Instigator: Green Goblin (Harry Osborn)

Purpose: To bring the city to its knees

Allies: The Gang of Nasties (none identified)

Opposition: Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Location: An unidentified city

First Appearance: Spider-Man video game (1982)

History: (Spider-Man video game (fb) - BTS) - The Green Goblin planted Super-Bombs on the rooftops of various city buildings as well as smaller time-bombs within the buildings. In an effort to prevent Spider-Man's interference in his plans, the Green Goblin patrolled the skies and had his Gang of Nasties patrol the buildings' interiors.

(Spider-Man video game) - Spider-Man jumped into action against the Green Goblin, web-swinging up building after building, disarming the Goblin's time-bombs and apprehending the crooks comprising his Gang of Nasties. Upon reaching the rooftop of each building, Spider-Man disarmed the Super-Bomb on the building and avoided the Green Goblin, whose Goblin Glider cut Spider-Man's webline, before moving on to the next building. As he moved to taller buildings, Spider-Man's web-fluid drained faster.

Comments: Created by unidentified Atari employees.

Given the year the game was made (1982), the Green Goblin seen in the game could only be Harry Osborn, although I suppose it's possible that the game's story was an untold tale from the past and it's Norman...

Green Goblin's Gang of Nasties were identified in the 1-page comic book advertisement for the video game.

The Spider-Man video game did not have an end credits screen so whoever wrote the basic plot for the game and designed the character sprites was left unidentified. The only thing close to credits was the logo of Atari on the video game box, stating the company as the game's developer.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Green Goblin's Bomb Plot has no known connections to

The Gang of Nasties

The Gang of Nasties were a group of criminal thugs working under the Green Goblin. To prevent Spider-Man's interference in his Super-Bomb scheme, Green Goblin sent the Gang of Nasties to infiltrate the buildings he planned to bomb. When Spider-Man eventually did interfere by web-swinging towards the building rooftops to disarm the Super-Bombs, the Gang of Nasties attacked Spider-Man from various windows in an attempt to break the webline keeping the web-slinger aloft. During his trek to the buildings' rooftops, Spider-Man occasionally apprehended members of the Gang of Nasties before confronting Green Goblin and disarming that building's Super-Bomb and moving to another building filled with members of the Gang of Nasties.

--Spider-Man video game

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Spider-Man video game, box art, front (Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin, main image)
Spider-Man video game, screenshots (Spider-Man traversing up a building & the Gang of Nasties image)

video game (1982) - unidentified Atari employees (developers)

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