shane_linc-7484-mainshane_linc-7484-face-shadesLINC SHANE

Real Name: Linc Shane

Identity/Class: Alternate Reality (Earth-7484) human

Occupation:  Rebel

Group Membership: Rebellion against Simon Ryker

Affiliations: Deathlok (Luther Manning)

Enemies: Simon Ryker, indirectly Nina Ferry (as her mind was used to control the super-tank)

Known Relatives: None identified

Aliases: Deathlok referred to him as "Mister" before learning his name

Base of Operations: Manhattan, New York, USA, Earth-7484

First Appearance: Astonishing Tales#28 (February, 1975);
Astonishing Tales#30 (June, 1975)shane_linc-7484-face-shadeless

Powers/Abilities: Linc Shane is experienced with using an automatic rifle and presumably other types of weaponry. He has an unspecified level of combat experience, and he is brave and/or reckless enough to charge an approaching tank armed only with his rifle.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6'2"; he looked just a little shorter than the 6'4" Deathlok)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 200 lbs.)
Eyes: Unrevealed (he was not shown without his dark sunglasses; likely brown)
Hair: Black


(Astonishing Tales#28 (fb) - BTS) - Part of some rebellion against Simon Ryker, Linc Shane and his people heard through the grapevine that Ryker had built a new "saviour machine." Hearing reports of the powerful cyborg, the rebels assumed the cyborg Deathlok to be this saviour machine.shane_linc-7484-charge-tank

    Linc was ordered to bring Deathlok back to meet with the rebellion.

(Astonishing Tales#28) - Linc Shane encountered Deathlok as he fled from laser-pistol wielding soldiers (apparent Ryker agents), aiming his weapon at the cyborg and telling him, "OK, babes -- just hold it right there!"

    Deathlok noted that if he was going to shoot him, he would have done it already, and then he told the man to put away his weapon away before he went right through him. After Linc told Deathlok of his orders, Deathlok advised him that if he didn't want to get blown away, he better go back to whole gave him those orders and tell them there were five guys on his tail armed with lasers. Deathlok further noted that he was welcome to tag along if he wanted to be there to pick up what was left of him.

(Astonishing Tales#28 - BTS) - Meanwhile, Ryker watched via his omni-computer, with Nina's mind in rapport with the omni-computer, allowing Ryker's super-tank pursuing Deathlok to function as a thinking, almost-human weapon. shane_linc-7484-shot

(Astonishing Tales#28) - Per advice from his computer, Deathlok began to lead Linc to his helicopter, at which point Ryker's agents pushed the helicopter off of the top of building on which Deathlok had landed.

    After Linc noted his people's belief that Deathlok was the Saviour Machine, they encountered the Northern Wall, and as the super-tank approached, they realized they were trapped. Nonetheless, Linc rushed the tank, answering Deathlok's "What the deuce are you doing?" with "I'm fighting a war, man..."

(Astonishing Tales#30) - As Linc Shane fired futilely on the approaching tank, Deathlok tackled him, saving him from a direct hit when the tank fired, although he still received multiple lacerations from shrapnel. As the tank continued to approach, Deathlok pulled Shane from the ground, telling him he was going to make it; Shane replied weakly, "Yeah. Sure."

    Deathlok carried Shane and rushed to avoid the tank's fire, after which he leapt in the air to pass over the brick/stone wall. Deathlok told Linc, "Hold on, buster...the revolution ain't over yet." And the surprised Linc noted, "You--made it! I never would have thought it possible. Maybe you ain't the Savior Machine, but Linc Shane knows when he's been saved -- and to me, baby, you are the savin'est machine I ever did--" at which point enemy fire cut down and slew Shane.

    Disgusted and shocked by the senseless loss, Manning hesitated before ultimately letting Linc's lifeless form drop so he could focus on his own survival.shane_linc-7484-fall

Comments: Created by Rich Buckler.

    The title of the story in #28 "Five to One, <Deathlok>...One in Five...No One Here Gets Out Alive" taken from lyrics from the Doors song "Five to One." And "The Soft Parade" is an album by the Doors.

    "Linc" is likely short for Lincoln, but we don't know that.

Profile by Snood.

Linc Shane
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Astonishing Tales#28, pg. , panel (face/shades)
    #30, pg. 1, panel 4 (rear view, full body, charging tanks);
       pg. 2, panel 1 (frontal, knees up);
       pg. 4, panel 2 (face without glasses);
          panel 4 (shot);
          panel 7 (falls)

Astonishing Tales#28 (February, 1975) - Rich Buckler (writer/artist), Len Wein (editor)
Astonishing Tales#30 (June, 1975) - Rich Buckler & Doug Moench (writers), Rich Buckler, Keith Pollard & Arvell Jones (pencils), Al McWilliams (inks), Len Wein (editor)

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