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Real Names: Ethan Wilford and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Wilford

Identity/Class: Humans

Occupation: Farmers

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Doctor Minerva (Minn-Erva), Rick Jones, Mac-Ronn, Ronan the Accuser, Tara

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Wilford family farm, Sullivan County, Texas

First Appearance: Captain Marvel I#48 (January, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Ethan and Lizzie Wilford possessed no known superhuman abilities. As farmers, they were used to regular, moderately intensive manual labor. Exceptionally kindhearted and trusting, the Wilfords believed in the good in every human. This led them to take in several Kree without even really knowing them.

Eyes: Ethan: Black, Lizzie: Blue
Hair: Ethan: White, Lizzie: Grey

(Captain Marvel I#48 (fb) - BTS) - Noticing what they thought to be an airplane crash, the Wilfords quickly jumped in their car to investigate. Upon reaching the site of the crash, they realized the downed craft wasn't a regular airplane but rather a Kree medical ship shot down by S.H.I.E.L.D. when it came to Earth to retrieve Sentry #459.

(Captain Marvel I#48) - At the crash site, the Wilfords noticed two people, Mac-Ronn and Tara, a medic and commander of the Kree ship. The two extraterrestrials had turned their blue skin to caucasian pink and posed as humans, claiming they were scientists from a space program and were in dire need to reach the nearest city. Glad they could help a couple of "astronauts" the Wilfords offered the Kree a ride. However, on their way towards the nearest city they came across the unconscious Rick Jones (who at the time was the human host for Captain Marvel) after he'd fought Sentry #459 and the Cheetah. Realizing who the boy was Mac-Ronn explained to the Wilfords he needed medical attention and decided to take him with them to the Wilford family farm.

(Captain Marvel I#49) - The next morning Lizzie had prepared a large morning breakfast for the group of strangers. After Tara had explained their true nature to Rick Jones they joined the group for breakfast. Ethan was stoked to see the young boy had miraculously recovered, no doubt thanks to Tara's medical wizardry.

(Captain Marvel I#49 - BTS) - After dinner Mac-Ronn took Jones to another room where he explained there was a rapidly weakening restraint-cube imprisoning Ronan the Accuser aboard their crashed spacecraft. Jones transformed into Captain Marvel after which he took off to face Ronan but was unable to stop the madman from killing Tara. Captain Marvel defeated Ronan, who was mentally dominated by the Supreme Intelligence, although his beating caused Ronan to lose his sanity. Rendered a simpleton, Captain Marvel returned to the Wilford family farm with Ronan. The Wilfords offered to take care of Ronan.

(Captain Marvel I#50) - The Wilfords, Mac-Ronn and Ronan, now wearing overalls met up with Captain Marvel at the farm. Overhearing Mac-Ronn and Marvel discuss what to do with Ronan it was Lizzie who interrupted the man telling them they'd gladly offer him and Mac-Ronn a roof over their heads. Lizzie figured there were plenty of chores around the farm for two strong men in exchange for a comfy bed and a full belly. Captain Marvel thanked the Wilfords after which the hero took off, leaving Mac-Ronn and Ronan in their care.

(Captain Marvel I#55 - BTS) - The Wilfords took in Doctor Minerva, a Kree geneticist who'd defied a direct order from Phae-Dor, head of the Supreme Science Council.

(Captain Marvel I#55) - Out in the field, the amnesiac Ronan used his super strength to help Ethan Wilford by carrying a broken tractor inside the barn until he could pick up a new fuel tank. Meanwhile Mac-Ronn and Doctor Minerva discussed Ronan's rehabilitation.

(X-Men I#111) - When the Mr. Mike One-Ring Traveling Tent Show pitched their tent in Sullivan County Ethan and Lizzie decided to take a look. The couple was amazed to see the series of entertainers unaware they were in fact the X-Men brainwashed by the evil Mesmero.

(Ms. Marvel I#19) - Still baffled he'd seen a real demon (in fact Nightcrawler) in the circus Ethan told all about it to Mac-Ronn while they set off to work in the field when a giant lightning bolt hit the Wilford's family home. Both Ethan and Lizzie, Mac-Ronn and Minerva had survived the destruction of their home. Scared Ronan was still in the house Mac-Ronn tried to run inside the burning rubble only to be pulled back by Ethan who was confident nobody could've survived the attack. However, mere moments later the group noticed something moving in the fire, it was Ronan. Seeing something had changed in the man's eyes Lizzie noted she was afraid. In fact it was the Supreme Intelligence who'd taken over Ronan's mind and steered him to find and attack Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers).

Comments: Created by Scott Edelman (writer), Al Milgrom (pencils), Terry Austin (inks).

The Official Index to the Marvel Universe: Uncanny X-Men identified the Wilfords in X-Men I#111 (June, 1978): Elizabeth Wilford, revealed in Ms. Marvel I#19, '78 to be bts in the crowd here, is a farmer's wife from Texas - she is not to be confused with Colossus' love interest Elisabeth Wilford who appears in X-Men I#98, '76 & 123-124, '79.

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Captain Marvel I#49, p6, pan3 (main image)
Captain Marvel I#48, p5, pan7-8 (first appearance)
Captain Marvel I#55, p8, pan2 (Ronan carrying a tractor for Ethan)

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