TYLER NIXON full body

Real Name:  Tyler Nixon

Identity/Class:  Human

Occupation:  Drug dealer

Group Membership:  None

Affiliations:  Jerome, Kara; formerly Pat

Enemies:  Felon

Known Relatives:  Danny (brother), Elizabeth (mother), Kiden (sister), Nick (father, deceased), unidentified brother (last name Nixon)

Aliases:  Big Guy, Ty

Base of Operations:  Long Island, New York; formerly 45 Essex St. in Alphabet City, New York

First Appearance:  NYX#1 (November, 2003)

Powers/Abilities:  Tyler had no superhuman powers but was reasonably skilled at dealing drugs.

head shotHistory: (NYX: No Way Home#1 (fb)) – As a young child, Tyler posed for a photograph with his father Nick and sister Kiden.

(NYX#1 (fb)) - When Tyler was a child, he visited the police station where his father worked with his mother, sister, and two brothers. Tyler argued that he should distract his father while his mother got him a cake, but his mother said that Ty's sister Kiden would do it because she's less of a pain in her rear. After dropping Kiden off with their father Nick, Tyler and the rest of the family left to buy the cake. While they were gone, Nick was gunned down outside of Nino's convenience store.

 (NYX#1) - Years later, after his sister Kiden had woke up following a night of partying and ecstasy, Tyler asked Kiden how she liked the "stuff." He then reminded her that he gave her and her friend Kara the drugs at a discount, making it a point to tell her to tell Kara.

 (NYX#2) - The morning after Kiden first manifested her mutant abilities, Tyler teased Kiden about how their mother didn't ground her for getting in trouble at school. His questions about the breaking of Hector Morales's arm were interrupted when his mother arrived with a bag of drugs she found. When he couldn't explain why they were in the house, she flushed them down the toilet. He angrily threatened his mom and yelled at her until Kiden screamed at them and slammed the door.

 (NYX#4 (fb)) - Following a shooting at school that she inadvertedly caused due to her mutant powers, Kiden ran away from home and school. She briefly returned home to find Tyler hanging out with his friend, Jerome. Tyler told Kiden that their mom had met a new man and that she was moving the family out to Long Island. He also explained to Kiden that she was getting remarried and told her that since she had left, things had been nothing good around the house. She then sadly left. After bragging to Jerome about how "hard core" he was, he watched his sister walk from his life with a frown on his face.

 (NYX#6) - In an effort to find the location of X-23, a former prostitute who worked for Zebra Daddy, a mutant named Felon used his mutant powers on Tyler after discovering that X-23 was in the company of Kiden. Felon entered the mind of Tyler and learned what he had said to Kiden when she returned home. After calling Zebra Daddy and telling him that Kiden would not be returning home with X-23 in tow, he left Tyler's body and reentered his own. When Tyler came to, Felon grabbed his cellphone and punched Tyler, telling him that it was for being such a crappy brother.

 (NYX#7) - After a while had passed, Tyler went back inside his home and told his mother to watch her language in front of his younger siblings. Tyler then tried to interrupt his mom on the phone with the moving men to tell her something about Kiden, but she didn't pay attention. He then went into the kitchen and opened the fridge to get some ice for the black eye caused by Felon. His mom eventually asked what it was that he was trying to tell her, but Tyler just said "nothing." Two days later, Tyler packed in the car with his siblings, mother, and soon-to-be stepdad, and the group left for Long Island, not seeing the mailman chasing the car with a letter from Kiden.

Comments: Created by Joe Quesada, Joshua Middleton, and Jean-Francois Beaulieu.

I thought I'd mention that only one of Tyler's brothers were named: Danny. Since his name was mentioned off-panel, it is unclear which one is Danny.

Profile by Proto-Man


Tyler Nixon has no known connections to


Danny and his brother were the younger twin brothers of Tyler. They fought with each other, often chasing each other throughout the house. When their mother Liz found a new fiancé, she moved the entire family to Long Island.

--NYX#1 (fb) (#1, #2, #4 (fb) - BTS, #7


Jerome was a friend of Tyler's who was present when Kiden visited the house after being gone for six months. When Tyler told Kiden that things had been great since she left, Jerome replied that he was "hard core."

--NYX#4 (fb)


Liz Nixon was Tyler's mother and raised Tyler and his siblings for years following her husband's death. Years after her husband's death, Tyler had become a drug dealer and the source of stress with Liz. After finding drugs in his room, she flushed them down the toilet causing Tyler to threaten her. Later that day, her daughter Kiden ran away from home and six months later, Liz found a new fiancé. With her new fiancé, she eventually packed up her family and moved to Long Island, all the while wondering what had happened to her daughter Kiden.

--NYX#1 (fb) (#1, #2, #4 (fb) - BTS, #7




images: (not counting ads)
NYX#1, p9, pan4 (Danny & brother)
NYX#2, p2, pan6 (Elizabeth "Liz" Nixon)
NYX#4, p12, pan1 (Jerome)
 p12, pan4 (Tyler Nixon, fullbody)
 p12, pan6 (Tyler Nixon, headshot)

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