Real Name: Rachel Brown

Identity/Class: Human (Old West era)

Occupation: Servant, cook, slave

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Colonel Johnson, Reno Jones, Kid Cassidy, Ruby

Enemies: The Dawson Gang, Grey Fox

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Rachael, "Black Dove" (Grey Fox's name for her)

Base of Operations: Incredibly mobile in the American west
formerly, the Cassidy plantation, Georgia

First Appearance: Gunhawks#1 (October, 1972)

Powers/Abilities: Rachel was a decent cook.

History: (Gunhawks#1 (fb)) - Rachel Brown was the lover of Reno Jones, who was a fellow servant (slave) on the Cassidy plantation. When the Union attacked the plantation during the Civil War, Rachel was taken prisoner.

(Gunhawks#2 (fb) - BTS) - Rachel eventually wound up in the clutches of the Dawson Gang, who had her cook for them. They finally sold her to Colonel Johnson's plantation outside of River City, but Dawson kept a locket with a picture of her.

(Gunhawks#1 - BTS) - After Reno killed Dawson, he discovered the locket, and eventually learned what had become of Rachel.

(Gunhawks#2 (fb) - BTS) - Rachel was beloved by Colonel Johnson, who even had a portrait of her hung in his house, but she was stolen from the plantation by a Cheyenne raiding party, and made the woman of Grey Fox.

(Gunhawks#3) - When the village where Grey Fox people lived was burned down by the cavalry, Rachel and the Cheyenne who had been absent at the massacre found Kid Cassidy there, and she learned that Reno had been with him, but had been imprisoned with the surviving Cheyenne by the cavalry. Grey Fox thought Cassidy was his enemy, despite Rachel's protests, and he forced Cassidy to fight him. When Cassidy won the fight but refused to kill Grey Fox, Rachel told him he would have to become a brave himself in order for Grey Fox to save face, and Cassidy agreed to begin the rituals.

(Gunhawks#4) - Rachel watched as Cassidy endured all of the trials the Cheyenne set before him, and tried to convince Grey Fox that Cassidy was his friend, and tried to let Cassidy escape, but both men were determined to satisfy their honor.

(Gunhawks#5) - Rachel helped tend Cassidy's wounds as he recovered from his ordeals. When Grey Fox's camp was attacked by the cavalry, Grey Fox rode away with Rachel. Rachel saw Reno with Kid Cassidy as they fled, but Cassidy knocked Reno out so that he wouldn't interfere, as per her wishes.

(Gunhawks#6) - Rachel was forced to watch as Grey Fox attempted to snipe Captain Warren Worth from the trees, while Reno and Cassidy faced off nearby. Afraid that Grey Fox might hit Cassidy, Rachel shoved his gun, but he wound up hitting Cassidy by mistake. Grey Fox rode off with Rachel and tied her up while he went after Reno to kill him so that she would forget him for good. When Reno killed Grey Fox, Rachel was left tied up without anyone knowing her whereabouts. She was found by Ruby, who was leading a band of women to San Francisco (dance hall girls?). They set Rachel free, and brought her aboard their wagon.

(Gunhawk#7) - As Rachel rode with the other women in their wagon they were attacked by indian raiders, but Reno came and drove them off, then left without either being aware of the other's presence. Rachel came with the women to Cayuse, New Mexico, where Reno was coincidentally staying, but she came and went from the town without seeing him.

Comments: Created by Gary Friedrich, Syd Shores and Sol Brodsky.

I'm trying here to make Rachel's backstory sound less contrived, but...oy, she was like a human tennis ball, being batted all over the place.

The American Civil War ended in 1865, and Gunhawks#1 opened one year later, so the events of the Gunhawks series would be set in 1866-1867.

by Prime Eternal

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