Real Name: Peter Lohan

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Former electronics technician for Datalink Information Systems

Group Membership: Formerly Datalink;
    former leader of a group of Datalink employees plotting to steal a satellite (Andrew, Charley, Jeremy, Jonathan, Mike)

Affiliations: Formerly the Datalink employees joining him on his mission

Enemies: Mr. Chiyo, SHIELD (Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Nick Fury, Bruno Kreah, Kate Nevile, Network Nina, and Alexander Pierce)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Satellite Monster
    called "the mechanized marauder Lohan " on the cover of Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#17

Base of Operations: Formerly
    Datalink (location not specified, but the base from which he stole the shuttle would have to be Houston or Cape Canaveral)

First Appearance: Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#15 (September, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Lohan was roughly 25' tall and was strong enough to hold two adult men in his hand, preventing their escape. Composed of both organic matter and circuitry, he could survive in a vacuum unaided and could navigate in space. He fed on mental energy, leaving his victims seemingly dead, mindless husks. He could also absorb information from any nearby source, and both mental power and data could increase his power. Charged by the mental power of several victims, he could outrace a rocket-powered space shuttle, survive the explosion of a laser-powered satellite, and even survive re-entry through Earth's atmosphere, though the latter nearly destroyed him. He could presumably regain his strength by absorbing psychic energy from others. Further, once contacted by a telepath, he could trace that being by his or her psychic energy and even take control of that being's mind.
    Lohan could also fashion parts of his body into energy-blasters, though he was immune to the blasters himself.

    Peter Lohan was a passable electronics technician.


(Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#15 (fb) - BTS) - Peter Lohan was a technically proficient (but intellectually mediocre) technician employed at Datalink, where his records gradually became filled with his history of failed exams, errors, and mistakes.

(Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#17 (fb) - BTS) - He developed an extreme inferiority complex due to his average intelligence while working around much smarter folk.

(Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#15 (fb) - BTS) - Lohan joined with a number of similarly mediocre Datalink employees with inferiority complexes, and they plotted to take control of a satellite that was studying the secrets of the cosmos. They figured they could sell or use this information to gain great wealth and power; they further figured that this information would make them seem smarter so that they could get better jobs.

(Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#15 (fb) - BTS) - From a NASA base (Houston or Canaveral?), Lohan tapped into information on NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Agency) and ESA (European Space Agency), who were using Datalink's powerful computers to test their new satellite designs.

(Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#15) - Lohan's theft was discovered by NASA and ESA, but as a private company, Datalink refused an official investigation that would have uncovered the theft. Instead, Mr. Chiyo confronted Lohan with the information and demanded his resignation (instead of firing him, to avoid a scandal). After meeting with his allies, Lohan accelerated their plan.
    The next day, Lohan shot Chiyo dead, then poisoned the base's water supply to knock out everyone present, after which he and his group hijacked the NASA shuttle and the two satellites it carried, flying into space with them.
    NASA contacted SHIELD for help, and -- with no shuttles in working order -- Nick Fury obtained a shuttle from Reed Richards, which the Human Torch and Thing helped launch into orbit from the SHIELD Helicarrier. As the SHIELD crew -- Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Nick Fury, Bruno Kreah, Kate Nevile, Network Nina, and Alexander Pierce -- approached the shuttle Lohan's group had stolen, Lohan was notified, and he ordered the release of limpets (mine devices that damaged the SHIELD shuttle's navigations systems) and left them on a collision course with the stolen shuttle.

As a result, SHIELD was commissioned to find the source of the theft, and Nick Fury -- posing as potential customer "Mr. Anger" -- infiltrated Datalink and blew up one of their bases.

(Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#16) - A glancing blow from the SHIELD satellite damaged Lohan's group's rear stabilizer, but Lohan assured the crew they could repair it and instructed them to finish preparing the shuttle. Soon after, SHIELD managed a tether-line to the stolen shuttle and boarded it, and Nina telepathically determined the group's goal. Lohan encouraged the group not to give up but rather to confront the SHIELD agents, but he secretly intended to sacrifice his allies so that he could still succeed in their mission. As they fought SHIELD, he prepped the info-gathering satellite, but was discovered by Neville and confronted by Fury, but Lohan managed to stun Fury with a punch to the stomach and then launch him away on a rocket-chair. Lohan activated the satellite, but instead of sending the data back to his group's downlink station as planned, the transmissions were absorbed into Lohan himself, whose body somehow interfered with the signal. Lohan had a brief moment of elation as the data flowed into him, but he quickly realized it was too much for him, and he exploded in a flash of light.
    Lohan's mind and bodily remnants somehow merged with the data-collecting satellite, and he was reborn as a techno-organic giant, hungry for knowledge, and it confronted the SHIELD crew in the stolen shuttle (all of SHIELD had boarded this shuttle, while Lohan's surviving allies all ended up in Reed Richards' shuttle)

(Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#17) - Lohan snatched up Fury, Kreah, Nina, and Pierce, causing Nina a lot of mental feedback. Valentina used the shuttle's remote arm to punch Lohan in the head, causing him to drop them, but Lohan recovered and grabbed Fury again before the shuttle doors could be closed. Fury tore some of Lohan's wires loose and used them to shock Lohan, then escaped back to the shuttle. The shuttle doors closed, cutting off a piece of Lohan's finger as he tried to reach through. Still disoriented, Lohan drifted through space until he reached the stolen shuttle, where the other thieves recognized his voice and reasoned what happened. As some of them told Lohan he could get them safely away from SHIELD, he instead scooped up three of them, consumed their minds, feeding on the information present, and then considered doing the same to everyone on Earth; Nina felt this nearby mental assault as psychic pain. Lohan returned to the SHIELD shuttle and demanded they let him in so the shuttle could shield him from the heat of re-entry so he could get to Earth safely; his transmission, broadcast through their communication system, proved too powerful and blew it up. They took off, intending to leave him behind, but Lohan managed to tear open one of their fuel tanks. Lacking enough fuel to make a controlled flight back to Earth, Fury instead piloted the shuttle to the moon, where it had a rough landing in a crater.
    Lohan then returned to Richards' shuttle and told the crew to take him in pursuit of the SHIELD crew or he would kill them. If they helped, he promised that they would be free (knowledge would set them free).

(Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#18) - Lohan and his former allies landed on the moon, and he created some weapons for them to use against SHIELD. Two of the men turned the weapons on Lohan, but he had insured he couldn't be harmed by his own weapons, and he then vengefully drained their minds.
    Meanwhile, back on Earth, Reed Richards used information from his own telescope to create a model of Lohan, which he could study to determine its weaknesses.
    Fury & Nina observed Lohan trying to adjust to his new form, and Nina leapt atop his back, attempting to use her psychic powers to overload his mind. The process nearly proved too much for Nina, but it did overload and drop Lohan. Kreah and Pierce salvaged the Apollo and other vehicles left on the moon for parts and fuel, which they used to repair and re-launch the shuttle. As they did so, however, Lohan recovered, and he used the mental link he had established with Nina to track down their shuttle. Realizing what was happening, Fury punched Nina out, but Lohan was close enough already and he and several of his enslaved former allies arrived within the crater. Aboard the Apollo moon lander and carrying a blaster weapon, Fury confronted the attackers.

(Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#19) - Fury leapt off the moon lander, sending it to crash into Lohan, but this stunned Fury as much as Lohan, and Fury was forced to flee the Lohan-blaster-wielding shuttle-thieves. When he had led Lohan and his men far enough away, Fury then ordered the SHIELD crew to launch the shuttle. Fury raced back towards the shuttle, and as Lohan pursued him, Fury turned and tackled Lohan at his ankle. Possessing a high center of gravity due to his gigantic head, Lohan toppled backwards, and Fury boarded the shuttle before Lohan could regain his feet. Unable to match the shuttle's speed, Lohan returned to his former crewmates and consumed all of their mental energy (though one of them, Michael, used Lohan's blaster to kill himself to prevent Lohan from assimilating him). Empowered, Lohan took to space, tracked the SHIELD crew via his link to Nina, then took control of Nina, forcing her to open the shuttle cargo bay doors as he approached. Fury attempted to use the other satellite aboard the stolen shuttle, part of the Strategic Defense Initiative, to blast Lohan, but the satellite's weapons proved defective. Fury instead then activated the satellite's self-destruct system, launched it far from the shuttle, and then sent the rocket chair into Lohan's gaping mouth as he closed on the shuttle. The rocket carried Lohan right into the satellite, which blew up, badly injuring him. Lohan tried to block the shuttle's path after Fury had reboarded and closed the door, but Fury simply rammed Lohan and carried him into the atmosphere, where he burned up from heat of re-entry.
    After the shuttle had made a watery landing (with the Fantastic Four and the US Navy waiting for them), the remnants of Lohan, still clinging to life, grabbed Fury's leg, intending to drain his mind, but Fury stomped the remnants into pieces.

    Later, a pair of fishers named Buford and Art caught seemingly inert fragments of Lohan on their fishing line.

Comments: Created by D.G. Chichester, Bill Jaaska, and Romeo Tanghal.

    Perhaps Fury was just overconfident and Lohan was desperate to succeed, but I don't see Fury getting knocked out by a punch to the stomach (while wearing a big space suit) from a computer technician.

    I'm no astronomer, but is seems hard to believe that it took less fuel to navigate to land directly on the moon than to just push yourself into Earth's gravitational field from orbit. And that they'd have landed within walking distance of the other moon landing sites. And then it's even harder to believe that they could have gotten enough fuel from the Apollo landing vehicle and whatever else they scavenged to get back to Earth.

Profile by Snood.

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Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#15, p13, panel 1 and 3 (Peter Lohan face and body)
    #16, last page (Satellite Monster)
    #19, p19, panel 5 (remnants)

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