(of Earth-700459)

Real Name: Graviton (presumably)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-700459) humanoid extraterrestrial

Occupation: Conqueror

Group Membership: His own attack fleet ("Attack Fleet Leader," others)

Affiliations: Guard 17, No-Bot, his own attack fleet

Enemies: Billy, Jeff Hunt, Jason, Lucy, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "That Gruesome Graviton" (called by Spider-Woman)

Base of Operations: The Black Hole universe (within Earth-700459)

First Appearance: Spider-Woman cartoon episode, "Invasion of the Black Hole" (December 8, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Graviton did not appear to possess any superhuman powers of his own by he had access to large amounts of extraterrestrial black energy, which he used as a power source for his gigantic UFO saucers. He commanded an entire fleet of black energy-powered UFO saucers, which were equipped with guns that fired black energy, tractor beams capable of holding and probing whatever was caught in the beam and black hole beam generators, which were capable of transforming whatever it hit into black hole energy. Graviton also carried a black energy laser sword.

Height: 6'5" (by approximation)
Weight: 210 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: None seen (the "eyes" on his mask glowed white)
Hair: None seen

History: (Spider-Woman cartoon episode - "Invasion of the Black Hole") - Graviton, leader of the armies of the Black Hole universe, devised a plan to take control of Earth by transforming into a black hole using the newly-designed black hole beam.

(Spider-Woman cartoon episode - "Invasion of the Black Hole") - Graviton sent his attack fleet to Earth, where they tested the black hole beam by attacking the home of young boy Jason and his mother, transforming their entire home and dog Lucy into a black hole, unaware that Spider-Woman had rescued Jason and his mother. Graviton was informed of the successful test of the black hole beam and he ordered the entire attack fleet to commence with the invasion of Earth. After learning that the alien attack fleet had emerged from a black hole, Spider-Woman began investigating the fleet as it attacked a major metropolitan city and, when her venom blasts proved useless against Graviton's UFO saucers, she ventured inside the main saucer. Upon defeating the security robot No-Bot, Spider-Woman was confronted by Graviton himself, who gloated that Spider-Woman's resistance was pointless, as his black hole beams were already transforming Earth into black holes. He then announced that previous races that resisted him never knew when they were already defeated and unveiled a black energy laser sword. Following a brief swordfight, with Spider-Woman projecting a sword-like shape with her venom blasts, Graviton's sword was rendered useless by Spider-Woman's venom blast. Retaliating, Graviton pulled a level in his ship that activated a claw device that grabbed Spider-Woman and prepared to drop her into a pit of black energy. Gloating that Spider-Woman had shown a valiant effort but had never stood a chance against his black energy, Graviton left the scene and Spider-Woman subsequently escaped by removing a key screw on the claw with a web line. Watching as his UFO saucers converting Earth cities into black holes alongside his robot soldier, Graviton witnessed the black hole beams transform the entire Earth into a black hole, leaving it in a state of perpetual darkness, and gloated about how in mere hours, the Earth would pulverized and used as fuel for his black energy reactors. When Spider-Woman's allies, Jeff Hunt and Billy, were captured by one of the saucers in Graviton's fleet, Spider-Woman attacked the UFO and realized her venom blasts negated the black energy used by Graviton's forces. Hijacking the UFO, Spider-Woman transformed its black energy into white using her venom blasts and took off in the UFO to restore Earth using the new white energy. When Graviton noticed Spider-Woman's efforts, he pursued her UFO in his own and began attacking it. Spider-Woman faked a crash, making Graviton think he had hit her rogue UFO, and when Graviton moved in for the kill, Spider-Woman instead hit Graviton's UFO with a white energy beam, banishing Graviton and his master UFO back to his own black hole dimension. Spider-Woman then used her UFO's hyperdrive to fly around the world and bombard Earth with her white energy, restoring it to normal. Once she had succeeded in Earth's restoration, she landed her UFO near Jeff and Billy and used her venom blasts to banish it back to the black hole dimension as well before returning Lucy to Jason and his mother.

Comments: Created by Jeff Scott, Mel Keefer, C.L. Hartman, Dan Noonan, Barrington Bunce, Rene Garcia, Rex Barron, Roy Wilson, Terry Windell, Hak Ficq and Karenia Kaminski.

Graviton's black hole energy seemed an awful lot like Earth-616's Darkforce Dimension energy used by characters such as Cloak, Darkstar and Blackout. It resembled the Darkforce in appearance and, while the cartoon episode mentions that the black hole beam transforming objects into black holes, it certainly seemed more like how the Darkforce of Earth-616 transports objects into the Darkforce Dimension. Just an interesting parallel, I thought...

Don't think I didn't notice the obvious parallels between Graviton and Darth Vader, who had first appeared in Star Wars a mere two years earlier than this Spider-Woman episode aired. The dark-colored, armored costume, the cape, the "lightsaber"...

"No-Bot" was the best name I could understand, based on the voice quality in the 1979 Spider-Woman cartoon. I suppose it's possible it could've been spelled "Know-Bot" or even I misheard the word "robot," but it would seem odd for the robot to introduce itself as "Robot" so I went with "No-Bot."

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-700459's Graviton has no KNOWN connections to:

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Graviton's attack fleet

Graviton's attack fleet consisted of numerous black hole energy-powered UFO saucers and was led by the obviously-titled attack fleet leader. When Graviton decided to transform the Earth into black hole energy for use in powering his own machines, he first sent a single attack fleet UFO to Earth, where it briefly captured Jessica Drew's car in its tractor beam before departing to transform the home of Jason and his mother, as well as their dog Lucy, into black hole energy. With the successful test of the black hole beam, Graviton ordered the entire attack fleet to commence their invasion of Earth and many of the UFO saucers attacked major cities, transforming parts of them into black hole energy until the entire Earth was transformed. Once the transformation had taken place, Graviton had the fleet supervise the mining of Earth's minerals and any rebels that attempted to fight back. When the superheroine Spider-Woman realized that her venom blasts negated Graviton's black hole energy, she stole one of the attack fleet's UFO saucers and used it to restore the Earth to normal by converting its black hole energy into white energy using her venom blasts. Once Graviton was defeated, Spider-Woman negated the black hole energy in Graviton's attack fleet, banishing them back to their own dimension.

--Spider-Woman cartoon episode, "Invasion of the Black Hole"

Guard 17

Guard 17 was one of Graviton's attack fleet and was put in charge of supervising as Graviton's machines began mining the black hole-transformed Earth of its minerals. When Jeff Hunt and Jessica Drew's nephew Billy's jet copter was transformed into black hole energy and they hijacked the attack fleet's mining machine, Guard 17 reported the incident as he and another guard were forced to retreat. After reporting the incident, however, the fleet's machine was captured by one of their larger UFOs.

--Spider-Woman cartoon episode, "Invasion of the Black Hole"

Jason & Lucy

Jason was a young boy whose home was attacked by Graviton's attack fleet. Spider-Woman managed to rescue Jason and his mother as their home was converted into black hole energy and when Jason's dog Lucy attempted to attack the fleet by barking at the converted home, Lucy was also converted into black hole energy. After promising Jason that she would bring Lucy back, Spider-Woman attacked and defeated Graviton and his attack fleet by using her venom blasts to restore Earth to normal. When Spider-Woman returned to Jason, he angrily accused Spider-Woman of not being able to restore his beloved dog but Spider-Woman surprised Jason by returning Lucy after all, much to Jason's joy.

--Spider-Woman cartoon episode, "Invasion of the Black Hole"


No-Bot was a robotic guard aboard Graviton's mothership. In charge of stopping any intruders, No-Bot witnessed Spider-Woman venture inside the ship and immediately attacked her. Unfortunately, No-Bot was downed when Spider-Woman used a web line to open No-Bot's maintenance panel and disable it.

No-Bot was equipped with hover technology, allowing it to float above the ground, and its mechanical claws could generate an electrical charge. Unfortunately, its maintenance panel was right on its front, creating an easy target for those wishing to disable it.

--Spider-Woman cartoon episode, "Invasion of the Black Hole"

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Spider-Woman cartoon episode, "Invasion of the Black Hole" (all images in this profile)

Spider-Woman cartoon episode, "Invasion of the Black Hole" (December 8, 1979) - Jeff Scott (writer), Mel Keefer (character models), C.L. Hartman, Dan Noonan, Barrington Bunce, Rene Garcia, Rex Barron, Roy Wilson, Terry Windell, Hak Ficq, Karenia Kaminski (layouts), George Goode (graphic design), Lee Halpern, Tom Ray, Bob Bransford, Bob Kirk, Walter Kubiak, Art Vitello, John Gibbs, Bernard Posner, Bob Bemiller, Jim Keeshan, Mark Glamack, Tiger West, Ron Myrick (animators), Sharon Thomas, Rolando Oliva (backgrounds), Bob Richardson, Gerry Chiniquy, Sid Marcus, David Detiege (animation directors), Mario Piluso (storyboard direction), Richard Gannon (film editor)

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