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Real Name: Kondrati Topolov

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-92131) human mutant

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Gamesmaster, Jean Grey, Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh), Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde), Mesmero (Vincent), Moondragon (Heather Douglas), Oracle (Sybil), Professor X (Charles Xavier), Psylocke (Betsy Braddock), Revanche (Kwannon), Shadow King (Amahl Farouk), Stryfe of Earth-13393, Rachel Summers of Earth-13393, Typhoid Mary (Mary Walker), White Queen (Emma Frost)

Enemies: Apocalypse of Earth-13393 (En Sabah Nur), Horsemen of the Apocalypse CA 1200 BC, Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr), Mister Sinister (Nathaniel Essex), Mystique (Raven Darkholme), Sabretooth (Victor Creed)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Beyond Good and Evil, Part IV" (November 25, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Gremlin is a powerful mutant telepath who possesses genius level intelligence.

Height: 4'6" (presumably same as his 616 counterpart)
Weight: 215 lbs. (presumably same as his 616 counterpart)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Bald

(X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Beyond Good and Evil - Part IV" - BTS) - Apocalypse of the ravaged future of Earth-13393 had obtained access to the Axis of Time and prepared to kidnap the world's most powerful psychics of Earth-92131 and use their simultaneous death to unleash sufficient psychic energy to stop time and break the elemental balance between good and evil. As all of existence would end except for the actuality inside the Axis of Time, Apocalypse could recreate the universe in his own image.

(X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Beyond Good and Evil - Part IV" - BTS) - Gremlin was captured by Apocalypse's lackeys and placed in a glass-like canister amidst other imprisoned psychics.

(X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Beyond Good and Evil - Part IV") - Ready to put his plan in motion, Apocalypse activated the process which caused the psychics, still stuck in the canister, were forced to float, circling the Axis of Time. Apocalypse, however, was unaware that time-traveler Bishop was already near the Axis, guided by Immortus, posing as "Bender" the crazy caretaker of the timelines.

   Unbeknownst to the psychics, Magneto and Mystique turned on Apocalypse upon learning his true plan and freed the X-Man Wolverine who'd also been imprisoned inside the Axis. Shortly thereafter, Cable arrived as well just as the psychics' combined power began to affect the timelines. In the end it was Bishop who decided to get involved and shot one of the canisters, freeing Psylocke, who immediately ordered the time-lost Bishop to continue shooting at the remaining canisters. When several other psychics were released, Apocalypse knew he was in danger of failing. He sent his Horsemen to kill Bishop and Psylocke, but they failed. When they returned to the Axis of Time, the strain of the events caused the structure to collapse. Apocalypse and his Horsemen fought Magneto, Wolverine and Cable until the freed Gremlin and other psychics joined their powers to stop Apocalypse. With their combined powers, the psychics removed Apocalypse and all others from the Axis of Time. Since his Lazarus chamber had been destroyed in the past, Apocalypse simply ceased to exist in the present. Gremlin and the freed psychics presumably returned to their proper homes.

Comments: Created by Dean Stefan (writer) and AKOM Productions. (see Appearances list for full list of artists)

"Beyond Good and Evil" was intended to be the series finale and was originally going to end with the X-Men disbanding after the final conflict with Apocalypse. However, the series was given a last minute reprise by Fox when they ordered six more episodes to close out the season. To save money, Saban produced the final episodes of the series in-house rather than calling on Graz Entertainment which had done all of the series. Instead, Saban hired a studio in the Philippines (simply called the Philippine Animation Studio, which also worked on the second season of the 1994 Fantastic Four series) which explains why these episodes had a different animation style.

The psychics captured by Apocalypse were: Gamesmaster, Gremlin, Jean Grey, Karma, Mastermind, Mesmero, Moondragon, Oracle, Professor X, Psylocke, Revanche, Shadow King, Stryfe, Rachel Summers, Typhoid Mary, the White Queen and two unidentified characters who appear be a Guardian of the Universe from DC's Green Lantern and the midget Gwildor from He-Man. Because they are unidentified they are not listed under Gremlin's affiliations but will receive sub-profiles in the future profile of Apocalypse of Earth-13393. We've listed Magneto, Mister Sinister, Mystique, Sabretooth under his enemies as they were Apocalypse's loyal servants charged with kidnapping the psychics, Gremlin would've considered them his enemies.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Gremlin has no known connections to:

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X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Beyond Good and Evil, Part IV" (main image)
X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Beyond Good and Evil, Part IV" (Axis of Time)

X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Beyond Good and Evil, Part IV" (November 25, 1995) - Dean Stefan (writer), Frank Brunner (character design), Mark Lewis (character design, prop design, storyboard cleanup), Darrel Brown, Warren Greenwood, Andre Nieves, Steve Olds, Shayne Poindexter (prop design), Marcos Borregals (prop design, storyboard cleanup), Claude Denis, (prop design, layout design), Cesar Magsombol, Zhaoping Wei (layout design), Tenny Henson (layout design, storyboards, storyboard cleanup), Frank Squillance (layout design, storyboards), Patricio Agnasin (layout design, storyboard cleanup), Helga Vanden Berge (ink & paint), Jerry Acerno, Troy D. Adomitis, Patrick Archibald, Dell Barras, Francisco Barrios, Armando Carrillo, Romeo Francisco, Greg Garcia, Rick Hoberg, Tom Nesbitt, David Simons, Keith Tucker, Dan Veesenmeyer (storyboards), Michael Sosnowski (storyboards, storyboard cleanup), Gerald Forton, Ernie G. Guanlao, Abel Laxamana, Romeo Lopez, Tec Manalac (storyboard cleanup), Akom Production Company (animation studio), J.K. Kim, Sue Peters (animation directors), Eric Lewald (developer for television, story editor), Sharon Janis (editor)

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