bulkyduck-18801BULKY DUCK

Real Name: Presumably Howard, possibly Duckson

Identity/Class: Extradimensional / Alternate Reality (Earth-18801; see comments) mutate

Occupation: Unrevealed...but likely an adventurer and trouble-into-getter

Group Membership: Unrevealed...maybe his world had Avengers or Defenders?

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: None known (but likely many)

Known Relatives: Presumably the same as the "mainstream" Howard the Duck)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Presumably mobile on Earth-18801...you know, running from authorities and whatnot;
    possibly formerly his native reality (see comments)

First Appearance: Howard the Duck II#8 (November, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Bulky Duck was presumably superhumanly strong and durable, potentially with these abilities increasing with rage, or possibly angst, frustration, or sarcasm.

    He may have been able to jump really high, but presumably could not fly...and probably not swim, either.

    Bulky Duck was stupid.

Height: Unrevealed; since Howard is 2.7", you'd think a Hulked-up Howard might be more like 3'5"...or maybe he's way bigger, like human Hulk-sized, perhaps 7' or taller
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes:  Presumably green (black and white magazine)
Hair: While the image does look like he has hair, it's probably feathers, which are presumably green
(again...you know...black and white magazine)
Skin: Green

Howard the Duck II#8 (fb) - BTS) - In the alternate reality Earth-18801, under unrevealed (put presumably less-than-serious) conditions, Howard the Duck was mutated by gamma radiation into the green and stupid (and presumably strong) Bulky Duck.

(Howard the Duck II#8) - Presumably in response to someone commenting about his being a duck, Bulky Duck said, "Bulky Duck kill!"

Comments: Created by Dave Sim.

    The inside front cover of Howard the Duck magazine#8 had a featurette done by Cerebus-creator Dave Sims that had Howard musing to Bev (some pillow talk) about how life might be different if he had super-powers...he seemed to be at-least partially motivated to want to be able to punish anyone who annoyed him by pointing out..."You're a duck!"
    Regardless, in the infinite Multiverse, every reality exists, and a daydream can be considered a glimpse into the reality that mirrors it...

    In reviewing this page, Howard says "as long as I've taken up residence in the Marvel Universe, howzabout some gamma rays make me...green and stupid." That would presumably mean that this Howard diverged after leaving his native world (like Kang the Conqueror), meaning Earth-18801 is a reality where Howard the Duck arrived in humanoid duck form before being mutated by gamma rays...so his native reality isn't changed, but, of course, Howard's home is anyway, as he was native to Earth-47920, but then the reality warp with Chireep overlapped his reality with Duckworld/"Earth-791021." Don't get me started...

    Bulky Duck's apperances to date consist of a single panel. You, the reader, can write to Marvel and demand more appearances...they'll probably laugh at you...maybe even block you from further contact...but you can still do it...

    Looking at the main and only picture, I first wondered why he had teeth in his ears...then I figured out that that was still his beak, back towards what would be the commissure (part where the upper (maxillary) and lower (mandibular) lips/cheeks came together).

Profile by Snood.

Bulky Duck
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Howard the Duck II#8, inside cover, panel 3

Howard the Duck II#8 (November, 1980) - Dave Sim (writer/artist), (Lynn Graeme (editor)

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