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Real Name: Evelyn "Evy" Barde

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: College student

Group Membership: Biology department of unnamed university

AffiliationsR.U. Reddy (Winthrop Roan, Jr.), Marauder, Melody

Enemies: Mr. Gutman, the slime

Known Relatives: Mr. and Mrs. Barde (parents)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile within the state of Louisiana, USA

First Appearance: Team America#6 (November, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: Evelyn was a college-educated woman, majoring in biology. She possessed strength and stamina normal for a human who engaged in moderate to intense workouts.


(Team America#6 (fb) - BTS) – Evelyn used to date playboy Winthrop Roan, Jr. before he was disinherited by his father. The pair went their separate ways, but parted on good terms. Evelyn went to school, became a microbiologist, and took to studying the effects of pollution in the local bayou near the town of Ooloosa.

(Team America#6 - BTS) – Evelyn went into a section of the bayou called “La Mort Bayou” with only her dog as her companion. Her parents, whom she often kept in contact with, did not hear from her for a full week. Unknown to them, she encountered a gelatinous creature living within the swamp, capable of devouring living tissue. Presumably losing her equipment to the creature, Evelyn found shelter within an old motel. Stranded, with no visible means of communicating with the outside world, she waited for the end.

(Team America#6) – Evelyn and her dog Melody were both startled at the arrival of her former beau, R.U. Reddy. His arrival sent her dog into a frenzy. The animal rushed outside, where it was promptly devoured by the slime. Using his bike, Reddy grabbed Evelyn and the pair managed to escape the slime. Driving by the Sweetwater Chemical Plant, the pair overheard plant owner Mr. Gutman trying to sell the slime to a group of terrorists.

(Team America#6 - BTS) - Via unrevealed means, Evelyn was captured. 

(Team America#6) - Despite a rescue attempt by Reddy, they were both rendered unconscious and Reddy was also taken captive. Freed by the Marauder, Evelyn tried to rescue Gutman in the confusion, but was unable to save the man when he tripped over a cable and fell into the slime. Hopping on Reddy’s bike, the pair hopped from safe spot to safe spot until they hit the highway. Evelyn got off as Reddy commandeered an oil truck and drove the rig right into the approaching slime. Seeing the explosion destroy the creature, Evelyn celebrated with Reddy as the chemical plant went up in smoke.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (script), Alan Kupperburg (pencils) and Vince Colleta (inks).

Seriously, they never explain now she got captured. One moment she and Reddy are snooping by the wall, next thing, she’s a prisoner.

Profile by David Lawrence.

Evelyn Barde has no known connections to:

Mr. Gutman has no known connections to:

Mr. and Mrs. Barde

Mr. and Mrs. Barde

Evelyn’s parents, they were concerned when they lost contact with their daughter. They asked Reddy to search for her.




--Team America#6

Mr. Gutman

Mr. Gutman

Head of the Sweetwater Chemical Plant, Gutman oversaw the accidental creation of the slime monster. He was able to control the slime, barely, with the aid of remote control. He attempted to sell it to the highest bidder, but was foiled by the Marauder. He was later killed when he tripped and fell face first into his creation.




--Team America#6



Melody the dog was Evelyn’s only companion in the swamp. Driven into a frenzy, it died when it rushed outside and into the slime’s clutches.



--Team America#6



A mass of chemicals and runoff, the toxic slime had some basic intelligence. It was consumed by fire and destroyed.




--Team America#6

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Team America#6, p17, pan4 (main image)

p23, pan4 (headshot)
p3, pan4 (parents)
p15, pan2 (Gutman)
p9, pan2 (Melody)
p9, pan3 (slime)

Team America#6 (November, 1982) – Bill Mantlo (script), Alan Kupperburg (pencils), Vince Colleta (inks), Jim Shooter (editor)

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