main imageMembership: Various (names unrevealed)

Purpose: To guard the Temple of Cyttorak

Affiliations: Cyttorak

Enemies: Black Knight (Dane Whitman); Excalibur (Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Dazzler (Alison Blaire), Nocturne (Talia Wagner (Earth-2182)), Sage, Pete Wisdom)

Base of Operations: The Temple of Cyttorak, Korea

First Appearance: New Excalibur#13 (January, 2007)



(New Excalibur#13) – In preparation of a visit to the Temple of Cyttorak by Cain Marko, the Guardians of the Temple of Cyttorak sprung forth from the ground and drew their weapons.

(New Excalibur#15) – When Excalibur tracked Cain Marko to the Temple, the Guardians surrounded the team. A battle quickly erupted between the Guardians and Excalibur and during the fight, Pete Wisdom grabbed one of the Guardians and demanded to know where Cain was. Further interrogating the Guardian, Wisdom began applying his “hot knives” and eventually, all of the Guardians vanished, destroying themselves rather than tell Excalibur anything.





Comments: Created by Frank Tieri, Jim Calafiore and Mark McKenna.

It was never specifically stated what the Guardians were exactly. In their first appearance, they erupted from the ground as if composed of earth and rock and in their last appearance, they disappeared, resembling dissipating energy when they vanished. It was not clear whether they were composed of energy or earth. Either way, there’s nothing really to say they couldn't be reconstituted and return.

Also, I placed Cyttorak in their affiliations since they guarded the Temple of Cyttorak but in neither of their appearances were they actually seen WITH Cyttorak. Presumably, they served him by guarding the Temple but I suppose it’s also possible that they were mystic in nature, possibly placed there by another mystic to keep others from entering and becoming the new Juggernaut. It seems more likely to me that they were simply servants of Cyttorak...

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Guardians of the Temple of Cyttorak has no known connections to

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New Excalibur#13, p22, pan4 (main image)
New Excalibur#13, p22, pan3 (Guardians erupting from the ground)

New Excalibur#13 (January, 2007) – Frank Tieri (writer), Jim Calafiore (pencils), Mark McKenna (inks), Nick Lowe, Mike Marts (editors)
New Excalibur#15 (March, 2007) – Frank Tieri (writer), Jim Calafiore (pencils), Mark McKenna (inks), Nick Lowe, Mike Marts (editors)

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