of Earth-22791 

Real Name: Maya Bloodstone

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-22791) presumably human mutant

Occupation: Explorer/plunderer of ancient treasures

Group Membership: The Bloodstone Twins

Affiliations: Aztek Bloodstone, Elsa Bloodstone

Enemies: Anubak, Mephisto, Ragnarox, the Tsani

Known Relatives: Aztek Bloodstone (twin sister), Elsa Bloodstone (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001 (February, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Maya Bloodstone presumably gained superhuman physical attributes when she wore the Bloodstone choker.

History:  (Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001 - "Bloodstone: Have You Met My Sister" (fb) - BTS) - As a family, the Bloodstone women (Maya, Aztek, and their mother, Elsa) had been plundering treasures for years, facing all sorts of creatures and guardians of the treasures. Eventually, the women stole an artifact belonging to Mephisto, lord of the underworld, who kidnapped Elsa Bloodstone.

 (Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001 - "Bloodstone: Have You Met My Sister") - Maya Bloodstone teamed with her twin sister, Aztek, on a quest to rescue their mother, Elsa. Along the way, the duo entered an ancient building containing various treasures and were attacked by the humanoid tiger guardian inside. While Maya pilfered the booty, Aztek snuck up behind the tiger creature.

Comments: Created by Buddy Scalera and Alan Evans.

Profile by Proto-Man


Maya Bloodstone should not be confused with:

sub-entry imageAZTEK BLOODSTONE

Aztek was Maya's twin sister who accompanied her on her travels and on her quest to rescue their mother, Elsa. Aztek also wore a Bloodstone chocker capable of boosting her physical abilities to superhuman levels.

--Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001 - "Bloodstone: Have You Met My Sister"

Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001, p47, splash page (all pics in this profile came from this page)

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