Membership: Fran, Heather, Mary, Suzanne (director), several others

Purpose: To entertain increasingly drunk males at Dallas Cowboys games

Affiliations: Dallas Cowboys, Hulk, Spider-Man

Enemies: The Leader (Stern)

Base of Operations: Dallas, Texas

First Appearance: Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk in: Southwest Showdown (1982)

History: (Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk in: Southwest Showdown) - While on assignment in Dallas, Peter Parker took time out to visit his high school friend Fran, a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad.  The two shopped at Sanger Harris before Fran left with the squad on a national tour.

While traveling on their bus, they got lost during a storm. Arriving at a military base they believed to be Fort Sage, they were invited inside by the nervous soldiers working for the Leader. While the rest of the team rested, Fran and Heather took a look around the compound, accidentally stumbling upon a meeting where they learned the Leader planned to take over a missile system and hold the country hostage. Fran called Peter for help, but was cut off by one of the soldiers.  When a trip to the real Fort Sage turned up no leads, Parker donned his Spider-Man outfit to search the desert.  There, he came across the Hulk battling a platoon of the Leader's men.  He followed the soldiers back to their base, meeting up with Fran there.  While Spider-Man had some of the Cheerleaders dress in army uniforms to fool their way into other parts of the base, a very ticked off Hulk arrived.   The Leader engaged the two in battle from within a tripod weapon, while sending a legion of Battle Androids into the fray.  As a last ditch effort in defeat, the Leader launched a missile, which the Hulk promptly destroyed.  The real Fort Sage unit arrived and saluted the Cheerleaders for their hand in the situation. The next day, Parker was on the sidelines of the Fort Sage show as the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders shook their stuff.  After the show, Peter and Fran returned to the Sanger Harris store, where they giddily conversed about the back-to-school selection.

(Spider-Man and the Dallas Cowboys: Danger in Dallas) - After Spider-Man and the Dallas Cowboys defeated a plot by the Circus of Crime, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders performed at the Cowboys' football game against the New York Giants.

Comments: Created by impossibly good genetics, adapted by ???

I'm not doing profiles for the individual girls, save Fran, who has history with Peter Parker.  The rest simply weren't fleshed out. Whether or not they were based on actual 1982-era Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, I do not know. This profile only pertains to their adventures within the Marvel Universe, and does not include real-life history.

This was a promo comic inserted in Dallas Times Herald newspapers in 1982, and was sponsored by Sanger Harris stores (thus the constant shilling).

Chalk this up to either being an alternate universe or topical. Given that the girls are fairly generic, it could be at any point in the team's line-up, as opposed to the Dallas Cowboys' appearance a year later, which named star players as being involved.

Profile by Madison Carter


The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have no known connection to


An old high school friend of Peter Parker's, Fran went on to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.  The two met up again years later. When the Cheerleaders were held captive at the Leader's base, Fran called Peter, who helped rescue them as Spider-Man

-- Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk in: Southwest Showdown

Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk in: Southwest Showdown, cover (main image)
             page 3, panel 5 (Fran)

Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk in: Southwest Showdown (1982)
Spider-Man and the Dallas Cowboys: Danger in Dallas (1983)

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