Real Name: Presumably Jasmine

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Fortune-teller

Group Membership: HYDRA's D.O.A.

Affiliations: Bronskon, Moorek

EnemiesD.O.A. (Lt. Belial, Innards, Malpractice, Pyre, Rotwrap), Gregor Houghton, Nightstalkers (Blade, Frank Drake, Hannibal King)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Boston, Massachusets

First Appearance: Nighstalkers#2 (December, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: She possessed two crystal balls that emitted energy blast when they were slapped together. It is also possible that Jasmine possessed some powers herself because her eyes had a strange orange glow when she used the balls. Additionally she was extremely dishonest and greedy.


(Nightstalkers#2 (fb) - BTS) - Jasmine and her partners Bronskon and Moorek were armed and empowered by Hydra's D.O.A. to take down the Nightstalkers. Jasmine was given two crystal balls that combined with her supernatural energies emitted powerful blasts when they were slapped together.

(Nightstalkers#2 (fb) ) - After her training she decided to use her powers to make some quick money. She put an ad in a newspaper that promised "a last dance with the dead" and together with her partners planned to con people. Her show didn't work with Gregor Houghton saw through the con and attempted to stab Jasmine. Bronskon killed the old man before he could hurt Jasmine.

(Nightstalkers#2) - The Nightstalkers hunted Jasmine and her partners for the murder of Gregor Houghton. In the car Jasmine was more concerned about herself and her money than about anything else and Bronskon warned her to get her priorities straight before their boss Belial got angry. When the car was stopped Jasmine fled with the money. Drake found her in an alley, but Jasmine took her crystal balls and shot at Drake. She missed and Drake destroyed the crystal balls with his Exorcist gun. Jasmine ran with the broken crystal balls towards Drake to cut him into pieces, but he smashed the sharp remains and knocked her out. Drake brought Jasmine and her partners tied up to the local police, but Lt. Belial soon bailed them out. In a Chinese restaurant Belial talked with Jasmine and her team. Jasmine was angry that it took Belial so long to bail them out. Suddenly the restaurant was empty and closed and Belial told his former allies that they would be eliminated for their actions by D.O.A.'s main operatives, who stood behind them, after he had learned everything Jasmine's team knew about the Nightstalkers.

Comments: Created by D.G. Chichester (writer), Ron Garney (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks).

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Madame Jasmine has no known connection to:

Gregor Houghton has no known connection to:

Bronskon has no known connection to:

Moorek has no known connection to:

Gregor Houghton

Gregor believed Jasmine's ad that promised "a last dance with the dead". He kept the ad in his wallet until he finally went to Jasmine to see his later brother again. What he got was a light show and Jasmine's partner Moorek in make-up. Angered by this Gregor attempted to kill Jasmine with a knife, but her other partner Bronskon shot Gregor before he could get to Jasmine. Gregor died and was now reunited with his brother.

--Nightstalkers#2 (fb)





(Nighstalkers#2 (fb) - BTS) - Bronskon was trained by Hydra to take down the Nightstalkers. He was given a gun and bullets filled with souls of the damned.

(Nightstalkers#2 (fb) ) - He unwillingly helped Jasmine and Moorek in their cons and saved Jasmine from Gregor Houghton's wrath by shooting the old man.

(Nightstalkers#2) - Hunted by the Nightstalkers Bronskon reminded his allies that their boss Belial would be angry if they didn't get their priorities straight. He left the car when it was halted by the heroes. Blade followed him into an alley, evaded Bronskon's bullets and then nearly knocked him out. Blade then tried to choke Bronskon to death with the handle of his axe, but Blade was stopped by Drake and King. Tied up Bronskon was brought to the police with his partners. They were later bailed out by Lt. Belial. Bronskon tried to explain everything to Belial and apologized for his partners, but Belial wasn't interested in excuses and had Bronkson and his partners killed by D.O.A.'s main operatives after they got all the info Bronskon and his partners had on the Nightstalkers.

--Nightstalkers#2 (Nightstalkers#2 (fb) - BTS, Nightstalkers#2 (fb), Nightstalkers#2



(Nightstalkers#2 (fb) - BTS) - Moorek was mutated and trained by Hydra's D.O.A. to take down the Nightstalkers with his partners. He was given a wand and a snake-like tongue.

(Nightstalkers#2 (fb) ) - After his training he followed Jasmine to make money with conning people. One of their customers saw through their con and had to be killed by Bronskon.

(Nightstalkers#2) - The Nightstalkers hunted Moorek and his partners and he became afraid when Bronskon mentioned that Belial would be angry with them. Moorek stayed alone in the car after it was stopped by the Nightstalkers. He closed the doors, took his wand and licked it with his snake-like tongue. The wand began to burn like a torch while King came as mist through the ventilation system into the car. Because Moorek was created for this he tried to stab King, but it didn't work because King wasn't solid. King became solid again and smashed Moorek's face into the steering wheel. After Moorek's partners were caught as well they were tied up and brought to the police by Drake. Belial soon bailed Moorek and his partners out of prison only to have him killed by D.O.A.'s main operatives after getting all the info he got about the Nightstalkers.

--Nightstalkers#2 (Nightstalkers#2 (fb) - BTS, Nightstalkers#2 (fb), Nightstalkers#2

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Nightstalkers#2, p8, pan6 (main image)

p8, pan4 (powers)
p1, pan1 (Gregor Houghton)
p9, pan2 (Bronskon)
p5, pan2 (Moorek)
p5, pan4 (Moorek's wand)

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