Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-Sloth) presumptive mutant or mutate

Occupation: Gatherer, servant of Proctor, former Avenger

Group Membership: The Gatherers, formerly the Avengers of an alternate Earth

Affiliations: The Gatherers (Anti-Vision, Cassandra, Magdalene, Proctor, Swordsman (Jarvert), Tabula Rasa, Ute),
formerly the Avengers of his own Earth

Enemies: The Avengers (Black Panther, Black Knight (Whitman), Black Widow (Romanov), Captain America (Rogers), Crystal, Hercules, Sersi, Thunderstrike, Vision), Coal Tiger, Lockjaw, Swordsman (Jarvert)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A citadel in the Andes mountains, formerly his native dimension 

First Appearance: Avengers I#355 (Late October, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Sloth had incredible strength and durability on par with a Hercules deprived of his immortality (class 75-90). He had very sharp claws and teeth and stood at least 7 and a half to 8 feet tall. He also had an enhanced olfactory sense.

Distinguishing characteristics: Sloth spoke with an Irish accent and was covered in thick brown fur.

History: (Avengers I#355 (fb/bts)) While Sloth's origin is unknown, he was once an Avenger in his native timeline, which was destroyed by the insane Sersi of his dimension. He was the last survivor of her Onslaught and was saved by Proctor, who recruited Sloth as one of his Gatherers. 

(Avengers I#355 (fb)) - Two times, completely cloaked from detection by the Avengers, the Gatherers infiltrated the Avenger's mansion, first to infiltrate their emergency beacon, and then to sabotage the Black Panther's skycar.

(Avengers I#355) - Sloth joined his fellow Gatherers Magdalene, Swordsman, and Cassandra on an alternate Earth on the verge of destruction. The Gatherers saved its last survivor in order to bring him to Proctor so he could be recruited to the Gatherers. This last survivor was an alternate version of the Black Panther called the Coal Tiger, whom Sloth personally apprehended with ease. However, the stress put on the Coal Tiger was too great, and for him to survive, it was ruled that Proctor needed to perform what he called a "gathering," in which he would kill the Black Panther of Earth-616 that his counterpart might live. To find the location of the Black Panther, the Gatherers infiltrated Avengers' Mansion once again. However, this time the Avengers were ready for them, and a fight ensued. Sloth battled against Thor and Hercules until Cassandra ended the battle by knocking out all of the Avengers with a powerful telekinetic blast.

(Avengers I#356) - After going to Wakanda to capture the Black Panther, Sloth and the Gatherers were again confronted by the Avengers. Sloth knocked out Lockjaw and temporarily incapacitated Hercules by throwing him into a cliff face. However, before their mission could be completed, Hercules recovered and attacked Sloth again, and the Gatherers made a hasty retreat as the elite Wakandan strike force came to back up the Avengers. Sloth and the others escaped through a portal opened by Magdalene, accept for the Swordsman, whom the Avengers took captive.

(Avengers I#358) - Sloth was present alongside Magdalene and Cassandra when Proctor told them of their next mission: to recruit another Gatherer, one which would ostensibly rescue the Swordsman, but in reality to kill him.

(Avengers I#359 (fb))- Sloth, Magdalene, and Cassandra went to recruit a new Gatherer, an alternate dimensional counterpart of the Vision. It took the full effort of all three of them to capture him, but they succeeded, albeit with minor injuries.

(Avengers I#360) - Sloth was present as the Vision of the prime reality was captured and contained by Proctor and the Gatherers. He was also present when Proctor switched the minds of the two alternate Visions into each other's bodies.

(Avengers I#363) - The Avengers located and attacked the Gatherer's citadel, interrupting their torture session with the Vision. Sloth was immediately engaged by Hercules, and the two plummeted through the wall of the top of the citadel and fell several scores of feet. Once at the bottom, Hercules pounded on Sloth relentlessly.  The battle ended when the citadel self destructed by command of Proctor. In the aftermath, Sloth was nowhere to be found. He is presumed dead.

(Avengers Forever#11-12) - Sloth was one of the evil Avengers plucked out of the time stream by the Time Keepers to battle the Avengers. He was eventually returned to his proper place in the time stream when the Time Keepers were killed by Kang.

Comments: Created by Bob Harras and Steve Epting.

    I know that not every character from every alternate Earth has an alternate dimensional counterpart on Earth-616, but still, I'd like some closure with the Gatherers. Were they based on anyone in particular? What were their origins?
    I've heard people claim that Sloth is an Irish Beast...that's quite a friggin' HUGE stretch...someone should go ask Bob Harras himself.

Thanks to Katu Watcher for pointing out a few mistakes in the power section and under enemies.

Profile by Stunner

Clarifications: Sloth should not be confused with:

images: Avengers I#356, Page 2 Panel 1

other appearances:

Avengers I#355-356 (Late October-November, 1992) - Bob Harras (writer), Steve Epting (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Avengers I#358-360 (January-March, 1992) - Bob Harras (writer), Steve Epting (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Avengers I#363 (June, 1993) - Bob Harras (writer), Steve Epting (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Avengers Forever#11-12 (November-December, 1999) - Kurt Busiek & Roger Stern (writer), Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Jesus Merino (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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