Real Name: Orizaba (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Sorcerer

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsAlfonso Galvez

Enemies: Alfonso Galvez

Known RelativesTheresa Orizaba Galvez (daughter), Alfonso Galvez(son-in-law)

Aliases: None

Base of OperationsCostaguay

First Appearance: Chamber of Chills#5/1 (July 1973)

Powers/Abilities: As a practitioner of black magic, Orizaba is able to wield mystical powers for a variety of effects. His magic was a mix of Voodoo tribal magic and alchemy and relied on the use special powders, liquids and plants that had to be ritually mixed together in a cauldron. He has demonstrated the ability to affect probabilities, cast protective magic and the brewing of special inks that were used to influence others into writing what his thoughts were. He also used a spell involving a wax effigy to cause the former President of Costaguay to lose his mind and begin acting like a baby. His daughter, Theresa, was afflicted with a curse that transforms her into the vicious "Blood-Beast" during the full moon and he had perfected a spell that would keep her from transforming as long as he had access to his magic powders, potions and cauldron. Orizaba probably possesses other abilities and magic but as of yet still remains unrevealed.


(Chamber of Chills#5/1) BTS) – Orizaba studied black magic for decades and became the most powerful sorcerer on the Island nation of Costaguay. Orizaba’s daughter, Theresa, was afflicted with a curse that would cause her transform during nights of the full moon into the terrible "Blood-Beast" and used his magic to prevent this from happening. He was a very poor man and only wanted his daughter to have a life better than his own.

(Chamber of Chills#5/1) – During a full moon, after casting the spell to prevent his daughter from transforming into a monster, Orizaba and Theresa return home and meet with Colonel Galvez who was there waiting for them. Colonel Galvez convinces Orizaba with the lure of wealth to assist him in using his magic in order to become the General of Costaguay’s military. The next day, Orizaba begins mixing powders and molds an effigy of General Rojo. He also casts a spell targeting a rebel socialist group that whips them into a fury and they begin an attack on General Rojo’s military compound. His spell takes effect causing a stray artillery shell to explode near General Rojo that leads to his death. Good to his word, Orizaba’s magic enables Colonel Galvez to become General and is appointed by the President to the rank of Chief of the Military.

(Chamber of Chills#5/1) – Galvez, looking to increase his lust for power once again approaches Orizaba for his services in becoming the President of Costaguay. Although he had yet to be paid for his previous actions, he is convinced to help as his daughter’s life was threatened subtly by Galvez. Once again he casts his spells and the President to takes leave of his senses and begins acting like a baby during a political party at his palace and soon placed in a mental institute. During a special government cabinet meeting to find a replacement, Orizaba using a magical ink and his thoughts mentally control the government officials into voting Galvez the new President of the country. Sometime later in the month Orizaba in anger approaches President Galvez for payment but is double crossed and taken away to a dungeon below the Presidential palace as his daughter Theresa is forced into marrying the evil man. Later that evening as the full moon rises, Orizaba thinks to himself that he is unable to cast the protective magic without his cauldron and powders to prevent his daughter from transforming into the "Blood-Beast". A distant scream can be heard from somewhere within the palace.

Comments: Created by Larry Lieber(writer), Jay Scott Pike (pencils), Chic Stone (inks)

It is unrevealed where Orizaba learned his sorcery from but he did wear what appeared to be a shrunken head around his neck. Maybe he was taught black magic from a tribe of headhunters that inhabited the island. His daughter’s curse was never explained but may have been the results of his meddling with the forces of evil while practicing his magic. Orizaba’s sorcery seemed to have the limitation of not being able to use his magic on himself to better his life. It is possible that he once tried this and the result may have been the curse. He probably cast a spell to have his wife give birth to a beautiful daughter but this selfish act although worked, also cursed her into becoming the "Blood-Beast" during the full moon.

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Chamber of Chills#5 (July, 1973) - Larry Lieber (writer), Jay Scott Pike (pencils), Chic Stone (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)

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