Real Name: Doris Kannon

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Bank teller

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

EnemiesMr. Holden, Simon Johnson

Known Relatives: unnamed son & daughter, unnamed husband (ran off, never seen in the story)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A bank presumably in Manhattan, New York
Personal address:
Doris Kannon
115th Street 3A
New York City

First Appearance: Marvel Fanfare I#42/2 (February, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: She is mother of two children and still has the power to work day and night.


(Marvel Fanfare I#42/2 (fb) - BTS) - Doris' husband ran off and left her with two children. She worked day and night, but half of the money went to day-care for her children, and she had trouble paying her other expenses. At her job as bank teller her boss Simon Johnson sexually harassed her. For three months she wasn't able to pay her rent, and she already owned her landlord 1600 dollars.


(Marvel Fanfare I#42/2) - Six months after Doris' husband had left her, Peter Parker went to Doris' bank to cash in a check, but she had to send him to the manager first because it needed to be signed. Back at her counter she gave him the money, but she accidentally gave him 100 dollars too much. Johnson--who was mad at her anyway because she had turned down his advances--took this mistake as an excuse to fire her. Parker took her file and visited her place as Spider-Man. Doris had trouble with her landlord who wanted the money she owed him. He didn't show any mercy and told her that she would be gone if she couldn't get the money within half an hour. Doris started packing, but when Holden returned with some packers she found 1500 dollars on her drawer (thanks Spidey). She gave Holden the money and got one more week to come up with the missing 100. Doris could stay and immediately called her friend Dinah to tell her the story about losing her job and finding the money. Spider-Man still listened and then left to convince Johnson to rehire Doris. Spider-Man's plan worked, and Doris got a call from Johnson who rehired her.


Comments: Created by Carl Potts & Terry Shoemaker.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Doris Kannon has no known connection to:

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Mr. Holden

    He was Doris' landlord, and she hadn't paid the rent to him for three months. When he learned that she had lost her job he wanted to throw her out within half an hour if she couldn't come up with the 1600 dollar she owed him. Spider-Man left the money in her apartment and Holden was paid. She was still 100 dollar short, but Holden gave her another week to come up with the missing money.


--Marvel Fanfare I#42

Simon Johnson

He was a bank manager and the boss of Doris Kannon. He wasn't nice to Peter when he dribbled water on his desk, but he signed Peter's check nonetheless. Doris had turned down his sexual advances, and he used the mistake she made when she gave Peter Parker 100 dollar too much as an excuse. to fire here. The next day he let Peter into the bank although it was already closed because Peter brought back the 100 dollar extra he mistakenly got. He called his favorite escort Jennifer as soon as he was done with Peter, but Peter returned when he saw that Doris was gone. Johnson told him that she was fired because she screwed up all the time and threw her file into the garbage and left. Peter took the file and accidentally the escort service card, which was stuck to Doris' file. That night Peter took photos of Johnson and his escort Jennifer. He sent them with a letter to Johnson and blackmailed him to rehire Doris and stop harassing his female employees. Johnson rehired Doris and then burnt the photo and the letter on the toilet.

--Marvel Fanfare I#42

Doris Kannon body shot: Marvel Fanfare I#42, p16, pan3
Doris Kannon head shot: Marvel Fanfare I#42, p16, pan4
Mr. Holden head shot: Marvel Fanfare I#42, p16, pan1
Simon Johnson head shot: Marvel Fanfare I#42, p19, pan2

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