thrust-lucynda-reality-829.jpgLUCYNDA THRUST
of Reality-829

Real Name: Presumably Lucynda Thrust

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (race unrevealed) extratemporal (24th century) extradimensional/alternate reality (Reality-829)

Occupation: Commander of a fleet, presumably associated with Wilamean and/or the Gabansaa (or Yarnot) system (see comments);
    former pirate

Group Membership: Commander of a starship fleet

Affiliations: Arimathes, Mallax Fortnite, Hercules, Igwanus, Recorder #417, Skyppi the Skrull

Enemies: At least formerly Layana Sweetwater;

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Hot-Pants," "Lucie-Baby," "Sweet Cheeks" (nicknames from Skyppi);

Base of Operations: Last seen in Port Anteris, the capital city of the planet Wilamean, Gabansaa (or Yarnot) system (see comments), Andromeda galaxy, Reality-829

First Appearance: Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel  (1988)

thrust-lucynda-reality-829-face.jpgPowers/Abilities: Lucynda Thrust

    She likely has some degree of experienced in hand-to-hand combat and the use of certain forms of weaponry.

    Shee apparently has some skill in navigating a starship and utilizing military communications equipment.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10"; she didn't look that much shorter than Hercules)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Light green
Hair: Blonde


(Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Lucynda became long-lasting friends with the Mallax Fortnite, who considered her the best starship thief in the galaxy.thrust-lucynda-reality-829-profile.jpg

(Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Lucynda was apparently taken into custody and imprisoned below Port Anteris, Wilamean.

(Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel - BTS) - After Hercules was imprisoned in the Port Anteris stasis chamber across from Mallax Fortnite, Hercules convinced his old associate Igwanus, who had been working to provide the nutrient injections to the prisoners, to free him and his associates, including Mallax.

    Though they lacked the time to free the others (and needed to have only a small group for their plan to work) so as to avoid detection by the palace guards, Mallax Noting the need for a techno who could hotwire the hyperdrive systems to escape the planet, Mallax asked Hercules and the others to wait a few minutes while he recruited just such a person.

(Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel (fb) - BTS) - Mallax located and freed Lucynda Thrust, and headed back to Hercules and the others.

(Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel) - When Mallax returned and introduced Lucynda as his old pirate friend and the best starship thief in the galaxy, both were shocked to see the Emperor Mother present, but "she" quickly revealed herself to be a transformed Skyppi the Skrull (Hercules' ally).

    Hercules greeted Lucynda, noting it was a pleasure to welcome one as fair as her into their intrepid band, and Skyppi suggested that Hercules meant he'd like to suck the taste out of her mouth. Acknowledging both that she knew that and that the feeling was mutual, Lucynda nonetheless placed business before pleasure and assured everyone that if they could get her to a vehicle that could fly, she could get them off-world.

    After the group agreed to follow a plan, Lucynda  and the others were allowed out as prisoners seemingly under the Emperor Mother's care.

(Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel (fb) - BTS) - The group boarded one of Arimathes' ships.thrust-lucynda-reality-829-bypass.jpg

(Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel) - After Hercules took out a trio of Arimathes' troops, Lucynda asked everyone to keep it down so she could focus on bypassing the controls.

    As they reached orbit, Mallax noted that the navigational computer had the co-ordinates to a safe port to which they could fly as soon as they could break formation; however, Lucynda and the others were surprised when Hercules instead revealed (and convinced the others to aid him in his plan) they were not going to escape but rather confront Arimathes and stop the assault Arimathes' planned assault on the Omacron system.

    As the Omacron system's Starstation Raga launched its Star Cavalry to oppose Arimathes' armada, Lucynda regretably informed Hercules (whom she referred to as "sweets") that they were unable to break radio silence. Noting that they needed the access codes for the ship-to-ship communications they needed for Hercules' plans, Skyppi reminded Lucynda that they still had the three soldiers Hercules had punched out in the hold.

    Liking the way Skyppi (whom she referred to "Greenie") thought, Lucynda went into the hold, grabbed a soldier and told him to wake up for his morning exercises. Referring to him as "General," Lucynda shoved him into an airlock; when he told her she couldn't do this, she replied, "Wanna Bet?" as she sealed the door. She then told him to give up the inter-fleet communication codes, and she'd excuse him from the marathon space walk he'd receive if he refused.

(Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel (fb) - BTS) - The soldier gave up the codes to Lucynda.

(Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel) - After Lucynda revealed she had obtained the needed codes, Skyppi posed as Arimathes and ordered the fleet to stop. Mallax then established a ship-to-ship communication that allowed Hercules to challenge Arimathes to single combat with the throne as the prize. Arimathes accepted, and the group landed their craft on a nearby planetoid and awaited Arimathes' arrival.

    When Hercules, who was seeking to not only defeat Arimathes but to teach him a lesson in humility, donned a blindfold for the combat, Mallax told Lucynda he hoped Hercules knew what he was doing. When Arimathes seemed to be getting the better of Hercules, Lucynda was clearly alarmed, and Mallax advised the others they needed to make a break for it because they were going to be killed once Hercules was finished; however, Skyppi countered that the space armada would blast them to vapors as soon as they tried to lift off.

    Ultimately, Lucynda and the others watched as Hercules kept Arimathes talking to determine his location and knock him out; when Arimathes recovered, accepted that he had been fed lies about Hercules by his mother, and asked Hercules to teach him, Hercules proclaimed Arimathes a new emperor.

(Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel (fb) - BTS) - Arimathes gave prominent political appointments to all those who had aided Hercules, including placing Lucynda in command of her own fleet.

(Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel) - As Hercules had asked for nothing, Lucynda asked what he had received, and she departed arm-in-arm with him as he noted that he was father to the finest ruler the galaxy would ever see.

Comments: Created by Bob Layton.

    Lucynda's further adventures have not been revealed, but I would suspect that she and Hercules encountered the beast with two backs...and maybe there's another son or daughter for Hercules...would make for an interesting story.

    As noted by Donald Campbell:

Where in the Andromeda Galaxy is Wilamean?
   According to the quarter-page profiles on the Gegku race in the original and deluxe editions of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, their race is from Wilamean, the third planet out from the sun in the Gabansaa star system. However, the quarter-page profile on the Wilameanis race in the deluxe edition of the Official Handbook states that their race is from Wilamean, the fifth planet out from the sun in the Yalnot star system. Obviously this is a problem since a single planet cannot orbit suns in two different star systems nor can it orbit a single sun at two different distances. This should be fixed.

    The joke about Lucynda working on her back in the hotwire/bypass image is too easy to I won't make it...but I also won't not make it...

Profile by Snood.

Lucynda Thrust
should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel, cover (main image)
    pg. 41, panel 1 (profile image);
    pg. 46, panel 5 (hotwiring starship);
    last page (full/main image)

Hercules, Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel  (1988) - Bob Layton (story and art), Gregory Wright (editor), Mark Gruenwald (executive editor)

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