Fria watches Peacock go off to hunt the Snowbear

Real Name: Queen Fria

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse) human mutate

Occupation: Queen of Polaria

Group Membership: Royal houses of Subzero Zone

Affiliations: King Argon, Micronauts (Bug, Marionette, Microtron, Prince Pharoid, Arcturus Rann), Prince Peacock, Time Traveler

Enemies: Prince Peacock (when she was in her Snowbear form)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Snowbear

Base of Operations: Polaria, Subzero Zone, Homeworld, Microverse

First Appearance: Micronauts I#32 (August, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: In her human form, Fria had normal characteristics and was a gentle ruler of Polaria. Like other Polarians, such as Prince Peacock, she would have had remarkable resistance to the cold temperature and ice. She wore a golden crown plus a green outfit and cloak, and was secretly in love with Prince Peacock. In her Snowbear form, she became a huge and powerful white bear that stood about 12' tall. Although unable to talk, she seemed to still be quite self-aware when in her bear form with superhuman strength, stamina and speed across the snow, as well as fangs and claws, plus enhanced durability. As the Snowbear, she also had a protective glow, but this was not strong enough to halt projectile weapons. Any injury sustained while in her Snowbear form was also passed onto her human form. Interestingly, when she transformed back into human form, she kept her clothing, including her crown. Both her bodice and the chest of the Snowbear bore the same trident-like mark of the second Enigma Key.

Fria lies slainHistory:

(Micronauts I#32 (fb) - BTS) - The second key (of three) of the Enigma Force was held by Queen Fria of Polaria in Subzero Zone. She was too gentle to wield the key to protect Polaria, but could only surrender it upon death. She would transform secretly into the Snowbear. A legend developed that slaying the Snowbear would save the kingdom, although the killer would lose that which he held most dear. Prince Peacock, also of the Royal Court of Polaria, took it upon himself to kill the beast and was willing to sacrifice his own life to achieve this. Fria and Peacock were secretly in love with each other, but she would not tell him of her link with the key.

(Micronauts I#32) - In her Snowbear form, Fria ran through the snow, but was being hunted by Peacock, who fired an arrow at it, only wounding the creature with a shaft that was meant to kill. Peacock fired again, but the Time Traveler suddenly appeared and deflected the arrow as Fria transformed into her human form and escaped, although she had been wounded by Peacock's arrow. The Traveler generated a mini blizzard that temporarily froze Peacock, with neither able to discern each other's identity because of the snow storm. Peacock was later rescued by the Micronauts (Bug, Marionette, Microtron, Prince Pharoid, Arcturus Rann) and they traveled to Polaria where they encountered Queen Fria in an opulent sleigh. She welcomed the Micronauts and offered the resources of Polaria to help them find the next key of the Enigma Force, having been alerted to this quest by King Argon. Peacock identified the shape of the next key and that he had almost slain the Snowbear, which horrified her. Fria transforms

Later, unbeknownst to him, Queen Fria, clad in her green cloak, unable to express her love for him, rested silently outside Peacock's quarters. Hours later, Peacock left, quickly pursued by the Micronauts, to continue his hunt as a regretful Fria looked on. Her shoulder wound had been dressed and she seemed to recognize the sacrifice that was required.

(Micronauts I#32 - BTS) - Fria transformed once more into the Snowbear and followed the others.

Fria as the Snowbear


(Micronauts I#32) - Peacock tracked the Snowbear along the icy cliffs of Subzero Zone, with the white beast seemingly waiting for him to catch up. The Micronauts followed too and finally caught up with Peacock just in time to see him fire an arrow at the Snowbear. He hit the mark and was pulled along by a line of tensile plandanium that he had fixed to the shaft. The Snowbear roared in pain and bounded away with Peacock pulled along until Rann blasted the cable. Peacock, furious at Rann, aimed another arrow at the Snowbear, which now sat on a rocky outcrop watching them. Fria, as the Snowbear, had tired of trying to avoid her fate and welcomed death as the arrow plunged into her chest. The Snowbear fell, transforming as it did so, so that what landed was actually Fria's lifeless body. Her death freed the Enigma Key that had been emblazoned on the bear's chest. A forlorn and mournful Peacock refused to use it to help Polaria and instead gave it to Rann. As Polaria melted around him, Peacock prepared to die so that would not outlive his beloved.







Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Pat Broderick (penciler) & Dan Bulanadi (inker).

    It's not actually specified how she received this curse, but it may be linked the transformation element of the Enigma Keys. It's also not specified if it was linked to a particular time of day (e.g. sunset or night) or perhaps it was triggered whenever she left the city of Polaria.

Profile by Grendel Prime

Queen Fria (Snowbear) has no known connections to:

Micronauts I#32, p10, panel 6 (main)

p19, panel 5 (slain)
p3, panel 4 (transforming)
p15, panel 3 (as Snowbear)

Micronauts I#32 (August, 1981) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Pat Broderick (pencils), Dan Bulanadi (inks), Louise Jones & Tom DeFalco (editor)

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