full bodyJAKE THE RAKE

Real Name:  Jake Vicuna

Identity/Class:  Human

Occupation:  Mobster

Group Membership:  None

Affiliations:  The Carbone crime family

Enemies:  Andy McLean, Lt. Jeffrey Piper, the Punisher, Det. Sgt. Rizzo; indirectly Janet Ruiz

Known Relatives:  None

Aliases:  "The Man, the Legend"

Base of Operations:  New York

First Appearance:  Code of Honor#2 (March, 1997)

Powers/Abilities:  Jake the Rake had no superhuman powers, but had a fair amount of mob ties, especially with the Carbone crime family. He was often surrounded by bodyguards and was fairly wealthy.

head shotHistory:  (Code of Honor#2) - After months of survelliance, Lt. Jeff Piper and Andy McLean discovered that Jake the Rake spent most of the time going the clubs and parties. Both were informed that Jake had mob ties with the Carbone crime family, a theory that proved correct when Jeff spotted the Punisher entering Jake's home from across the street. As they watched, the Punisher busted into Jake's home and killed many of the mobsters present. Having met the Punisher before and knowing that the Punisher had murdered the mobsters, Jeff cornered the Punisher and shot him out the window. Jake the Rake then spoke with Jeff, asking his name. Jake explained that he owed Jeff one, but Jeff angrily told him that he didn't owe him anything. Not long after, during Jeff Piper's wedding, Jeff looked over and saw Jake the Rake raising his glass in a toast. Jeff confronted him and asked what his deal was. Jake replied that since Jeff had saved his life, he was buying Jeff and his wife dinner on their wedding day. Jeff started to get angry, but was pulled back to the wedding by one the guests. Jake once again raised his glass and said he'd see Jeff around. Soon after, one of Jake the Rake's meth labs was busted by Michael Badalino and a squad of policemen. During the raid, Michael was shot and the police discovered that Jake had been tipped off prior to the bust. Back at the police station, Jeff was given a suggestion that he transfer due to his "connection" with Jake Vicuna.

 (Code of Honor#3) - Years later, Jeff Piper witnessed Jake getting arrested. As Jake looked over at Jeff, Jeff thought that Jake had been sampling his own drugs. Once Jake was contained, Jeff walked into the interrogation room and punched him, blaming Jake for everything that had went wrong in his life. Due to the amount of drugs in his system, Jake did not even remember the punch afterwards.

Comments: Created by Chuck Dixon, Terese Nielsen, and Vincent Evans.

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Jake the Rake has no known connections to

Code of Honor#2, p21, pan5 (Jake the Rake, fullbody shot)
Code of Honor#3, p12, pan1 (Jake the Rake, headshot)

Code of Honor#2 (March, 1997) - Chuck Dixon (writer), Terese Nielsen, Vincent Evans (painters)
Code of Honor#3 (April, 1997) - Chuck Dixon (writer), Bob Wakelin, Derick Gross, Paul Lee (painters)

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