Barney Barton as Trickshot, the Dark AvengerBARNEY BARTON

Real Name: Charles Bernard "Barney" Barton

Identity/Class: Normal human 

Occupation: Unemployed;
    formerly carnival worker, racketeer, government double agent

Group Membership: None;
formerly Dark Avengers (Dark Spider-Man/Ai Apaec, Moonstone/Karla Sofen, Ragnarok, Skaar, Toxie Doxie/June Covington, US Agent/John Walker), Carson’s Carnival of Traveling Wonders (Mrs. Carson, the Swordsman/Jacques Duquesne, others) and his own racketeering gang

Affiliations: Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo), Black Widow (Natalia Romanova), Carson's Carnival of Traveling Wonders (Mrs. Carson, the Swordsman/Jacques Duquesne, others), Charlie, Deke, FACT (the Thunderbolts Advisory Committee) (Doyle, Kell, Marin, others), Gorgon (Tomi Shishido), HAMMER, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Mockingbird (Barbara Morse), Norman Osborn, Project Communion, Cheryl and her two children, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Erik Wender, Deidre Wentworth;
formerly the Avengers (Black Panther (T'Challa), Vision, Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), Yellowjacket (Hank Pym)), Black Widow (Natalia Romanova), Edwin Jarvis;
alternate reality versions of Daredevil, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Misty Knight, Mr. Fantastic, Shang-Chi, Spider-Man, Wasp & Colleen Wing

Enemies: Avengers (Luke Cage, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange), Giant-Man (Hank Pym), Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Thing (Ben Grimm), Wolverine (James Howlett)), Dr. Don Blake, Egghead (Elihas Starr), Tony Stark, Sultan Magus (Dagan Shah), the Swordsman (Jacques Duquesne), Thunderbolts (Boomerang (Fred Myers), Centurius, Ghost, Juggernaut (Cain Marko), Mach-V (Abner Jenkins), Man-Thing (Ted Sallis), Mr. Hyde (Calvin Zabo), Satana, Songbird (Melissa Gold), Troll), the Tracksuit Mafia, Trick Shot (Buck Chisholm);
alternate reality versions of Clea, Dr. Strange, Invisible Woman, Iron Man, Namor, “Pepper” Potts, Hank Pym, Thing, Tigra, War Machine & Wong

Known Relatives: Brett Barton (ancestor, deceased), Clinton Francis Barton (Hawkeye/Goliath, brother), Edith Barton (mother, deceased), Harold Barton (father, deceased), unidentified foster father

Aliases: "Creep," "Crumb," "Rat," "Dummy" (insulting nicknames given to him by Goliath/Clint Barton), Hawkeye, Trick Shot

Base of Operations: Mobile, notably New York City, USA

First Appearance: Avengers I#64 (May, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: Barney Barton was an expert marksman, having learned everything about archery from the original Trick Shot (Buck Chisholm). He also had an arsenal of gadget arrows, including explosive-tipped arrows, and carried batons to use in battle. He was also a skilled racketeer and manipulator, as well as an experienced brawler.

History: (Hawkeye III#6 (fb) - BTS) - Charles Bernard Barton was born on August 4th to Harold and Edith Barton.

 (Solo Avengers#2 (fb)) - As a child, Barney and his brother Clint worked in their father's butcher shop cleaning up. Their father was an alcoholic who sometimes beat Barney, who always said that one day, he would be bigger than his father and then he would show him.

(Hawkeye: Blind Spot#1 (fb)) – One night, after a thief had stolen the money from the butcher shop’s register, an angry and drunk Harold pushed Clint down. When Edith Barton pleaded with him to stop, Harold went off into another room. As Edith told Barney and Clint that he would tire himself out, Clint argued back but Barney told Clint to let it go, as their father was a waste of air anyway.

(Hawkeye IV#19 (fb)) - Barney accompanied his parents as they took Clint to the doctor.

(Hawkeye IV#12 (fb)) – Barney attempted to show Clint how to break a liquor bottle by hitting it with a thumped nickel. When Clint tried and failed to break the bottle, Barney replied that Clint just needed to get a bit stronger before he could break the bottle. At that point, their father then angrily yelled for them to return to the house, where Harold proceeded to threaten Clint over a recent hospital bill. Clint angrily rushed at Harold over their kitchen table and was beaten by his father. Later that night after their father had fallen asleep, Barney went into Clint’s room and once again reminded Clint that he needed to be stronger before he could fight. Barney then allowed Clint to hit him in order to see how strong Clint was, commending Clint on his aim. Barney then began teaching Clint how to fight by allowing himself to be hit by Clint.

(Hawkeye IV#19 (fb)) - During one such fighting lesson, a young Barney drank some of his father's alcohol and pretended to help Clint off the ground. Wishing to teach him a lesson, Barney then kicked Clint in the chin, prompting Clint to fight back. The two then briefly fought before agreeing that they would both outlast their drunk and abusive father.

(Solo Avengers#2 (fb)/Hawkeye: Blind Spot#1 (fb)) - Soon after, their father's alcoholism cost him his own life and that of his wife, Edith, leaving Clint and Barney as orphans.

(Hawkeye IV#12 (fb)) – Following the car crash that killed their parents, Barney and Clint were visited by a police officer who informed the children of their parents’ death. Angry at his alcoholic father, Clint replied “good” that Harold had died.

(Solo Avengers#2 (fb)/Hawkeye: Blint Spot#1 (fb)) - Barney and Clint were soon sent to an orphanage where they remained until Clint turned 13 and Barney decided to run away, with Clint tagging along.

(Hawkeye: Blind Spot#1 (fb)) – Despite Clint’s attempts to dissuade Barney from running away, Barney continued to lead both himself and Clint away from the orphanage, feeling that they were not wanted. He then told Clint to stop whining and continue following.

(All-New Hawkeye I#1 (fb)) - Having been sent to a foster home in Iowa, Barney and Clint had fun catching frogs. Determined to get home before supper, Barney and Clint rode their bikes to a nearby sewer drain, where Clint caught another frog before Barney reminded him that they still had to cut the grass before dinner. When Clint hesitated, Barney asked what was wrong and Clint replied that maybe they shouldn't go back home. Once they got home, they realized that their abusive foster father was already home. Barney told Clint to stay put while he went inside and was scolded for not having the grass mowed. Their foster father yelling despite Barney's attempts to take all of the punishment himself by claiming it was his idea to stay out later than usual, Barney eventually smart-alecky quipped that perhaps their foster father could cut the grass himself. Struck for his insolence, Barney asked if that was the best his foster father could do and was struck again. Bloodied, Barney rushed outside and yelled for Clint to get his bike. Announcing that they had to leave now, Barney replied to Clint that he didn't know where they would go but ordered Clint to just keep biking. Angry that the kids had run off, their foster father gave chase in his truck until Barney and Clint managed to find Carson's Carnival of Traveling Wonders.

(All-New Hawkeye I#2 (fb)) - Venturing into the Carnival, Barney and Clint were amazed at all of the wonders to be seen until their foster father caught up with them. Grabbed by his foster father, Barney was struck, prompting the carnival worker Swordsman to get involved. Striking the Bartons' foster father with the blunt side of his sword, the Swordsman warned the man to take his hands off of the children. When the man refused, the Swordsman punched him and kicked him to the ground. When the Swordsman asked the Bartons if the man was their father, Barney replied that the man was nothing to them and the Swordsman put his sword to the man's throat and once again warned him to leave. The Bartons' foster father did indeed leave, warning that he would get the cops involved and have the Barton boys thrown in juvenile detention. When Mrs. Carson, one of the owners of the Carnival, appeared and asked why Swordsman and some of the other carnies were standing around, the Swordsman explained the situation and suggested that Mrs. Carson let the Bartons join up with the Carnival. Mrs. Carson agreed on the condition that the boys were the Swordsman's responsibility and reminded Barney and Clint that if they did not pull their weight, they would be left behind. Shortly thereafter helping the Swordsman pack up his gear when the Carnival prepared to leave for another town, Barney and Clint accompanied the Carnival as they left town.

(All-New Hawkeye I#3 (fb)) - Barney pulled Clint from some of his odd jobs and the two snuck into one of the circus tents, where they watched many of the circus events. Clint was especially impressed by the trapeze artist and the Swordsman's skills with a bow and arrow. After seeing the Swordsman's sword act, Clint picked up a stick and pretended to be the Swordsman, play fighting with Barney until the show was over and the Swordsman confronted them. Commenting that they were supposed to be working and that showtime was only for paying customers and performers, the Swordsman asked if Barney's attempts to take the credit for pulling Clint away from his work were true. Clint weakly replied that they were and Swordsman handed Clint his knife and exclaimed that if the two boys liked breaking the rules then perhaps they should play a little game.

(Solo Avengers#2 (fb)/Hawkeye: Blind Spot#1 (fb)) - Continuing their work and still impressed by the Swordsman's act, Clint and Barney were surprised when the Swordsman soon asked the boys to participate in the act and while Barney declined the offer, Clint jumped at the chance.

(Solo Avengers#2 (fb)) - After Clint aided the Swordsman in numerous shows, the carnival's archer Trick Shot began to train Clint in archery as Barney accused Clint of being used by Swordsman.

(All-New Hawkeye I#4 (fb)) - Barney helped the Carson Carnival pack up as Clint returned from an archery lesson with the Swordsman. The grumbling Barney commented that he could have used Clint's help putting up the tents but Clint replied that the Swordsman had given him permission to train instead of work. Seeing Barney's annoyance, the Swordsman asked Clint to take their dog to get some food while he talked to Barney. Once Clint had left, the Swordsman told Barney about Clint's nature talent for archery and when Barney continued to grumble, the Swordsman told Barney to quit pouting, explaining that Barney had other talents and that it was time they started putting those talents to use. The Swordsman continued, explaining that Barney was a scrapper and that he knew what it took to survive. Agreeing with the Swordsman, Barney was then told that Mrs. Carson thought it was time for Barney to learn how the Circus really worked but thought Clint would not have the stomach for it. Barney replied that it wouldn't be a problem. Shortly after, the Swordsman had Barney lure his dog to a circus patron and while she was distracted by the dog, Barney pickpocketed the woman, unaware that Clint had witnessed the event from a nearby carnival booth. Barney later visited Clint in the main tent and warned that they weren't supposed to be in the tent before the show. Clint angrily confronted Barney about what they shouldn't be doing, revealing his knowledge of Barney's theft. Barney then tried to explain that it was how things really were with the circus and that if they wanted to stay with Carson's Carnival, they would have to work for it. Barney further explained that Mrs. Carson didn't actually care about Clint's archery talent and that, despite Clint's objections to theft, they were out of chances and the Carnival was all they had. As Barney walked away, Clint replied that the Carnival was all Barney had. As time passed, Barney continued his thefts and Clint continued his archery training. One night, Barney and Clint visited Mrs. Carson to give her the money he had stolen. Mrs. Carson commented on Clint's lack of money and Barney tried to explain that he could steal enough to cover Clint but Mrs. Carson reminded him that things did not work like that. She then warned that she was the boss and they would have to start bringing in money. Outside, Barney told Clint that he couldn't keep getting away with not stealing and then teased Clint for constantly carrying around a bow. One of the Carnival workers told Barney not to tease Clint and they spoke with her until the Swordsman appeared from her trailer and asked for his cut of the money Barney had stole. He then asked the worker if she was ready to go to work, telling Clint to guard things while they left. When Barney prepared to accompany the Swordsman, Clint tried to express his concern for Barney but Barney promised it would be ok. He then departed with the Swordsman, leaving Clint behind.

(All-New Hawkeye I#5 (fb)) - Barney accompanied the Swordsman on one of his heists and the Swordsman lifted Barney into the high window of a jewelry store, telling him to slide down and unlock the door for them to enter. Upon his return, Barney looked for Clint and found him in the Swordsman's trailer, dressed up in a Swordsman costume. Barney warned that Clint shouldn't be in there but was soon told give Clint a break. When Clint solemnly walked off, Barney asked Clint to wait up and Clint demanded to know where Barney had been. Barney replied that he was with the Swordsman in town and told Clint to relax but Clint angrily announced that he didn't want to relax, he wanted to leave. Barney asked where they would go and whether Clint was nuts, reminding Clint that Carson's Carnival was their home now. When Barney commented that Clint was acting like a stupid kid, Clint punched him, exclaiming that he was a little kid. The two fought, with the Swordsman allowing them to continue. Clint soon ran at the Swordsman, claiming he knew what kind of person he really was and the Swordsman calmly replied that he never claimed to be anything he wasn't. He then told Clint he was not going to hit, because that was what Clint had been trained to want. Swordsman continued, explaining that he might be a lot of things but he would never hit Clint, whom he felt did not deserve it. Swordsman then told Clint that if he stayed with the Swordsman, he would show Clint ways to make it in the world that no one else would. He then walked away, asking if Barney was coming and Barney followed, leaving Clint behind with teary eyes. Shortly after, the Carnival packed up to leave and Clint eventually joined Barney in the moving truck.

(All-New Hawkeye II#3 (fb)) - Barney and Clint continued working with the circus.

 (Hawkeye III#1 (fb)) - Not long after, Barney commented on how Clint's archery had improved. When Clint announced that he wanted to be a part of the carnival, Barney admitted that he wanted to get his GED, having gotten a 1350 on his SATs. He then told Clint that it wouldn't hurt for him to pick up a book but Clint angrily exclaimed that he didn't want to leave the carnival, as it was the closest thing they had ever had to a family. As Clint walked away, Barney reminded him that he had choices in life.

 (Hawkeye III#2 (fb)) - A few short years later at the carnival, Barney overheard the carnival archer Trick Shot telling Clint about how he was scamming people out of money. After Trick Shot told Clint they could scam a few bars later that night, Barney confronted Clint and explained that he wanted Clint to know right from wrong.

 (Hawkeye III#3 (fb)) - When Clint discovered that the Swordsman had robbed the carnival and broke his leg trying to escape the Swordsman's anger, Barney came running into the tent asking what had happened. Trick Shot explained that Clint was going to squeal on Swordsman and that people shouldn't rat on their family.

 (Avengers I#65 (fb)) - Barney immediately ran to Clint to hear his side of the story. From Clint, Barney learned of the Swordsman's robbery and his offer to split the money with Clint. Taking Clint to get medical attention, an angry Barney commented about how both he and Clint could have been on easy street if Clint had not turned down the Swordsman's offer to split the robbery cash.

(Hawkeye: Blind Spot#1 (fb)) – Visiting Clint in the hospital, Barney asked Clint why he had let the Swordsman leave after everything the Swordsman had done for him. When Clint replied that Swordsman was embezzling and had broke Clint’s legs in the process of doing so, Barney exclaimed that the carnival had been ripping the Swordsman off and that the Swordsman was only taking his due. He then told Clint that Clint’s broken legs were his own fault and told Clint that if Clint wanted to live his life alone, he could do so. Barney then left Clint alone in his hospital room.

 (Hawkeye III#4 (fb)) – Shortly thereafter, Barney announced to Clint that he was leaving the carnival. He explained that he had been thinking about maybe joining the Army so that he could go to college after his tenure. He asked Clint to leave with him but Clint said he needed to get the life he had back on track before starting a new one. Barney then told Clint that his bus left at 9 and the next morning, Barney caught a bus. As the bus drove off, Barney never noticed that Clint had arrived at the station to go with him.

 (Solo Avengers#2 (fb)/Hawkeye III#5 (fb)/Hawkeye: Blind Spot#1 (fb)) - Some time later, as Clint and Trick Shot were robbing a mobster named Marko, Clint fired an arrow into one of the guards present and was shocked to discover that he had shot an arrow into Barney. Clint immediately went against Trick Shot's orders and took Barney to a hospital where Barney recovered.

 (Hawkeye III#5 (fb)) - Clint visited Barney in the hospital and asked Barney what had happened to joining the Army and starting a new life. A drugged-up Barney managed to say that he was what he was.

 (Avengers I#64 (fb)) - When Egghead created a space station from which he would threaten America, he met with Barney Barton, who was at that time the head of half of New York's rackets. He offered Barton and his men a place on the space station if Barton would help finance it. Barton declined the offer, claiming that he didn't build up his rackets only to give the money to a nutcase. As Barton and his men left the scene, a robot with Egghead's voice attacked them and killed both of Barton's bodyguards while Barton himself hid from harm.

 (Avengers I#64/Hawkeye: Blind Spot#2 (fb)) - After laying low and trying to think of what to do with the information about Egghead's space station, Barney finally decided to visit his brother Clint, who was at the time the hero Goliath of the Avengers. He then told the Avengers the location of Egghead's space station and accompanied them into space to confront him. Inside the space station, Barney Barton, much to everyone's surprise, held his own against Egghead's robotic guards until Egghead used a paralysis ray to down the Avengers. The only person still standing, Barney seemingly sacrificed his life to destroy Egghead's ray-projector. As Barney apparently died, he told Goliath that he made sure not to reveal his secret but when Yellowjacket questioned why Barney had called Goliath by his real name, Goliath revealed to his teammates that Barney was his brother.

 (Hawkeye III#6 (fb)/Hawkeye: Blind Spot#3 (fb)) - After Barney’s apparent death on September 13th, Clint and a few of his Avengers friends went to Barney's funeral service where Clint admitted that he thought he would be the one who would make a lifetime of bad choices instead of Barney. Following Barney’s "death", Clint was given a false CIA letter claiming that Barney had been an undercover CIA agent the whole time. Upon reading it, Clint was inspired to push himself harder as a hero.

(Hawkeye: Blind Spot#3 (fb) – BTS) – Unbeknownst to the Avengers, Egghead had retrieved the near-lifeless body of Barney Barton and placed it in suspended animation in one of his safe houses.

(Hawkeye: Blind Spot#3 (fb)) – Seeking a way to gain revenge on Hawkeye for disrupting his earlier plans with the cosmic moonstones, Baron Helmut Zemo was led by the moonstones to Egghead’s old safe house, where he discovered Barney’s suspended animation chamber. Using the moonstones to fully heal Barney, Zemo told Barney to take it easy and tell him everything he last remembered.

(Hawkeye: Blind Spot#1 (fb) – BTS/Hawkeye: Blind Spot#4 (fb) – BTS) – Zemo contacted the cancer-ridden Trick Shot (Buck Chisholm) in an effort to have him train Barney in archery as part of his revenge plot. When Trick Shot refused, Zemo withheld Chisholm’s cancer treatments, claiming that he would restore Trick Shot if he continued to train Barney. Forced to comply, Trick Shot taught Barney everything he knew about archery.

(Hawkeye: Blind Spot#1) – As part of Zemo’s plot against the then-losing his sight Hawkeye, Barney sent the dying Trick Shot (Buck Chisholm) to Avengers Tower and then phoned Clint to tell him that Trick Shot was there so that Clint could pay his final respects. As Chisholm died, he gave Clint vague clues as to who had sent him there. Returning to Zemo’s abandoned Coney Island funhouse headquarters, Barney, as the new Trickshot, told Zemo that he wished he could have seen the look on Hawkeye’s face when Chisholm died. Zemo warned Barney not to deviate from their plan to destroy Hawkeye and Barney replied that he had a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

Barney Barton in his first appearance as Trickshot(Hawkeye: Blind Spot#2) – Thinking of the clues Trick Shot had given him on his deathbed, Hawkeye visited Coney Island. When Hawkeye’s Skycycle was hit by an explosive arrow, Hawkeye jumped from the exploding Skycycle and landed on the top of a train, only to come face-to-face with the new Trickshot: his own brother Barney.

(Hawkeye: Blind Spot#3) – Trickshot battled Hawkeye, utilizing archery skills taught to him by the previous Trick Shot (Chisholm). Defeating Hawkeye with a punch from a fist wearing his father’s ring, Trickshot placed the captive Hawkeye in the Coney Island funhouse. Escaping, Hawkeye asked how it was possible for Barney to be alive when he had seen Barney die and even asked about the letter from the CIA claiming Barney had been an undercover agent. Trickshot explained that the letter had been false and revealed the circumstances of his revival while continuing his attack on Hawkeye. Taking the fight further into the funhouse, Trickshot led Hawkeye to Baron Zemo, who revealed his plot to destroy Hawkeye. Zemo then returned Hawkeye’s sight-heightening cowl and told him to prepare for his final battle with both Zemo and Trickshot.

(Hawkeye: Blind Spot#4) – His vision having gotten steadily worse, Hawkeye lost his eyesight just as the battle began. Trickshot and Hawkeye battled furiously, with Hawkeye occasionally reminding Barney that he had become just like their father. Using his last arrow, Hawkeye created a puddle beneath Trickshot’s feet and when Trickshot fired his last arrow, Hawkeye caught it and hurled it back, pinning Trickshot against the wall long enough for Hawkeye to knock him out. Hawkeye then prepared to confront Baron Zemo, who teleported away. Later, at Avengers Tower, Tony Stark and Dr. Donald Blake used the unconscious Barney Barton as a stem cell donor to repair Hawkeye’s vision. Following the eye surgery, Hawkeye found his vision returned and visited Barney in recovery. Asking Barney if he had consented to the stem cell donation, Clint only received threats from Barney.

(New Avengers II#18 (fb) – BTS) – Placed into the custody of Hawkeye in Avengers Tower, Barney was inside Avengers Tower when it was destroyed during the events of “Fear Itself.”

(New Avengers II#18) – Wishing to recruit Trickshot for his team of Dark Avengers, Norman Osborn had one of his agents in HAMMER inject the comatose Barney Barton with a drug that simulated death. Pronounced dead, Barney was sent the County Coroner, where Osborn had him injected with an antidote drug that brought him out of his coma.

(New Avengers II#19 (fb)) – Norman Osborn spoke with Barney and his other possible new recruits.

(New Avengers II#18) – Trickshot joined Osborn’s Dark Avengers team alongside the Gorgon (Tomi Shishido), a new Scarlet Witch (June Covington), Skaar, Spider-Man (Ai Apaec) and Ms. Marvel (Deidre Wentworth).

(New Avengers II#19) – Trickshot expressed skepticism when Osborn mentioned that the world needed protecting by his team of Avengers, having heard of Osborn’s earlier failure at hand-picking his own team of Avengers. Despite the new Dark Avengers’ concerns, Osborn reminded them how much “better” they were than their heroic counterparts, convincing them to help further Osborn’s plans. Osborn first had his team of Avengers arrive on the scene to halt an Atlantean attack on Miami while Luke Cage’s team of Avengers arrived late, thereby making the true Avengers look bad.

(New Avengers II#20)  - After attempting to arrest Norman Osborn, Luke Cage ordered his Avengers team to attack Osborn’s Dark Avengers. During the battle, Trickshot attempted to hit Daredevil with arrows but Daredevil’s radar sense warned him and he dodged, causing the arrows to hit the Gorgon instead. Doctor Strange soon used the Vishanti Spell of Mass Illusion to disguise the true Avengers’ escape under the illusion of a tidal wave, leaving Trickshot and the other Dark Avengers to think they had won.

(New Avengers II#21) – Trickshot and the other Dark Avengers watched from afar as the true Avengers battled the cybernetic Thor clone, Ragnarok. When Osborn told them that they were not to kill anyone, a frustrated Trickshot prepared to shoot someone anyway but a superhumanly strong Osborn held him back. The Dark Avengers then watched as Luke Cage’s Avengers team retreated from the scene following their battle with Ragnarok.

(New Avengers II#22) – Trickshot and the other Dark Avengers watched on television as Avengers Mansion was stormed by federal security, who were ordered to shut down Avengers Mansion and detain Luke Cage’s Avengers team for questioning. When Skaar asked if the security forces were Norman Osborn’s doing, Trickshot replied that it was definitely Osborn and he knew because he had been paying attention to Osborn’s plan. During his posturing, Trickshot inadvertedly called Skaar “Hulk Boy” and was quickly grabbed by the neck until he apologized. Later, the Dark Avengers received a call from Osborn telling them to where to find the true Avengers. When the Gorgon bragged that Hydra (who was also working for Osborn) had captured Captain America in their basement, Skaar turned on the Dark Avengers.

(New Avengers II#23) – During the fight, Trickshot commented that he legitimately did not see Skaar’s betrayal coming. Trickshot attempted to fire arrows at Skaar, only to have Skaar catch them in mid-air. Skaar then used Gorgon as a baseball bat to knock Trickshot and the other Dark Avengers into their own jet, causing an explosion that disguised Skaar’s escape. As they recovered, Luke Cage’s Avengers team cornered them and Trickshot was easily defeated by a kick from Mockingbird, who shrugged off Trickshot’s arrows. The rest of the Dark Avengers were subsequently defeated as well and the team was taken into custody by Captain America.

(Dark Avengers II#175 (fb) – BTS) – With most of the normal team of Thunderbolts lost in time, the Thunderbolts Advisory decided to implant the captive Dark Avengers (Trickshot, June Covington, Ai Apaec, and Ragnarok) with a new nanite system for use as their new operatives.

(Dark Avengers II#175) – When Luke Cage was asked to meet Songbird of the Thunderbolts outside of the former Raft Island prison, Cage was informed that the Thunderbolts Advisory Committe, FACT, had called a special meeting, which Cage assumed was to talk him out of quitting the Thunderbolts program. He was soon met by Trickshot, Ragnarok, Toxie Doxie (June Covington) and Dark Spider-Man (Ai Apaec). Immediately assuming an attack, Luke Cage jumped into battle against the Dark Avengers, with Songbird and Mach-V joining in. During the fight, Trickshot managed to take out Mach-V with an electric shock arrow. When Cage, Songbird and Mach-V began to turn the tide of battle in their favor, Trickshot commented that he was going to need backup. The fight was eventually broke up when the Thunderbolts Advisory Committee activated the nanite control system within the bodies of the Dark Avengers, holding them in place. Cage quickly demanded how the Dark Avengers could have escaped custody but the Thunderbolts Advisory Committee responded that the Dark Avengers were the newest team of Thunderbolts. As part of their first mission, the Dark Avengers were sent to the hostile nation of Sharzhad to supposedly rescue a kidnapped mission specialist. Before the Dark Avengers arrived at the teleporter, Luke Cage appeared and appointed Skaar back to the Dark Avengers to keep an eye on them.

(Dark Avengers II#177) – Luke Cage then informed the Dark Avengers and the Thunderbolts Advisory Committee that he and Skaar would be accompanying the Dark Avengers on their mission, prompting Trickshot to comment that he thought Cage didn’t want to work with them. Cage and the Dark Avengers were then informed of their mission to rescue American citizen Erik Wender from the powerful, alien artifact-empowered Sultan Magus in Sharzhad. Once he was given the trigger to the Dark Avengers’ nanite controls, Cage led the Dark Avengers through the portal to Sharzhad. Once there, Cage and Skaar began to suspect the over-enthusiastic Dark Avengers of hiding something and Cage demanded to know what FACT was promising them in exchange for service. Trickshot replied that just being free was their reward but before any argument could continue, Sultan Magus located the group.

(Dark Avengers II#178) – Sultan Magus sent beast-like creatures after the Dark Avengers, who battled them furiously. Defeating the creatures, Cage and the Dark Avengers discussed what to do next. Toxie Doxie decided to track Erik Wender using a sample of his blood and asked Ragnarok to take up over the hills. Trickshot and Dark Spider-Man followed by attaching a webline to Ragnarok, effectively allowing the Dark Avengers to escape Cage’s watch.

(Dark Avengers II#179) – While flying, the Dark Avengers found Erik Wender’s location, which Ragnarok quickly unearthed via his hammer. A terrified Wender ran for it but Trickshot stopped him in his tracks with a bola arrow. They then used Ragnarok’s lightning to lead Sultan Magus to Cage and Skaar’s location in order to distract them from their true mission with Wender.

(Dark Avengers II#180) – With Cage and Skaar distracted, Trickshot and the other Dark Avengers made their way into Sultan Magus’ inner council, battling their way through hordes of Sultan Magus-created beasts. They eventually found a sub-space pocket created by the Rigellians thousands of years ago, where Trickshot placed Wender to channel energy through the crystal formations of the pocket to Earth.

(Dark Avengers II#181) – Discovering their location, Sultan Magus arrived in the sub-space pocket to prevent the conduction of Rigellian energy. Trickshot and the others battled Sultan Magus to prevent him from halting FACT’s plan to channel Rigellian energy to Earth via Wender.

(Dark Avengers II#182) – Trickshot and the Dark Avengers continued battling Sultan Magus until the Juggernaut arrived via teleportational portal to turn the tide against the Dark Avengers. Arriving behind Juggernaut were the Thunderbolts, who further attempted to halt the Dark Avengers. Trickshot personally battled Boomerang, losing when he took two boomerangs to the face. The energy transfer was eventually halted when Centurius stabbed Wender with a sword, dispersing the energy.

(Dark Avengers II#183) – Trick Shot and the other Dark Avengers were taken into custody by Songbird, who encased them in a sonic prison until they could be sent to a proper prison. Toxie Doxie manage to facilitate their escape but they were quickly subdued by the nanites in their blood. A seriously injured Sultan Magus soon dropped a boulder to disperse the heroes and villains alike, proclaiming that he would be healed by Sharzhad’s Cave of Wonders and that Sharzhad and the USA were now enemies. John Walker shortly after arrived with a prison transport quinjet and the Dark Avengers were placed inside. Once they were all inside, Toxie Doxie manipulated Skaar into attacking John Walker, causing the quinjet to crash. Moonstone rushed to save the falling quinjet and Man-Thing teleported the quinjet, Moonstone, and all inside the quinjet away.

(Dark Avengers II#184 (fb) - BTS) – Having had to teleport on instinct, Man-Thing accidentally sent the Dark Avengers, Moonstone and John Walker to an alternate Earth.

(Dark Avengers II#184) – Injured in the quinjet crash, Trick Shot and the other Dark Avengers were retrieved by the alternate Iron Man and placed in sedation in Hank Pym’s lab. Unbeknownst to the sedated Trick Shot, Toxie Doxie used her powers to take control of that reality’s Hank Pym.

(Dark Avengers II#186) – While sedated, Trick Shot was fed illusions of a life where he fought a villain called Lord Demonpimp. In the fantasy world, when Hawkeye stole his victory, Trick Shot began to fight against the sedation and soon woke up in the alternate Pym’s lab. Toxie Doxie explained what had happened and how they had arrived on the alternate Earth. The Dark Avengers, nearly at their full fighting strength, then watched on a video screen as the terratorial superheroes of the alternate world fought an intense war against one another in New York. When the alternate Namor and his wife Sue Storm announced that they would flood New York in 24 hours, Trick Shot complained that they didn’t even know what they were doing on the alternate Earth and now it was to be destroyed. The newly-healed U. S. Agent (John Walker) instead came up with an idea of finding that world’s Reed Richards and getting themselves home before New York was flooded. Trick Shot and Toxie Doxie agreed with the plan, unaware they were all being watched.

(Dark Avengers II#187) – Searching New York for Reed Richards, Trick Shot and the other Dark Avengers found Hell’s Kitchen covered in spider webs from the alternate reality Spider-Man. They were soon attacked by the alternate Daredevil, whom Trick Shot confused with a trick arrow, allowing U. S. Agent to knock him out. The group was soon met with alternate reality versions of Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Iron Fist, Hawkeye, Shang-Chi and Spider-Man himself. Trick Shot prepared to take down the alternate Hawkeye but Dark Spider-Man took Hawkeye down by attacking Hawkeye’s inner ear. Trick Shot then had Dark Spider-Man mount one of his trick arrows in hopes of having Dark Spider-Man do the same to another assailant but Dark Spider-Man leapt of the arrow towards the alternate Spider-Man while Shang-Chi caught Trick Shot’s arrow in mid-air.

(Dark Avengers II#188) – Following a hard fight, Trick Shot and the other Dark Avengers were webbed up by Spider-Man while the alternate street-level heroes questioned them. Determining them to be heroic, Spider-Man eventually allowed the Dark Avengers to go free of his webs. Spider-Man then accompanied them further into New York, where they were attacked by mystic entities summoned by the alternate Dr. Strange. To fight the entities, Spider-Man freed a weapon from his webs and hurled it to Trick Shot, who in turn hurled the giant sword straight into one of the mystic entities, killing it. With the entity dead, Spider-Man prepared to feed on its corpse, only to be killed himself by the arriving Tigra, Dr. Strange, Clea & Wong.

(Dark Avengers II#190) – Dr. Strange and his group were soon confronted by the arrival of the other factions of New York: Thing’s band of monsters, Iron Man’s Iron Squad, and Namor and Invisible Woman, who were beginning their flood of the city. As the factions began fighting amongst one another, Trick Shot and the Dark Avengers located Reed Richards, who revealed that he had learned from an Earth-616 A. I. M. agent that the corrupted alternate Earth they were on was the result of an A. I. M. experiment to corrupt super heroes within a sliver of altered time. While Reed explained the situation, Iron Man began to gain the upper hand in the fight amongst the formerly heroic factions. Janet Van Dyne soon entered the fray as well, gaining revenge for Iron Man’s earlier killing of Hank Pym by smashing Iron Man’s armor. Revealing himself to only exist as a brain, Tony Stark tried to flee but Trick Shot shot an arrow through the brain, killing the alternate Tony Stark. The Dark Avengers then realized the A. I. M. portal existed on the alternate reality within Stark Tower and, upon venturing there, the Dark Avengers used Ragnarok’s dimension-hopping hammer to return to Earth-616, erupting from A. I. M.-616’s experiment portal. The team then destroyed A. I. M. experimental time sliver and the corrupted alternate reality within it. Trick Shot and the others then took the A. I. M. faction into custody before Skaar left the team. Toxie Doxie then manipulated U. S. Agent into allowing the Dark Avengers to go free, forcing him to think that the Dark Avengers made a good team.

(Hawkeye IV#12) – Falling on hard times, Barney Barton phoned his brother Clint, asking to meet him the following day at 9. He then attempted to go by Clint’s apartment, begging a passerby for change before leaving without seeing Clint. Seeing a nearby van, Barney attempted to ask its occupants for change as well but they were a group of track-suited thugs that had recently become enemies of Hawkeye. The thugs offered Barney one dollar to take a punch to the face but Barney replied that he would take five. Laughing, the thugs agreed and Barney took a punch but the thugs continued to beat up on Barney without giving him a dime. Retrieving some change dropped by the thugs as they left, Barney eventually slept on the street until the thugs returned, offering Barney a roll of hundreds if Barney would allow them two minutes to beat up on him. Barney agreed and after two minutes were up, the thugs once again laughed at him. Barney then revealed that he predicted as much and beat the thugs up, forcing them to flee via their van. Pulling out an arrow, Barney blew out the thugs’ tire, causing them to crash into a lamppost, where Barney caught up to them and retrieved the money he was owed. He then visited a liquor store before phoning Clint once more to ask if Clint meant for them to meet at 9am or 9pm. At 9am the following day, Barney met Clint, asking Clint for change for a fellow American down on his luck. The two brothers then hugged.

Life after adventuring....unemployment!

(Hawkeye IV#13) – Clint invited Barney up to his apartment, where Barney used the toilet, overhearing from the bathroom an argument between Clint and his ally, Kate Bishop. Upon finishing up and leaving the bathroom, Barney was informed by Clint that Kate had taken Clint’s dog, to which Barney replied that it looked like the dog left Clint instead. Later, Clint and Barney went on the room of Clint’s apartment building, where the tenants were throwing a party. Clint introduced Barney to fellow tenant Deke and Barney was given a hot dog by another tenant. Thanking the tenant for the hot dog, Barney was welcomed in the “family” of tenants.

(Hawkeye IV#15) - Barney filled out a crossword puzzle while Mockingbird discussed with Hawkeye who owned the block of buildings that Hawkeye currently lived in. He later continued his crossword puzzle when he accompanied Hawkeye to a nearby diner to meet with the Black Widow, who had pulled a dossier on the block's owner, Ivan Banionis. When Hawkeye and Barney returned to their apartment, the Tracksuit Mafia confronted Hawkeye with a gun. Claiming he was doing a magic trick, Hawkeye told the Mafia that they needed to yell the magic word of "Barney" loudly for the trick to work. When they did, Barney hurled a trashcan lid into one of the Mafia members and, together with Hawkeye, fought the Tracksuit Mafia members outside Hawkeye's apartment. Soon realizing that the Tracksuit Mafia had also entered the apartment and taken the tenant Simone and her children hostage, Hawkeye sent Barney up the fire escape while Hawkeye himself took the fight directly to the Tracksuit Mafia members. When one of the members threatened Simone's child, Barney burst through Simone's apartment window, pulling two of the Mafia members outside and dropping them from the fire escape. Shortly thereafter, Barney continued his crossword puzzle while Hawkeye met with Spider-Woman concerning the legalities of Hawkeye's "ownership" of the apartment complex before the two brothers realized that the Tracksuit Mafia might still be in the building. Rushing to check the building, Barney and Hawkeye were both shot.

(Hawkeye IV#19) - Confined to a wheelchair as he recovered from being shot, Barney accompanied the now-deaf Hawkeye to a doctor's appointment. He then rode a cab back home with Hawkeye after the appointment. Back at their apartment, Barney attempted to tell Hawkeye about the spoiled milk but Hawkeye misinterpreted Barney's sign language to mean that Hawkeye needed a shower. Annoyed that Hawkeye was too stubborn to learn sign language while he recovered, Barney grumbled outside the apartment in the hallway. His grumblings were overheard by their neighbor, who invited Barney in and asked how Clint was doing. Barney admitted that Clint was being stubborn, refusing to learn how to sign and refusing to speak. Noticing Clint walk past outside, Barney understood Clint to mean he was going upstairs. When Barney couldn't follow due to his wheelchair, Hawkeye helped Barney to the apartment complex's roof, where Clint drunk a beer. Angry at Clint's stubborn ways, Barney yelled that Clint was not mute and could still communicate. When a depressed Clint stated that the Tracksuit Mafia had taken everything, Barney punched Clint, exclaiming that they had not taken everything yet. Clint punched back and Barney yelled that Clint could get everything the Tracksuit Mafia had taken from him back. Returning to his neighbor's apartment, Barney told her children the story of how he was injured being a tough guy and reminded the children that anyone could fight, the trick was being good at it. His story was interrupted by the arrival of Clint, who had Barney get all of the apartment complex's residents together on the roof in 5 minutes. Minutes later, Hawkeye revealed to the residents that he had been deafened by the Tracksuit Mafia and announced that he was going to sign his speech while Barney translated vocally. Barney explained to the residents Clint's plan to stop the Tracksuit Mafia and how, as a neighborhood, they could all help stop the Tracksuit Mafia. After the speech, Barney reminded Clint to also phone the Avengers for help against the Tracksuit Mafia. That night, Barney and Clint tracked down and beat up several of the Tracksuit Mafia members.

(Hawkeye IV#21) - Clint presented Barney with a bag full of money taken from villains during Clint's time as Hawkeye. Clint further explained that the Tracksuit Mafia wanted the apartment building and offered Barney the chance to walk away before the Tracksuit Mafia members attacked the building in retaliation. Clint then told Barney to keep the money and explained that if things went bad with the Tracksuit Mafia, Barney could attempt to buy his way out of their clutches with the money. Barney decided to stay and help against the Tracksuit Mafia and Clint warned Barney not to screw him over by taking the money beforehand. Later, Barney had his neighbor and her children take a taxi away from the apartment before the Tracksuit Mafia arrived, giving her instructions to meet at the harbor in 24 hours. When he began to explain what to do if he wasn't at the harbor, his neighbor hugged him and promised that he would be fine. Once the neighbor had left, Clint pulled Barney onto the roof of the apartment, where hoped Barney would be safe during the Tracksuit Mafia's attack. The Tracksuit Mafia soon arrived as planned and despite Clint and some of the neighbors fighting back, Clint was taken captive. Regaining consciousness later, Clint saw a bound Barney being threatened by members of the Tracksuit Mafia and when most of the Mafia members left, leaving only a guard to threaten Barney with a baseball bat, Clint noticed a scheming look in Barney's eyes. Barney then managed to loosen the ropes tying his hands and fought back against the guard, who hit Barney several times with the bat before stabbing Barney with a switchblade knife. Clint managed to regain his own strength and knock out the guard in time to cradle the severely injured Barney. Looking up, Clint saw his dog Lucky carrying an arrow in his mouth.

(Hawkeye IV#22 (fb) - BTS) - Once Clint had left to continue the battle against the Tracksuit Mafia, Barney started moving and managed to untie one of the elderly apartment residents then departed.

(Hawkeye IV#22) - Following the battle with the Tracksuit Mafia, Clint returned to the apartment roof to find Barney's wheelchair empty and an elderly apartment resident explained how Barney had saved him then left. When the elderly man said that he figured Barney had left to help Clint and mentioned money, Clint put two and two together and assumed Barney had left, keeping the bag of money for himself. A short time later, Barney phoned Clint to tell him that he had gotten his money back without having to kill Clint. When Clint started to argue, Barney replied that he didn't care anymore and that he had a good life now with his former apartment neighbor and her children. He then explained that the money would help take care of them all for a long time and told Clint to take it easy. When Clint swore he would one day find Barney again, Barney replied that he wouldn't.

(All-New Hawkeye II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Barney used the money to buy an island for himself and his newfound family.

(All-New Hawkeye II#6 (fb) - BTS) - Thinking it would be fun, Barney had his family assume aliases while on the island, calling Simone by the name of Cheryl despite her refusal to use the alias.

(All-New Hawkeye II#3) - Finding Barney, Clint traveled via helicopter with his dog Lucky to the island where Barney and his family had taken residence. Admitting that he didn't expect to see Clint there, Barney was told that Clint hadn't expected Barney to steal Clint's money and buy an island. The two then exchanged an awkward silence before putting things behind them and hugging. Clint joked about Barney's recent weight gain and Barney admitted that retirement suited him. Later that night after dinner, Clint admitted to Barney that he now had a good setup and Barney excused himself from Cheryl (his former apartment neighbor). Barney and Clint then walked out onto the beach and discussed how the two of them had always been moving instead of settling down in one place. Barney asked where Kate Bishop was and when Clint replied things were complicated, Barney reminded Clint that things always were with him. He then announced that Clint was free to stay as long as he wanted but suggested that if things were complicated with Kate, Clint should make them uncomplicated and fix things. Barney then told Clint that Kate was his anchor and he didn't seem to work without her before turning back towards the house.

(All-New Hawkeye II#4) - Disguised as Hydra agents, Barney Barton and Kate Bishop freed S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Project Communion children from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody alongside true Hydra agents. Not wishing to tip S.H.I.E.L.D. off that he was allied with Barney and Kate, Clint arranged for himself to stop the "Hydra agents," arriving on the scene in time to knock out one of the true Hydra agents. Driving a semi truck, Barney, playing along as a Hydra agent, shot Hawkeye, knocking him off of the truck and sending him tumbling to the ground.

(All-New Hawkeye II#5) - Still disguised as a Hydra agent, Barney helped Clint faked the deaths of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Project: Communion children by allowing Clint to blow up the semi truck, secretly speeding off with Kate and the children in the other Hydra vehicle during the explosive distraction. While Hawkeye lied to Maria Hill, telling her that he had accidentally caused the truck carrying the children to crash and explode while attempting to stop it, Barney and Kate Bishop drove the children to an aircraft hangar, where they reunited with Kate. After convincing Maria Hill of the children's deaths, Hawkeye met back up with Barney, Kate and the children. When Kate remarked how she couldn't believe they had pulled off faking the children's deaths, Barney reminded her that the Barton boys had been picking pockets before Kate was even in diapers.

(All-New Hawkeye II#6) - As Barney, Clint, Kate and the rescued children boarded a plane, Barney questioned Clint's ability to fly the craft. When Clint reminded Barney that he was an Avenger, Barney quickly replied that he was the token "normal guy" on the team. Their argument was interrupted when Hydra arrived to reacquire the children. Clint ordered Barney to stay behind as he and Kate exited the plane to stop Hydra. Right before Clint was nearly choked to death by a Hydra agent, Barney appeared and shot the agent with an arrow, ordering the agent to get his hands off of his little brother and asked if Clint really thought Barney was going to let the two Hawkeyes have all the fun. Returning to Barney's island, Barney asked his newfound family to come out to meet the freed children they had rescued. Asking Simone's boys to be nice, Barney welcomed everyone inside to eat, as he was starving. As Clint and Kate decided to part ways amicably, Barney continued enjoying his time on the island with his family and the rescued children.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Gene Colan, and George Klein.

Like the previous Trick Shot, Barney Barton's codename was alternately spelled "Trickshot" or "Trick Shot" in his various appearances. To differentiate between the two archers in this profile, the original is named "Trick Shot" while Barney is the one word version.

The flashbacks to Barney and Clint's life prior to Clint becoming the costumed adventurer Hawkeye are somewhat muddy. Most of them depict Barney as a caring brother who fell into a life of thievery and petty crime but the flashbacks in the 3rd Hawkeye series seem to depict Barney as wanting to change and get out of his carnival life. Given how rocky Barney's life has been in the modern era from racketeer to possible undercover CIA agent (which later proved to be false) to revenge-obsessed adventurer to down-on-his-luck Clint Barton ally, it seems to only make sense that his childhood was also ripe with indecision. Judging from the recent retcons in the All-New Hawkeye series, it seems that Barney was deep down a good person who turned to thievery in order to stay with the carnival, briefly trying to get above his situation in life by working towards GED and trying to talk Clint into leaving the carnival before giving up and falling back into a life of crime.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Barney Barton has no known connections to

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