Spider-Man and Susan Storm confront the Human Torch

Type: Alternate Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Vibrational attunement, notably via the Probability Engine

Dominant Life Form: Humans (including human mutates)

Significant Inhabitants: Ben Grimm (the Thing), Spider-Man (probably Peter Parker - see comments), Johnny Storm, Susan Storm

First Appearance: Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four#25 (August, 2007)


The Thing picks up the Human Torch


(Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four#25 (fb) - BTS) - The Fantastic Four of Earth-200783 formed (but without ever having encountered Reed Richards) with that dimension's Spider-Man assuming leadership of the group. Susan Storm warned her brother of flying aflame in the house.

(Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four#25) - In his desperate quest to return to his home dimension, Johnny Storm of Earth-20051 crossed into another alternate Earth after escaping Earth-200782 using the Probability Engine created by Reed Richards of Earth-20051. Now in Earth-200783 and disoriented, Johnny Storm smacked into a wall. This dimension's Ben Grimm helped his would-be teammate up but stated that he did know any Reed when Johnny mentioned him. He was then confronted by Spider-Man, the leader of this reality's Fantastic Four, and Susan Storm and allocated punishment.

   Shocked to see his rival not only leading the Fantastic Four, but also close to his sister, Johnny Storm ran to that dimension's Probability Engine and hit it with both fists, transporting him to another dimension.

Comments: Created by Fred Van Lente (writer) and Cory Hamscher (art).

   This alternate Earth diverged when Reed Richards never met Ben Grimm or Susan Storm.

   I say "probably Peter Parker" because Johnny Storm did not indicate that Spider-Man sounded any different.

   This dimension's concept is simple enough, but is more complex to explain. Trying to keep a possible explanation close to the "mainstream" reality, here goes: Reed Richards never met Ben Grimm or the Storms, yet they still acquired the same powers (presumably via the same means as their standard Earth-616 counterparts). While Peter Parker still became Spider-Man, he'd be too young to lead the other three into space to become cosmically irradiated (and it's not his scientific field). Potentially, Victor von Doom instead led the team into space, but was defeated by the other members when he turned nasty, possibly when Parker first came to the Fantastic Four to be analyzed for his mutated condition, with Parker then joining the team and so keeping his original outfit.

   Curiously enough, this reality's Human Torch was absent when Johnny Storm of Earth-20051 appeared.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

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images: (without ads)
Marvel Adventures: FantasticFour#25, p18, panel 1 (Spider-Man with Susan Storm)

p17, pan2 (the Thing)

Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four#25 (August, 2007) - Fred Van Lente (writer), Cory Hamscher (art), Nathan Cosby (editor)

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