Presidential Palace

Official Name: Republic of Costaguay

Continent: North America, Carribbean Islands

Population: Made up of mostly poor Hispanic and native inhabitants

Capital City: "Costaguay City" (see comments)

Government: Democratic nation run by a President and a political cabinet

Environment: The island is made up of lush tropical vegetation with low mountains and rolling hills and valleys

Languages: Spanish

National Defense: A small military force comprised of soldiers, tanks, armored vehicles and artillery

Places of Interest: Presidential Palace, "Costaguay City"

Domestic Super Humans: Orizaba (sorcerer), Theresa Orizaba (the "Blood-Beast")

Non Human Population: None

Prominent Citizens: Former President "Hector Vargas" (see comments), President Alfonso Galvez, General Rojo (Chief of the Military)

Superhuman Residents: None

First Appearance: Chamber of Chills#5/1 (July, 1973)

government cabinet


(Chamber of Chills#5/1 (fb) - BTS) – The Island of Costaguay was conquered and colonized by the Spanish sometime between 1492 (Voyage of Christopher Columbus) and 1506. The country gained independence from Spain sometime between 1821 and 1824 when other Spanish colonies began declaring their separatism and forming their own sovereign nations. The country being quite small lacked the economic resources to industrialize the nation making the population financially poor. Costaguay wealthy consisted of mostly political figures and were constantly criticized for their abuse of power. This in balance of wealth among the population brought Communist values to the many poor groups of people on the island. A rebel Socialist group was formed and began a gorilla war against the nation’s political agendas but were easily quashed by the Costaguay military and forced to go into hiding. Over the years, periodic rebel attacks persisted but were unable to gain any real momentum for change. (see comments)

(Chamber of Chills#5/1) – A rebel attack occurs on the nation’s military base and (due to black magic) a stray artillery shell explodes near General Rojo and kills him. The President later appoints Colonel Alfonso Galvez as the new Chief of the Military for his heroics in routing the rebel forces.

(Chamber of Chills#5/1) – The president while attending a political party was mysteriously stricken with madness and begins acting like a baby and placed in a mental institution. The Political cabinet starts an emergency session to find a replacement and soon after General Galvez is voted in as the new President.

(Chamber of Chills#5/1) – President Galvez married Theresa Orizaba but on his wedding night was viciously murdered by an unrevealed assailant. The political and economic fate of the country remained unrevealed.

Comments: Created by Larry Lieber (writer), Jay Scott Pike (pencils), Chic Stone (inks).

Costaguay is a fictional country and may not be part of the 616 continuity. It can easily fit into the mainstream Marvel Universe and would make an excellent location for further stories.

The past history and dates come from source information and speculation on my part and are quite reasonable and sound since these events did take place in the past such as the voyage of Christopher Columbus and the time period around Spanish colonies gaining Independence in the Caribbean, South America and Central America during the dates shown above in the history. Some of my information was not found within the story such as the capital city and the former president’s name. I created these names to distinguish them from any other characters or places and avoid confusion of any sort. So officially these names can be changed if this island nation is ever visited again inside the pages of a Marvel comic. The flag image was created by me but is based on some really difficult to make out images in the comic.

Also of interest, you can see a map of the island in the background behind the image of the cabinet members. All of the members of Costaguay’s Presidential Cabinet were never named in the story and are as yet unrevealed what positions within the government they held.

The rebel socialist force on the island never appeared on panel in the story so very little information has been revealed. All that is known about this group is mostly speculative on my part and will remain so unless this country is ever visited again in one form or another. They appear to be comprised of oppressed and poor people from the island and are more than likely financed by some other Communist nation.

Profile by AvatarWarlord72.

Costaguay has no known connections to:

President "Hector Vargas"

President "Hector Vargas" was the political leader of the small island nation of Costaguay After the unfortunate death of General Rojo during a rebel attack, he awarded Colonel Galvez his position making him a General and appointing him as the new Chief of the Military. While attending a state function at his palace, He was stricken with madness and began regressing mentally into a baby. He was soon after placed into a mental institute. During an emergency cabinet meeting He was quickly replaced by General Galvez using trickery and black magic supplied by Orizaba to rise quickly to power. It is as yet unrevealed if his sanity was ever returned to him as his fate remains unknown. The President was quite pompous and arrogant and did seem to be interested in his country’s social reforms to bring more economic prosperity to the nation in regards to the poor.




--Chamber of Chills#5/1

General Rojo

General Rojo was the highest ranking military officer in Costaguay’s army reaching the rank of Chief of the Military. He was in charge of stopping the frequent attacks by rebel socialist forces and was ultimately killed during one of their latest attacks when an artillery shell inexplicably strikes nearby. Unknown to General Rojo, his death was the result of Colonel Galvez using the sorcerer Orizaba and his black magic to stir up the rebels in an attempt to quickly gain power. He appeared quite cautious and did not seem to have the respect of his soldiers.




--Chamber of Chills#5/1

images: (without ads)
Chamber of Chills#5/1, p8, pan7 (Presidential Palace)

p6, pan2 (government cabinet)
p5, pan2 (former president)
p3, pan3 (General Rojo)

Chamber of Chills#5 (July, 1973) - Larry Lieber (writer), Jay Scott Pike (pencils), Chic Stone (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)

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