Membership: Hank, Vana, countless unidentified members

Purpose: Followers of Blackheart

Affiliations: Blackheart

Enemies: Flo Crumm, Lucy Crumm, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Norma Jean and her rebels, Mephisto, Punisher, Wolverine

Base of Operations: Christ's Crown

First Appearance: Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Dark Design (December, 1994)


(Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Dark Design (fb) - BTS) - Blackheart returned to Christ's Crown and changed over night the city Christ's Crown to his means and turned his followers into the first Corrupt by giving them some of his power. They started to attack everyone else in town and most people didn't resist Blackheart's influence and joined willingly the ranks of the Corrupt. Those who tried to escape were mostly killed by the Corrupt. The only survivors were those who followed Lucy Crumm into the newly created tunnels (also part of Blackheart's big changes in the city) beneath the city. Armed with cool looking guns the Corrupt fought for their master Blackheart.

(Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Dark Design) - Vana, Hank and three other Corrupt hunted Ghost Rider, Norma Jean and Lucy through the dark streets of Christ's Crown. Hank shot Ghost Rider in the back to stop him and his allies for a second. Vana asked Lucy to come with them because Blackheart wanted to see her (he needed Lucy for his plot to kill Mephisto). Then Vana explained to Ghost Rider that Blackheart didn't need him alive, but before she could shoot Ghost Rider, he smashed her gun with his chain. Norma shot one of the Corrupt while Ghost Rider beat up the others. When he was done with them one of the Corrupt grabbed his hand and infected him with Blackheart's "Dark Touch". Norma Jean shot this Corrupt, but it was already too late because Blackheart's poison already flowed through Ghost Rider's body and he had to turn back into Dan Ketch.

  Somewhere else in the city Wolverine, who came to the city due to a psychic call from Lucy, was attacked by Corrupt. He killed a few of them, but he couldn't even smoke a cigar before four new Corrupt came to take him out. They were all shot in the head by the Punisher, who also received Lucy's psychic call. They continued their path through Christ's Crown street and met some more Corrupts, but those weren't armed or dangerous and they let them live.

  A Corrupt reported to Blackheart about the intruders Wolverine and Punisher and that they couldn't find Lucy. Blackheart broke his neck for the bad news.

  Another psychic call from Lucy led Wolverine and the Punisher into the survivor's underground base. There Dan Ketch got sick from the Corrupt's touch and slowly turned into one of them.

  Meanwhile Blackheart ordered all the Corrupt to find Lucy for him and bring her to him. The heroes should be killed!

  Soon the Corrupt started their attack on the underground base. Many of them were killed by Wolverine, Ghost Rider and the Punisher, but their number was too high and they just overran their opposition and took Lucy and Ghost Rider on their way through with them.

  When the attack on Blackheart's fortress started its defensive systems mostly hit returning Corrupts. Some Corrupts stood guard on the fortress, but Punisher and Wolverine snuck through to reach Blackheart, who tried to poison them as well, but the heroes couldn't be turned and broke free. Ultimately Blackheart lost against the heroes and Norman Jean and her rebels entered his fortress shortly afterwards. The fate of the remaining Corrupt (if there were any) is unknown.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie (writer), Ron Garney (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks).

I pity that fool! Blackheart spread like a virus in this story. He seemed to be able to turn every human with a dark spot in their soul into a willing soldier. Why did he never just create an army big enough to run over his daddy's realm. Mephisto himself pointed out this mistake in this story. BTW Blackheart killed Mephisto at the end of this one-shot (I nearly replaced the o in shot with an i; Sigmund Freud would call this a "lapsus linguae"), but Mephisto got better. Blackheart's reign over Meph's part of Hell was ended by Ghost Rider and nowadays Blackheart is trapped beneath New York's Hellfire Club.

The well endowed babe in the front of this profile's image was Vana. Hank, the other named member of the Corrupt was one of the guys on that image.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

The Corrupt have no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Dark Design, p2 (main image)

Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Dark Design#1 (December, 1994) - Howard Mackie (writer), Ron Garney (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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