Real Name:  (Both) Unrevealed

Identity/Class:  (Both) Extraterrestrial (Kree)

Occupation:  Unrevealed, though he is a scientist and she is definitely a member of the Kree military.

Group Membership:  (Mother) Kree army; (father) unrevealed.

Affiliations:  (Both) Unrevealed, besides the Kree army.

Enemies:  (Both) Unrevealed, besides the usual enemies of the Kree state like Skrulls, Shi'ar, etc.

Known Relatives:  (Both) Mar-Vell (son, deceased), Genis-Vell (Legacy/Captain Marvel/Photon, grandson, presumed deceased), Phyla-Vell (granddaughter), Dorek VIII/Teddy Altman (Hulkling, grandson)

Aliases:  (Both) unrevealed

Base of Operations:  (Both) Kree Empire

First Appearance:  (As hallucinations) Captain Marvel I#11 (1968); (mother, in flashback) Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#2 (1997)

Powers/Abilities:  As a member of the Kree military, Mar-Vell's mother would have had extensive training in hand-to-hand combat and in using various weapons, and would have been in extremely good physical shape for a Kree woman.  Mar-Vell's father (who seemed to be several years older than his mate) would have been extensively trained in the fields of physics, quantum mechanics, spaceship design, and whatever other fields necessary to create FTL (faster than light) drives.  They had no known powers beyond that shared by all Kree --- i.e. they had enhanced endurance, durability, strength, and reflexes as compared to normal humans their respective ages.

History: (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#2 (fb) - BTS) - Mar-Vell's mother had a relationship with an unnamed Kree scientist and later gave birth to Mar, and evidently took some time off from her military duties to care for Mar while he was still a baby.

(Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#2 (fb) ) - Mar-Vell's mother brought her young son to his new home, the Third Noreastern Regional Military Academy, where she said he would become a man.  When Mar tearfully refused and stated he wished to stay with her instead, she chided him for his tears and told him it was time for him to learn to be of value to the state.  She also told him that she could no longer protect and mother him because her superiors had ordered her to join Mar's father as the military's liaison to his lightspeed project.  After settling Mar into his new home she told him to be brave, and to be strong, then turned and left, disappearing into the city crowd.

(Captain Marvel I#11/Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#3 - BTS) - Mar's father (and presumably his mother as well) kept in touch with his son and sent him diagrams of various spaceships, which the young Mar diligently studied as a way to keep close to his absent father.  At some unrevealed point (presumably long before Mar graduated the academy and joined the Kree army himself) one of Mar's father's experiments went awry, evidently killing both of his (Mar's) parents. (See comments below).

(Captain Marvel I#11) - After being trapped in a runaway STL (slower than light) Earth rocket for around two Earth months (why he was there is explained in Zarek and Yon-Rogg's profiles), the now-grown Captain Marvel began to hallucinate more frequently. He thought he saw his dead lover Una running away from him and got upset, only to have visions of his dead parents appear, telling him to calm down.




Comments: Created by Arnold Drake (writer) and Dick Ayers (artist).  Redesign by Tom Brevoort & Mike Kanterovich (writers), Scott Kolins (penciler), and John Lowe (inker).

    Thanks to David Webb for pointing out the missing Captain Marvel flashback in Captain Marvel I#11.

    Given that the Kree have had FTL technology for several centuries (at least) at the time the flashbacks take place, I am going to guess that what Mar-Vell's father was actually experimenting with is/was a totally new system (or theory) that was radically different from the regular Kree FTL technologies (perhaps one that could go twice as fast as the standard engines but using only half the fuel, or cutting through a different dimension than the one normally used in FTL travel, or something else entirely?), and that was why the military was so interested in the final results. I should point out that the exact circumstances of the accident have never been revealed (that I know of, anyway) and that there is a remote possibility that one or both of Mar's parents could have survived the accident unknown to all observers of the experiment, but are just on the other side of the universe, or in another dimension, or. . . . .

    As noted above, when the accident occurred is as yet unknown.  Given the fact that Mar seems to have no 'adult' memories of his mother, or can seemingly recall her face clearly (in fact, he was confusing her appearance with Medic Una, his own love interest, during that flashback), I would place the accident as occurring not long after (perhaps five-ten years, max) the events of Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#2. I would put any inconsistencies between the Untold Legend of Captain Marvel flashback and Captain Marvel I#11 down to Mar's faulty memory of what his parents really looked like (i.e. his dad had a mustache, but not one nearly as bushy as the hallucination's, that sort of thing).

    And before someone 'dings' me on this point:  I did not list the last name of Mar's mother as 'Vell' for the simple reason that her last name really may not be 'Vell' at all.  It is totally unclear what the exact relationship between Mar's parents legally was, and even if they were legally married (which they might not have been) there seems to be no rule in Kree society that states a woman must automatically takes her husband's last name as her own when they do marry as is done in many human societies today.  So until someone at Marvel decides to fill in that part of the Kree's social customs, it will be assumed by this profile writer that Mar's mother's full name is unknown/unrevealed.

Profile by Elf with a gun


Mar-Vell's parents have no known connections to:

Captain Marvel I#11, p11, pan6 (page count does not include ads)
Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#2, p1, pan3 (mother in shadows)

p1, pan1 (with Mar-Vell)

Captain Marvel I#11 (March 1968) - Arnold Drake (writer), Dick Ayers (artist), Stan Lee (editor)
Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#2 (May, 1997) - Tom Brevoort & Mike Kanterovich (writers), Scott Kolins (penciler), John Lowe (inker), Mark Bernardo (editor)

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