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Real Name: Thea

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-5555, circa 8162 AD) human

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: vulture
      formerly Colt, Death's Head, Keepsake

Enemies: Colt and his band (Erin/Duke, Hank, Lorne, unidentified member, other unidentified member), Death's Head (freelance peacekeeping agent), Keepsake;
    and she probably wasn't very fond of Bahlia.

Known Relatives: Keepsake (possibly former husband)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles Resettlement, Earth-5555, 82nd century AD

First Appearance: (Mentioned) Doctor Who Magazine#140 (September, 1988), Seen: Death's Head I#5 (April, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Thea didn't possess any superhuman powers. Though relatively even tempered, Thea had a vicious streak whenever she felt she was being wronged in any way. When she learned her husband had double crossed her with a treasure map , she went to great lengths to pay him back, even hiring a professional bounty hunter.

Height: 5'7" (by approximation)
Weight: 130 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

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(Death's Head I#5 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Thea, Keepsake and Colt accidentally discovered a shipment of gold bullion aboard an old cruiser on the bottom of the sea. With neither one of them trusting each other, Colt demanded that Keepsake split up the map to the treasure. When Colt was arrested and put in prison some time later, Keepsake and Thea were prevented from coming back to claim the treasure for themselves.

(Doctor Who Magazine#140 - BTS) - Thea bought a pet vulture for her husband Keepsake, thinking it would make for a good traveling companion. However, the bird kept mocking Keepsake every chance he got, thus reminding him of his wife.

(Doctor Who Magazine#140 - BTS) - While on a salvage mission, Keepsake happened to rescue a young woman named Bahlia, with whom he became romantically involved.

(Death's Head I#5 - BTS) - Learning of Keepsake and Colt's meeting to recover the golden bullion, Thea felt betrayed and decided to seek out professional help.

(Death's Head I#5) - Thea came to the office of Death's Head' the bounty hunter, offering him half of the gold's bullion to track down Keepsake and recover both halves of the map. While Death's Head went out to search for Keepsake, Thea decided to look as well and, purely by accident, saw Colt as he was kidnapping Bahlia. When she walked into Huggy's bar, Death's Head had already located Keepsake, whose head he was banging into the wall. Even though Thea knew he was telling the truth, she allowed Death's Head to continue smacking her husband's face into the wall once more for good luck. Now combining their efforts, the three made their way towards the wharf where three of Colt's men were standing guard, with Colt on one of the boats with Bahlia and another henchman. Thea used her charm to seduce his distract the three henchmen on the wharf while Death's Head attacked them from the back, Thea took care of the last henchmen herself. Colt had in the meantime uncovered the treasure, though their joy was short lived when Death's Head and Thea arrived in another boat. Colt's last remaining henchman blew up the arriving boat, but Thea was rescued by Keepsake who flew his airplane. Death's Head heaved his heavy robotic form on to Colt's fragile vessel, rupturing it in the process. Now trying to fix the boat in a panic, Colt didn't notice how Bahlia attached a grappling hook from Keepsake airplane to the treasure, mounting it and flying off. As the flying vehicle left Colt behind, Keepsake offered Death's Head half of the gold to push Thea into the water. Death's Head did, leaving both Colt and Thea in a broken boat cursing each other.

Comments: Created by Simon Furman & John Higgins.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Thea has no known connections to

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Death's Head I#5, p4, pan3 (main image)
Death's Head I#5, p4, pan4 (at Death's Head office)

Other Appearances:
Death's Head I#5 (April, 1989) - Simon Furman (writer), John Higgins (pencils & inks), Richard Starkings (editor)

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