Membership: Unrevealed, though at least three members have been shown so far

Purpose: To hunt down any Kree women who managed to avoid 'treatment' to remove their psychic powers

Affiliations: Kree Empire (Beyond that, unrevealed)

Enemies: Una-Rogg, Marlo Chandler-Jones, any other untreated Kree women left in the Empire

Base of Operations: Unrevealed, presumed mobile

First Appearance:  Captain Marvel V#13 (January, 2001)
















History:  (Captain Marvel V#13 (fb) - BTS) - At some time in the recent past, the Kree Empire decided to eliminate the psychic ability of Kree women to control the, uhm, desires of men (and the rare ability of some women to actually drain a person's life-force altogether), allegedly because the men folk were too scared of such women, and 'fixing' them made the men feel more in control when, umh, mating.  (Hey, this is supposed to be a PG-13 site at worst, cut me some slack here, alright?!?)  To enforce this law, giant cybernetic beings called Bloodhounds (the closest translation from the Kree name to English) were created to patrol all worlds where Kree women exist and check to make sure no 'untreated' women remained.  If they found one, they would forcibly return her to Kree-Lar and forcibly rectify the problem.  While there are unspecified ways for an untreated woman to hide from the Bloodhounds, spilling a significant amount of her blood (i.e. a cut deep enough to require stitches) would invariably bring their attention, no matter how far away they are at the time.  Bloodhounds seem to operate in groups of three operatives mounted on an unknown species of animal when retrieving an untreated woman, and seemed to have some access to teleport technology, though whether they had such capabilities built into their bodies/armors, or were using teleporters located on a base spaceship, is not known.

(Captain Marvel V#13) -   During a battle to kill Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Una-Rogg, a Kree woman whose father Yon-Rogg had years earlier managed to keep her from undergoing the treatment, was cut on the thigh with a piece of glass by Marlo Chandler-Jones, who was trying to defend Marvel from her attack (meanwhile Marvel was duking it out with Una's brother Zey-Rogg, who was the main combatant for this fight).  Una went into hysterics out of fear of the Bloodhounds, who now had her 'scent' and were on their way to capture and take her back to Kree-Lar for treatment.  She begged Marlo, Zey, and Marvel for help, but only Marlo was willing to actually do anything to help her (the other two were more interested in taking each other down than in helping Una).  Marlo grabbed the Bloodhound that caught Una, but was easily knocked off by the rider portion of the Bloodhound before the cybernetic trio returned to the skies and (eventually) back to Kree-Lar.

Comments:  Created by Peter David (writer), Chris Cross (penciler), Anibal Rodriguez (inker).

I have no idea how exactly to work these Bloodhound critters into what is known about Kree society and its workings.  For starters, the development of forcing all Kree women to undergo a psychic lobotomy against their will would almost have to be a fairly recent development, since I can't quite picture a society as warlike as the Kree not finding a good use for that sort of mental manipulation and life-force draining abilities somewhere -- assassin, bounty hunting, courtesan, and some fields of psychiatry and biology come immediately to mind as possible career choices for a woman able to do such things.  Also, there is no indication of whose authority these Bloodhounds ultimately answer to.  The Accuser Corps would be a logical choice, but one Accuser (specifically Mr. Law-and-Order himself, Ronan) did apparently learn of Una-Rogg's secret, and did not turn her in, which suggests that the Bloodhounds aren't part of the Accuser Corps, or may even be an extra-legal group by Kree terms, and thus not considered as legitimate 'policemen' by most law-abiding Kree.  I also doubt they are affiliated with any branch of the Kree military, since I can't quite picture the military putting that much money into making Bloodhounds for the sole purpose of tracking down all intact Kree women in a planet's population, when they could use those tracking abilities for much more important things, like finding Skrull spies hiding in the general population, or Shi'ar agents bent on killing Kree leaders, or super-powered meddling Terrans, or. . . . .Probably they were funded by political and/or ideological minority demagogues who had a hair up their butts about those powers, since the very presence of the Bloodhounds would indicate that the psychic treatments laws were not very popular in the population at large, and weren't being enforced at all until the Bloodhounds were created to enforce them.

I'm guessing this particular trio had been assigned to patrol the Sol System and had been waiting around for an untreated woman to appear on Earth, given how fast they showed up after Una-Rogg was cut (literally less than five minutes passed from when the wound was inflicted and Una's capture by the Bloodhounds, a little too short a time for a trip starting from Hala), though where their base is located has yet to be revealed.  It is also unrevealed if they have ever captured any other Kree woman who had been exiled (either willingly or otherwise) to Earth and forced her to undergo the treatments on Kree-Lar (I'm thinking the Kree teenager Leigh from the B-Sides series, and Ultra Girl of the New Warriors here -- were either of them 'fixed' by their Kree relatives, or are they still untreated, or do Pink Kree not have to undergo the treatments because only Blue Kree women have that power, or what?).  Come to think of it, it is also unknown how the Bloodhounds were able to avoid being taken over by the Shi'ar occupiers when the Kree were under their rule (this appearance would have occurred about the time the Shi'ar were still technically ruling the Kree).  You'd think the Shi'ar would have either reprogrammed these guys for their own use, or slagged them and recycled the pieces, or something besides just letting them operate unmolested.  It is also unknown if any of these guys would still be active, given that all Kree women are now (supposedly) depowered at the genetic level when they become 'Ruul' Kree, and thus would (supposedly) never gain either the manipulation or energy-draining powers.

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The Kree's Bloodhounds have no known connection to:

Captain Marvel V#13, p19, pan1 (main image)

p21, pan4 (head shot)
p22, pan1 (attack)

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