Real Name: David Johnson

Identity/Class: Normal Human

Occupation: NYPD Police Officer and criminal

Affiliations: his family

Enemies: Vengeance (Michael Badilino)

Known Relatives: Mrs. Johnson (wife), Billy Johnson (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#149/1 (early March, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: None. He used a handgun as a weapon and wore a mask.

Average guy David Johnson lived an average life. He was just a Police Officer with a wife and a son.

(MCP#149/1 fb): Officer David Johnson was in deep trouble. The heart condition of his son Billy got worse and his insurance didn't want to pay the treatment because it was still experimental. David began to rob people who were suspected of drug involvement to get the money to save the life of his son.

(MCP#149/1): David robbed the sixth business, but this time it didn't work out that well. The owner of the shop attacked him with a baseball bat and David killed him. Vengeance arrived at the crime scene and attacked David. He took off the mask of David and burnt him with the hellfire. Days later, not many people attended the funeral aside of his family. Badilino saw a report on TV about David and began to think about his actions when he saw Billy Johnson crying.


Comments: Created by Chris Cooper and Fred Harper

This incident was the turning point for Vengeance. He didn't kill people anymore and became a hero (90s style). Not bad for a former Ghost Rider villain.

by Markus Raymond

The Johnsons are not related to:

Mrs. Johnson

She was the wife of David Johnson and attended the funeral of her husband together with her son. She was visited by Lt.Michael Badilino the next day. She told Badilino the story about the reasons of her husband who only wanted to save his son. When Badilino wanted to talk to Billy Mrs. Johnson saw that the gun of her husband was gone as was Billy when they ran to his room.

--Marvel Comics Presents#149/1

Billy Johnson

He was the son of David Johnson and attended the funeral of his father together with his mother. He took the gun of his father out of his drawer a day after the funeral and went to the roof of his house. He wanted to get the attention of Ghost Rider and would've have killed someone on the street to get it. Badilino talked to Billy and calmed him down. Badilino took the weapon and hugged Billy. Billy wanted to know if Ghost Rider was happy, because he killed his father and Badilino told him that he didn't know if Ghost Rider feels, but that he is in a cold dark place at that moment.

--Marvel Comics Presents#149/1


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