Real Name: Juan (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Matador, criminal

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsVanessa Fisk, Alton Lennox, Lily Lucca, Senor Munoz, Tombstone

Enemies: Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Tybold Lucca

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Spain

First Appearance: Daredevil II#89 (November, 2006)

Powers/Abilities: Matador is a trained fighter and matador, accustomed to using swords and agility to fight beasts and other opponents.


(Daredevil II#92 (fb) – BTS) – One of the finest matadors in Spain, Juan was hired by Vanessa Fisk, in a complicated plot against Daredevil, to carry out various ploys. Matador agreed, and learned he would be teamed up with Lily Lucca, Tombstone, and lawyer Alton Lennox.

(Daredevil II#89 (fb) – BTS) – Matador was hired by Tybold Lucca to provide entertainment for a special dinner party announcing an alliance between Lucca and Senor Munoz, who brought Matador to the affair.

(Daredevil II#89) – The Matador, in costume, prepared his cape and sword to fight two lions for the entertainment. With a series of thrusts and parries, he successfully killed both beasts. Then, shockingly, he stabbed Tybold through the heart. Lawyer Alton Lennox tried escaping with Tybold’s daughter, Lily, but Matador punched him down and held him at sword point until the hero Daredevil attacked. He and Matador traded a series of blows until Munoz’s men opened fire on Daredevil and Matador successfully escaped.

(Daredevil II#90 (fb) – BTS) – Matador joined Lily and her new ally Tombstone in Paris, where she was pretending to be kidnapped. He and Lily started sleeping together.

(Daredevil II#90) – Lily returned to bed with Matador, who promised to keep her safe from Tombstone. He asked her why she reminded him of his mother’s smell of hair and chocolates when he was a child, but she said she needed to keep her secrets.

(Daredevil II#91 (fb) – BTS) – In their upcoming feigned prisoner exchange, Matador was ordered by Vanessa to kill Lily.

(Daredevil II#91) – When the time was right, Lily posed as a captive again and screamed as Tombstone pulled her into a car. She screamed for help as she was passed over to Matador, waiting for Daredevil to attack. He came from a different direction, but she still feigned delight to see him. When Daredevil pushed her aside, she was shocked, but Matador told her to stay out of the way while he and Tombstone handled the hero. Daredevil evaded Matador’s sword thrust, which landed in Tombstone’s chest, breaking the sword. Tombstone, furious, punched Matador, but was soon defeated by Daredevil. Matador grabbed Lily, whose hands were still bound, and prepared to cut her throat, but he found himself unable to do it. He screamed in pain, barely nicking her, and tried explaining to her that he was in love with her, but Daredevil knocked him out.

(Daredevil IV#14) - Daredevil defeated Matador in a brief battle in San Francisco.

Comments: Created by Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark, and Stefano Gaudiano.

Profile by Chadman.

Matador has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Daredevil II#89, p13, pan3 (main)
Daredevil II#91, p11, pan2 (headshot)
Daredevil II#89, p17, pan1 (against leaping Daredevil)

Daredevil II#89-91 (November, 2006-January, 2007) - Ed Brubaker (writer), Michael Lark (penciler), Stefano Gaudiano (inker), Warren Simons (editor)
Daredevil IV#14 (May, 2015) - Mark Waid (writer), Chris Samnee (art), Sana Amanat (editor)

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