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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-93060/Ultraverse) human mutate

Occupation: Mercenary

Group Membership: Dragonfire

AffiliationsBlack Tiger, Bloodshed, Dragon Fang, Incoming, Kwan Yun;
    formerly Mr. Alfonzo

Enemies: Mr. Alfonzo, Solution (Dropkick, Outrage, Shadowmage, Tech)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile internationally

First Appearance: Solution#7 (March, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Upgraded with ultra powers, Casino had enhanced reflexes, strength and fighting skills. She also had limited psychic powers that helped her as a tracker, using tarot cards to do so. She had gambling-themed devices, such throwing blades stylized as playing cards and explosive dice. 


(Solution#7) - Hired by the the crime cartel Dragon Fang to track down and kill Lela Cho (later Tech), she read tarot cards and waited at a New York night club. Recognizing Cho's contact as a rival, she attacked Troy Wilde (later Dropkick) and the two fought in the club until she was able to escape using her exploding dice as cover. Soon after, she traveled to London and attacked Cho and Wilde in the secret ultra hideout called the Darke Shoppe. She threw her card blades at Wilde, blinding him, but Shadowmage stepped in and magically froze Casino in a time shell.

(Solution#8) - Still frozen, Shadowmage used her Aerwan magic to wipe Casino's memory and she was later dumped elsewhere in London.

(Ultraverse Premiere#10/2 (fb)) - Casino was hired to take out rival drug dealers of her client, Mr. Alfonzo, and used her tarot cards to find them in Chicago. She waited in a bar, knocking back patrons who approached her, until the two targets arrived and she flirted with them, but they were suspicious and tried to force Casino into their van outside. However, she counter-attacked with her throwing cards but the two escaped. Dodging gunfire from the back of the van, she gave pursuit and eventually shot them all dead. Later, Alfonzo hired Casino to kill another man.

(Ultraverse Premiere#10/2) - Casino was able to get the new target into her car and told the man of her run-in with the van. Her passenger told her that he had the money to assassinate Alfonzo, but Casino shot her passenger in the head to fulfill her contract. She then declared that she would still take on the job to kill Alfonzo.

(Solution#14) - The Dragon Fang's leader, Kwan Yun, gathered his three top assassins in Taiwan, Black Tiger, Bloodshed and Incoming, to re-unite as a team under the leadership of Casino, whom he then introduced.

(Solution#15) - Declaring their team to be codenamed Dragonfire, Casino then announced her plan to take down the team  called the Solution (comprising Dropkick, Outrage, Shadowmage and Tech). However, Bloodshed and Black Tiger questioned her capabilities because she was a woman, so she took on Black Tiger as an opponent and easily beat him. The Solution were detected entering the compound and Casino ordered the three assassins to attack and sealed the complex, keeping Tech for a personal fight. Casino confronted her opponent before using knockout gas to render Cho unconscious.

Casino's gambit with throwing card-blades

(Solution#16) - Casino removed her gas mask and tied Tech to a chair. While Tech was still unconscious, Casino advised Kwan Yun of her success and injected Tech with a psychoactive drug to keep Tech from using her powers to remotely tap into the security systems. Once awake, Casino gloated of Tech's team's imminent defeat at her band of assassins. She then watched on the security monitors as Outrage was blown apart and then Shadowmage get shot by Incoming, but was disappointed that Black Tiger and Bloodshed had been felled by Dropkick. She then called Yun again and taunted Cho that she would be forced into prostitution as punishment.

(Solution#17) - The senior members of the Dragon Fang arrived, but despite being drugged, Tech unconsciously sabotaged the complex's systems. Quickly aware of what was going on, Casino was ready to forgo the bonus for Tech's capture alive and instead moved to kill her. However, Dropkick arrived and the two fought, although they were evenly matched. Casino then threw small smoke bombs styled as dice to make an escape.

Comments: Created by James Hudnall (writer), John Statema (penciler) and Thomas Florimonte (inker).

At the bar in UVPremiere - lame chat-up line to Casino by a patron: "So, do you live around here?" Her comeback: "No, I just kill around here."

Ultraverse Premiere#10 was the flipside to Solution#16.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

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Dragonfire assembled


Casino was the leader of the strikeforce codenamed Dragonfire that included Black Tiger, Bloodshed and Incoming. Casino led them in a Dragon Fang-instituted attack on the Solution, setting a trap in Taiwan for their targets. Although each attacked their opponent separately, they came very close to defeating the Solution, but were unsuccessful and beaten.



--Solution#14 (Solution#14-17

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Solution#15, p16, pan2 (Dragonfire)

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