Instigator: The Dark Overlord

Purpose: To rescue the kidnapped Beverly Switzler and Phil Blumburtt

Allies: Phil Blumburtt, Howard the Duck, Beverly Switzler

Opposition: The Dark Overlord

Location: Volcano Island, Earth-58470

First Appearance: Howard the Duck video game (1986)

History: (Howard the Duck video game (fb) - BTS) - A new Dark Overlord secretly appeared on Earth and began waiting for the perfect time to destroy the planet. Knowing that Howard could stop him, the Dark Overlord kidnapped Howard's allies, Beverly Switzler and Phil Blumburtt, to lure Howard into a trap. Needing to feed off thermal energy, the Dark Overlord took Beverly and Phil to the remote Volcano Island, which apparently had an artificial volcano.

(Howard the Duckvideo game) - Noticing Beverly Switzler and Phil Blumburtt went missing from a concert, Howard the Duck went out on stage and danced in an attempt to quell the audience. After dancing his way off the stage, Howard began to wonder where Beverly and Phil had went to, thinking that their disappearances did not bode well. Soon learning of the Dark Overlord's kidnapping of his friends, Howard considered himself up to the challenge presented by the Dark Overlord due to his mastery of Quack Fu and his skiing and ultralight piloting skills. Parachuting onto Volcano Island, Howard avoided quicksand, fought off the Dark Overlord's goons and used a jetpack while making his way towards the island volcano. From the edge of a forest, Howard hang-glided his way (using a motorized, propeller-based glider) to the base of the volcano, soon parachuting into the heart of the volcano itself. Upon entering the volcano, Howard noticed an on/off switch and immediately ventured towards the switch wielding a bazooka. While crossing a bridge, Howard dodged falling stalactites that partially destroyed the bridge as he crossed. Arriving at the switch, Howard found it guarded by the Dark Overlord, which he used the bazooka to destroy. Howard then switched the volcano to "off" and was awarded a medal for his rescue efforts.

Comments: Created by unidentified Alternative Software employees (presumably - see comments).

This video game was alternately titled Howard the Duck: Adventure on Volcano Island. Despite Beverly and Phil being mentioned in the plot, neither are seen in the actual game.

I decided to do this profile in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Howard the Duck film.

The Dark Overlord in this video game was not the same Dark Overlord as the one destroyed at the end of the film, though he apparently already knew Howard would be a threat.

Howard's Volcano Island adventure takes place either on Earth-58470 (or possibly Earth-58472), as it followed the Howard the Duck movie continuity and not the comics.

The game's credits were not shown in the game itself. The box credits Alternative Software as the game developer and Activision as the publisher.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Howard's Volcano Island Adventure has no known connections to

Volcano Island

Volcano Island was a remote island that housed an apparently artificial volcano equipped with an on/off switch. Seeking to feed off the thermal energy of the volcano as well as trap Howard the Duck, the new Dark Overlord kidnapped Howard's allies Beverly Switzler and Phil Blumburtt, taking them to Volcano Island and setting the volcano's switch to "on." Traveling to Volcano Island to rescue his friends, Howard the Duck traversed the quicksand-laden lands and used a jetpack to fly over its many waters, eventually using a hang-glider to enter the volcano itself, where he destroyed the Dark Overlord with a bazooka and turned the volcano off.

--Howard the Duck video game

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Howard the Duck
video game, box front cover (Howard reading a map to Volcano Island, main image)
Howard the Duck
video game, screenshots (every other image in this profile)

Howard the Duck
video game (1986) - Alternative Software (developer), Activision (publisher)

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