team was based out of Avengers Mountain. On Earth-616, neither Hulk nor Spider-Man were was members of the team when they acted out of this headquarters. To further potentially confuse matters, the Biomechanoids are not native to either of those realities (Earth-21433 nor Earth-92147) but rather, whichever future 31st century reality that the Kang active on Reality-21433 was basing himself at the time of their creation. While created in the 31st century, the Biomechanoids were sent to past of Earth-21433 shortly after its divergence point.

Avengers Mech Strike was a comic mini-series based on a toy subset of the same name. However, the toyline and the short video clips that accompany the toyline online (on the MarvelHQ Youtube page) seem to show the Mech Strike mini-series & the toyline/videos as two different realities. For example, in the Avengers Mech Strike comic, the mech-suited Avengers were forced to team up with a time-displaced Thanos against Kang and his Biomechanoid army. In the toyline and the online videos, the main villain seems to be a mech-suited Thanos himself and his army of mechs. The Avengers do not team up with Thanos nor is Kang the main villain. Additionally, there are at least two children's books based on the Mech Strike concept, Avengers Mech Strike: Heroes to the Core and World of Reading: This is Avengers Mech Strike. Both of these books tell a kid-friendly adaptation of the events that occurred in the Avengers Mech Strike#1 comic book, with the exception that the first Biomechanoid attack occurred in New York City (the children's books) not Cleveland (the comic) and some of the costumes not matching the comic book (such as Captain America & Black Widow wearing their kid-friendly costumes seen in numerous children's merchandise these days vs. the comic wearing more classic comic book costumes). These books may be part of the reality seen in the toyline/online videos but there's really no way to tell for sure, as the children's books do not show Thanos at all and it's unclear if the Biomechanoids are even part of the overall story in the toyline/online videos.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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images: (without ads)
Avengers: Mech Strike#4, p9, pan1 (Biomechanoids surrounding a Biomechanoid virus-infected Avengers Mountain, main image)
Avengers: Mech Strike#1, p21, pan6 (Biomechanoid memory core)
Avengers: Mech Strike#2, front cover (Hulk in mech suit vs. a Biomechanoid)
Avengers: Mech Strike#4, p6, pan2 (Biomechanoids battling space pirate vessels)

Avengers: Mech Strike#1 (April, 2021) - Jed McKay (writer), Carlos Magno (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Mech Strike#2 (May, 2021) - Jed McKay (writer), Carlos Magno (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Mech Strike#3 (June, 2021) - Jed McKay (writer), Carlos Magno (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Mech Strike#4 (August, 2021) - Jed McKay (writer), Carlos Magno (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Mech Strike#5 (September, 2021) - Jed McKay (writer), Carlos Magno (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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