War confronts the Absorbing Man


Real Name: Robert Bruce Banner

Identity/Class: Human mutate technology user

Occupation: Horseman of Apocalypse

Group Membership: Horsemen of Apocalypse

Affiliations: Apocalypse

Enemies: Absorbing Man, Janis, Rick Jones, Juggernaut

Known Relatives: Elizabeth "Betty" Ross Talbot Banner (wife), Brian Banner (father, deceased), Rebecca Banner (mother, deceased), Morris Walters (uncle), Elaine Banner Walters (aunt, deceased), Jennifer Walters (alias She-Hulk, cousin), Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross (father-in-law), Mrs. Drake (aunt, possibly deceased), Cassandra Walters Pike (aunt), David Pike (cousin)

Aliases: Hulk

Base of Operations: Egypt

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk I#456 (September, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: This incarnation of War had the augmented power of the Hulk: Superhuman Class 100+ strength, enhanced human speed, superhuman stamina, demi-godlike durability, accelerated (although somewhat reduced) healing, athlete agility and athlete reflexes. It appeared that the Hulk had greater control over his strength, not requiring anger to enhance it, and he was able to utilise the weaponry that Apocalypse had given him, specifically a cable tendril that extended from his right gauntlet and a sword forged from Celestial technology. Apocalypse had also melded the Hulk's skin in highly durable armor that incorporated spikes plus a helmet that (mostly) stopped the Hulk from imagining that he could hear his dead father's taunting voice. However, due to mind control, Apocalypse had also instilled in the Hulk a love of destruction. It may be that he even had a short-term telekinetic ability, given that he could lift a pyramid in one piece.


War tackles the Juggernaut


(Incredible Hulk I#456) - After being taken by Apocalypse, the Hulk submitted to the villain's tempting offer to eliminate his mental and emotional vulnerability from past events. Apocalypse used the Celestial technology at his disposal to dampen the Hulk's healing factor, using a laser to disintegrate shrapnel caught inside the Hulk's head, before securing a black helmet over the green goliath's head, eliminating his dead father's taunting voice from his imagination, turning the Hulk into War.

(Incredible Hulk I#456 - BTS) - Apocalypse melded highly durable armor to the skin of his new Horseman and armed him with an energized sword crafted from Celestial technology, plus a gauntlet with a tendril. Part of the mind control of War presumably also entailed proving him with skills in wielding these weapons.

(Incredible Hulk I#456) - Now outside Apocalypse's base, War picked up a pyramid and dropped on the truck carrying the Absorbing Man, Janis and Rick Jones, who barely escaped. War then attacked the three. The Absorbing Man grabbed his sword but was overloaded from the sword's power and exploded. However, Juggernaut then ran in to tackle War.

(Incredible Hulk I#457) - Juggernaut was able to push back the Hulk across the sands until War eventually stopped the supposedly unstoppable Juggernaut and threw him far away using the tendril. War then leapt after his foe and the two fought in the streets of Cairo, with War succeeding in cutting away the Juggernaut's helmet with the intention of beheading him. Meanwhile, Janis and Rick Jones arrived at the battle scene.

   The reformed Absorbing Man entered the fray but was skewered in the chest by War's sword. Janis blasted the Horseman back with her staff, slowing him down. With this break in the fighting, Rick Jones rushed in and tried to reason with War, but was swatted away. Janis rushed to the badly injured Rick's side, causing War to pause his destructive rampage. The voice of his dead father came back, indicating that the Hulk's ability to resist mind control was reasserting itself. Now the Hulk once more, he ripped off Apocalypse's armor and leapt away from the fight scene to eventually hide in the wheel bay of departing passenger jet.

Comments: Created by Peter David (writer), Adam Kubert with Joe Kubert (pencils) & Mark Farmer (inks).

The armor may have been applied by Apocalypse because the Hulk's healing ability had been dampened to secure greater control over him. Or it may have been to provide an intimidating psychological advantage over his opponents.

Info on the Hulk's family and powers was gleaned from the OHotMU.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

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images: (without ads)
Incredible Hulk I#456, p20 (menacing)
Incredible Hulk I#457, p14, panel 6 (side)

Incredible Hulk I#456 (September, 1997) - Peter David (writer), Adam Kubert with Joe Kubert (pencils), Mark Farmer (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Incredible Hulk I#457 (October, 1997) - Peter David (writer), David Brewer (pencils), Cam Smith and Andrew Pepoy (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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