evek-homeworldking-mnan1-fullevek-homeworldking-mnan1-faceKING EVEK

Real Name: Evek

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse) humanoid (Homeworld's First Zone native);

Occupation: King of Homeworld (and apparent emperor of an empire consisting of at least 100 worlds in the Microverse proper)

Group Membership: Homeworld's royal family

Affiliations: Acroyear, Diarmid, Enigma Force/Shadow Priest/Time Traveler, Microtron;
    numerous unidentified ambassadors and rulers of other worlds; presumably the various rulers of the other planetoids in Homeworld;
    revered/worshipped Dallan and Sepsis;

    formerly the people of Homeworld, First Zone's palace guards;
    formerly Eved

Enemies: Baron Karza, Eved, Prince Shaitan of the Acroyears

Known Relatives: Zoyburt (wife, deceased), Argon (later Force Commander; son), Mari (aka Marionette; daughter);

Aliases: "Old man" (taunt from Baron Karza)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly the royal palace, First Zone, Homeworld, Microverse;
    formerly the ancient Palace of Rulership
, First Zone, Homeworld, Microverse;

First Appearance: (Referenced, unidentified) Micronauts I#1 (January, 1979) ;
    (pictured) Micronauts I#8 (August, 1979);
    (identified) Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#14: Marionette entry (2010)evek-homeworldking-mni59-sword

Powers/Abilities: Evek had over a century of experience as ruler of an interplanetary empire.

    In his youth, at least, Evek was an expert swordsman. He likely maintained some degree of this skill in his senior years, and he still considered the sword his weapon of choice.

   Though he and his family refused to utilize Karza's Body Banks, they had extended lifespans (at least compared to humans). Evek looked like a 30-ish human male over 100 years ago. In his most recent appearance, he looked more like a 60-year-old man, while his children looked like they had only aged maybe 10 years from the same time period. Being king while knowing Karza was gradually usurping his power may have been very stressful, or perhaps there were other circumstances.

    On certain circumstances, in his more senior years, at least, Evek rode a one-person conveyance.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'11" based on estimation of Argon at 6'1"; he may have been slightly taller in his youth
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 195 lbs. based on estimated height; perhaps 175 lbs. in youth)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White, formerly brown

(Micronauts II#15 (fb) - BTS) - From the Palace of Rulership in Homeworld's First Zone, King Evek and Queen Zoyburt led an empire consisting of at least 100 worlds in the Microverse.

(Micronauts II#5 (fb)) - On Homeworld's Heritage Day, King Evek and Queen Zoyburt placed an offering before the statues of the dynasty's founders, Dallan and Sepsis.

    A reporter asked the young Argon to tell the children watching why his parents were doing it, and Argon explained that it was because Dallan and Sepsis were the first king and queen and that they had helped make Homeworld a good place.

    Mari interrupted, noting that it was because Dallan and Sepsis had unified the kingdoms of Homeworld and helped Baron Karza bring them progress.

 (Micronauts I#59 (fb)) - At the dinner table with their royal family, Mari hurled food into Argon's face. When Zoyburt advised Mari not to behave thusly in front of the servants, Mari argued that she was fearless and the only one worthy of being in the royal family.

    Evek watched intently but said nothing.

(Micronauts I#59 (fb)) - A few mornings later, Evek sent away Mari's swordmaster, and he replaced Mari's sword with one with a retractable blade.

(Micronauts I#59 (fb)) - Evek met with Mari, asking if she minded if he gave her her lesson himself. Telling her father that he was better than the swordmaster any day, she happily accepted, at which point Evek swiftly and brutally engaged her. Superficially slashing her left shoulder, Evek advised her that if she didn't guard her flank, she'd never get much older.

    As Mari fought back with all her skill, she suspected something was wrong, even wondering if Karza hadn't somehow taken over her father's mind. Pressing her attack, Mari eventually got past her father's defenses and, overcome by desire to win, thrust forward her sword into Evek's chest. evek-homeworldking-mni59-upper

    Questioning aloud what had come over him, Evek collapsed, and Mari, fearing she had killed her father, burst into tears and invoked the legendary Dallan and Sepsis in her prayers that he wasn't dead.

    Evek then surprised her by telling her, "Since you asked no nicely, Mari...all right." He then made the point of explaining that she did know fear, and that fear was not always something shameful.

    He further noted that one who had no fear in his heart also had no love....and he also advised her to inspect her sword more carefully before practice, as someone might slip her a retractable blade.

(Micronauts I#59 (fb) - BTS) - Regardless, that day Mari learned that day what fear really was.

(Micronauts II#15 (fb) - BTS) <Over 100 years before the main story> - Living in the ancient Palace of Rulership, Evek and Zoyburt were still nominal rulers of the Microverse and Karza was still considered little more than a scientific counselor.

    At a Palace party, nobles of a hundred worlds paraded.

(Micronauts II#15 (fb) - BTS) - Enchanted with the alien Iawain dancer Diarmid, Lord Eved conspired with Baron Karza to make her his.evek-homeworldking-mnii15--wintergear

(Micronauts II#15 (fb)) - Months later, at a state dinner, when Lord Eved slapped a servant for suggesting the alien dancer Diarmid (with whom Eved had grown enchanted) use the proper utensil, King Evek chastised Eved, noting that his boorish behavior had taken an attempt to quietly resolve a small social gaffe and spare embarrassment and drawn the entire court's attention to the matter, publicly humiliating her.

    For Eved's "cruel gallantry," Evek banished Eved from the court for a fortnight (two weeks).evek-homeworldking-mnii15-casual

(Micronauts II#15 (fb) - BTS) - Not long after, Eved convinced his father to stage a social gala in Homeworld's frozen reaches (presumably Polaria?) to bring Eved back into the court's graces.

(Micronauts II#15 (fb)) - Via a great Mega-floater, Evek's whole court was transported to the site of the gala.

    King Evek noted his appreciation of the event; voicing regret for his harsh treatment, Evek considered that perhaps it perhaps was a useful one, and he welcomed Eved back in court.

    Eved noted that he had learned much and thanked Evek for his generosity and wisdom.

(Micronauts II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Evek subsequently watched helplessly as an ice-hydra created by Baron Karza attacked Mari during a performance as a part of a vain plot of Eved's to impress Diarmid.

(Micronauts II#15 (fb)) - After Mari had her legs replaced by Karza, Evek noted that while it had rough for a bit, she was now as good as new. He further considered that Karza was a miracle worker.

(Micronauts I#45 (fb) - BTS) - Argon and his younger sister, Mari, engaged in practice combat where she relied on her own gymnastic ability.

(Micronauts II#15 (fb) - BTS) - The Palace of Rulership was demolished before Karza came to power.

(Micronauts I#8 (fb)) - As the social order on Homeworld collapsed (due to Baron Karza's manipulation of the population via the Body Banks to gain wealth and power; see Karza's profile), the Enigma Force manifested as Time Traveler to Homeworld's king Evek.

    Argon and Mari stood behind their father as he knelt before the manifestation.

    The Time Traveler predicted that the Royal Family would fall -- to one day rise again.

(Micronauts I Annual#1 (fb) - BTS) - King Evek repeatedly warned Argon and Mari of Karza's power.argon-microverse-mn8-timetrav

(Micronauts I Annual#1 (fb) - BTS) - Although Argon and Mari counseled Evek to defy Karza, the king refused, for fear of engaging all of Homeworld in a bloody civil war.

(Micronauts I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Argon's steed, Oberon, received telepath training in Evek's stables.

 (Micronauts I Annual#1 (fb)) - As Mari trained on Argon's steed in the Royal Gardens, Evek noted that Mari was too reckless; but Argon countered that she was guiding Oberon telepathically.

    Evek noted that his heart was full of foreboding, not just for Mari, but for them all.

    Argon asked why he felt thusly, but before Evek could explain, Baron Karza arrived, mockingly asking "King of Homeworld, what is the name of this doom you fear so that it sets your brittle bones to quaking?"

    After Evek confirmed to Argon the presence of "the dark lord of the Body Banks," Karza's presence spooked Oberon and caused Mari to be thrown, although Microtron caught her.

    Although Evek asked how they might serve Karza, Argon, noting himself to be less diplomatic than his father, instead asked how they might be rid of him.. evek-homeworldking-mnan1-drawsword

    Evek silently witnessed Karza's vague threats to Argon and Mari for their rebellion. After Karza's departure, Evek noted that Mari was growing to bold, and he again warned his children of Karza's power, advising Argon he had told them this repeatedly for their own good.

    Evek stood silently as one of the Shadow Priests advised Argon and Mari to leave their steeds with one they trusted, warning them he could say no more.

    Noting that the Shadow Priests actually served the Enigma Force, Argon had their horses left with Microtron.

    As they entered the Arena, Evek warned that the warning from the Shadow Priest was nonsense, as Karza wouldn't dare harm them because the people would revolt. Mari questioned this as the people hadn't revolted in the past millennium, but Queen Zoyburt instructed Mari to speak respectfully, as her father was still king. Mari, however, commented that this was in name only, as Karza ruled Homeworld with an iron hand.

    After they were informed by an usher that there had been a change in seating arrangements and that they would be the honored guests of Baron Karza, Evek and his family warily followed. Karza told them he had ordered the change as he ordered everything on Homeworld, after which he introduced his guest, prince Shaitan of Spartak.

    Mari disdainfully acknowledged Shaitan as the turncoat prince of the Acroyears, and Evek asked her not to be discourteous, but Karza mocked Evek as an old man, telling him not to upset himself over such matters.

    When Shaitan suggested they finish them rather than toy with them further, Karza advised him that a coup was something one should never rush. Hearing Karza acknowledge that things had come to the point of a coup, Evek admitted his reluctance to previous confrontation, but he refused to stand down and allow the armored tyrant to depose him. evek-homeworldking-mnan1-death

    Stating that ten generations of his ancestors had passed while Karza lived on, gaining greater power as they had hoped to moderate his desires, Evek noted that he now saw that Karza's desires were limitless.

    Zoyburt asked him to summon the royal guard, but Evek drew his sword as he noted that he needed no underlings to do what he should have done long ago. Mocking Evek's use of a simple sword against one who wielded the power of the Microverse itself, Karza noted that he was ever a fool as he fired a blast from his gauntlet that penetrated Evek's chest to slay Zoyburt behind him as well.

    As Karza instructed his guards to take Evek and Zoyburt's corpses to the Body Banks, Argon and Mari ultimately fled.

(Micronauts I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Karza led Homeworld's population to overthrow their Elite/royal family.

(Micronauts I#1 (fb) - BTS) - King Evek and Queen Zoyburt's palace guard were slain.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Michael Golden, and Bob McLeod

    It is not clearly noted whether Evek was a direct descendant of Dallan and Sepsis Rand or not...but, if he was, that would give Arcturus Rann and Mari common ancestry...even millennia apart, it's a little creepy if you know they're related.

    Evek's name was revealed in the Marionette profile in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#14.

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:


    In traveling from the Royal Gardens to the Arena, at least, Evek rode in a one-person chair conveyance, almost like a mobile throne.

    Its range, speed, and any other abilities are unrevealed.

    -- Micronauts Annual#1

Note: The white and red is Microtron in front of the conveyance...not part of the vehicle.

images: (without ads)
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