Membership: Jack Bale, Francis Barnum, Percy Stevens, others

Purpose: To rebuild Avengers Mansion

Affiliations: Avengers (Captain America, Falcon, Quasar, Sersi, She-Hulk)

Enemies: Plantman (simuloid), Stilt-Man, Water Wizard, the Wrecker

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Avengers Annual#19/5 (1990)

History: (Avengers Annual#19/5) - Bale Construction was hired by the Avengers to help construct a new Avengers Mansion.  As the foreman, Jack Bale, showed the Avengers around, two workers, Francis and Percy, were finishing their lunch break.  Just as they were, they noticed the Plantman about to attack an unsuspecting She-Hulk.  Francis tackled the villain, and when it attracted She-Hulk's attention, Francis pretended he was just looking for a wrench.  When the Water Wizard arrived, Percy knocked him into a layer of wet cement.  The two then used rope to trip up Stilt-Man, all while still unnoticed by the Avengers.  When the Wrecker arrived several of the construction workers jumped him.  As Percy dumped a load of gravel on top of the Wrecking Crew member, the Avengers chided Bale for letting his men goof off.

Comments: Created by Gary Barnum, Steve Buccelato and Mickey Ritter

Francis' last name was revealed in Plantman's entry in All-New OHotMU#8.

Thanks to Chadman for pointing out that Baile's last name was actually spelled Bale.

Profile by Madison Carter


Bale Construction has no known connection to

Jack Bale

The foreman of the company, Bale showed the Avengers around the construction site, never noticing his employees fighting off an array of villains.

-- Avengers Annual#19/5

Francis Barnum

Francis and his co-worker Percy finished a lunch break, only to notice a continuous string of supervillains arriving at the Avengers Mansion site.  Francis jumped on and punched out Plantman, then helped Percy take down Stilt-Man.

--Avengers Annual#19/5

Percy Stevens

Percy and his co-worker Francis finished a lunch break, only to notice a continuous string of supervillains arriving at the Avengers Mansion site.  Percy knocked the Water Wizard into a layer of fresh cement before helping Francis take down Stilt-Man.  When the Wrecker arrived, Percy dumped a large amount of gravel on top of the villain.

-- Avengers Annual#19/5


Avengers Annual#19, page 57, panel 1 (Jack Bale)
Avengers Annual#19, page 58, panel 2 (Francis and Percy)

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