Real Name: Lawrence (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations"Demon Baby", Jester (Jonathan Powers)

EnemiesBob Cumeo, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Milla Donovan, Doris, Lynn, Archie Meyers, Jennifer Norton

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Daredevil II#71 (May, 2005)

Powers/Abilities: Lawrence possesses knowledge of demonic rituals. He was briefly possessed by the "Demon Baby", which granted him superior strength.


(Daredevil II#75 (fb) - BTS) - A man of mysterious origins, Lawrence once had a sensei and learned much about ancient Japanese rituals. He decided to sell his secrets to costumed criminals and sold one rite to the Jester (Jonathan Powers), a demonic baby that would possess him and grant him superior strength. The demon eventually found its way back to Lawrence and possessed him. Seeking absolution, Lawrence decided to attend a support group at a local church.

(Daredevil II#71 (fb) - BTS) - Reverend Bob Cumeo decided to hold a support group for residents of Hell's Kitchen at St. Mary's Church on Wednesday nights. He titled it the Devil Among Us, hoping to get people talking about the recent problems Daredevil had been causing in the city.

(Daredevil II#71) - At the first support group meeting, several attended, including Archie Meyers, Jennifer Norton, Doris, Lawrence, and Lynn. Bob opened the discussion as Lawrence commented on how crowded it was getting and Archie commented on Daredevil's arrogance. A blond woman recounted her story on how Daredevil had changed her life after she'd seen him declare a ban on all crime, calling himself the new kingpin. Doris asked if Daredevil really was Matt Murdock as the tabloids and the girl stated that she wasn't sure. After she told her story, two of the support group left as the others asked questions. Archie felt that the costume represented nothing while Doris struggled to understand why he'd dress as a devil. Lawrence shocked them all by claiming he knew Daredevil's secrets.

(Daredevil II#72) - Lawrence refused to share Murdock's secrets as he'd then expose his own, and he laughed madly as he taunted Archie into revealing his own secrets, but Archie remained quiet.

(Daredevil II#73) - Soon, Jennifer Norton, holding a cross, introduced herself and explained that her husband was in prison for the murder of several women. Bob asked her if she'd had any sign that her husband was a murderer and Doris demanded Jennifer answer, so she explained that she'd seen a demonic baby whisper in her husband's ear one night. Doris furiously attacked Jennifer, slapping her and explaining that Jennifer's husband had attacked Doris on the night he was beaten by Daredevil. Doris, horrified that Jennifer would claim a demon was responsible for her husband's actions, continued screaming, but Jennifer said it was true. They all started yelling as Lawrence smugly watched until Lynn pulled out a drawing of the baby from her purse.

(Daredevil II#74) - Lynn claimed she'd been at the wedding of Matt Murdock and Milla Donovan and shared more of her story, though Archie was truly freaked out by the demon baby and Lawrence only watched smugly. She explained that her daughter had been held hostage by the Jester (Jonathan Powers), who Lawrence identified easily, and that later her daughter had committed suicide after drawing this picture. Lynn helplessly asked Bob for help when Lawrence started laughing hysterically and told everyone that they should be afraid of Daredevil, who was sitting in the room as Matt Murdock.

(Daredevil II#75) - Murdock identified himself, shocking everyone, and he demanded that Lawrence stay in his seat or Murdock would hurt him. Murdock let anyone leave who wanted to, and one old man did, as Murdock explained that they all deserved the answers to their questions. He explained that Lawrence had been responsible for summoning the baby initially and had now been possessed by it. Lynn threatened to kill Lawrence, but Matt held her back while Lawrence ran from the room. He retrieved a gun and a sword while Daredevil pursued him. When Lawrence began vomiting up the baby, he blew his own head off, killing himself and the demon.

Comments: Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.

 Daredevil surmised that Lawrence was a reject from the Hand, who'd studied the ancient teachings of the Mikkyo and the Yamabushi, and that Lawrence had chosen to sell his secrets in the United States.

Profile by Chadman.

Lawrence has no known connections to

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Daredevil II#74, p13, pan2 (main)
Daredevil II#75, p5, pan5 (2nd)

Daredevil II#71-75 (May-September, 2005) - Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Alex Maleev (penciler/inker), Axel Alonso (editor)

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