Serpent Society


Membership: Serpent Sovereign, Serpent Supreme (Mr. Dunn), hundreds of followers [all of Earth-20051 (see the Comments below)].

Purpose: Each Society member was responsible for inducting two more; through this pyramid membership scheme, the group would (in theory) soon control a large portion of society.

Affiliations: Formerly known as the Sons of the Serpent.

Enemies: Avengers of Earth-20051 (Captain America, Giant-Girl, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Storm, Wolverine).

Base of Operations: South American base.

First Appearance: Marvel Adventures The Avengers#11 (May, 2007)


(Marvel Adventures The Avengers#11 - BTS (fb)) - A herpetologist developed genetic engineering allowing him and his partner to enable snake glands to emit a poison which not only allowed them to control others, but further allowed them to engrain new patterns of behavior into those the snakes bit. Realizing the potential of this, they decided to use it for their own ends. After gaining several followers, the pair developed a South American base in a pyramid capped by a genetically engineered giant boa constrictor which they had placed in suspended animation and sealed in a disguising protectant.

(Marvel Adventures The Avengers#11) - The two organizers of the Sons of the Serpent (the Serpent Supreme and the Serpent Sovereign) observed the Avengers' battle with It the Living Colossus, and decided to absorb the Avengers into their group. They subsequently met with Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, and during the meeting released two engineered serpents which bit the pair, bringing them under the Serpents' control; they then had Banner and Stark bring them to Storm, who they then similarly controlled. They used Storm to get the remaining Avengers onto a Quinjet which was filled with treated snakes, but the remaining Avengers defeated the snakes. At their South American base, the Sons of the Serpent changed their name to the Serpent Society. The Avengers soon arrived but pretended to have been bitten, and even entertained briefly at a morale-boosting Society rally. However, Storm had burned out the venom controlling her; she and the Avengers defeated the Society, captured their leaders (who activated their giant boa, which was defeated by Giant-Girl), and electrically neutralized the venom. The Serpent Supreme and the Serpent Sovereign were placed in prison, where they hoped to rebuild their social crime network.

Serpent Society members

Comments: Created by Jeff Parker (writer), Juan Santacruz (penciler), Raul Fernandez (inker).

   In Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #25 (August, 2007) the Watchers identify the Marvel Adventures universe as #20051. We're _assuming_ here that the Marvel Adventures Avengers and Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four universes are the same one, though at this point this is only an assumption, subject to future confirmation or disproving.

   Some of the Society members armed themselves with clubs carved to resemble snakes.

   Y'know, after re-reading the book several times in writing this, I still don't have a clue what their ultimate goal really was; I'm not even sure that they really knew! Still, this may be the best-natured villain group of all time!

Profile by SQUEAK

The Serpent Society of the Marvel Adventures universe should not be confused with:

Serpent Supreme Serpent Sovereign

Serpent Supreme and Serpent Sovereign

Mr. Dunn and his partner were herpetologists who discovered new ways to genetically engineer snakes and their venom. Turning this to personal ends, they formed the Sons of the Serpent with themselves as its leadership (Mr. Dunn as the Serpent Supreme, his unidentified partner as the Serpent Sovereign). Their plot was foiled when they tried to absorb the Avengers into the Sons (renamed as the Serpent Society), but that doesn't appear to be stopping them from trying to reform their group from within prison.

They have created serpent venom which allows them to program behavior into those who have been bitten; they've also created giant-sized boa constrictors.


--Marvel Adventures The Avengers#11

images: (without ads)
Marvel Adventures The Avengers#11, cover (main image: temple)
Marvel Adventures The Avengers#11, pg 17, p3 (generic follower costume)
Marvel Adventures The Avengers#11, pg 13, p2-3 (Serpent Sovereign)
Marvel Adventures The Avengers#11, pg 11, p4 (Serpent Supreme)
Marvel Adventures The Avengers#11, pg 22, p3 (both insets)

Marvel Adventures The Avengers#11 (May, 2007) - Jeff Parker (writer), Juan Santacruz (penciler), Raul Fernandez (inker), Mark Paniccia (editor)

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