The Baron rams Luke and shoots with his spearTHE BARON

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human, technology user

Occupation: Crime Leader

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Checkpoint Charlie, Chemistro (Arch Morton), his "knights"

Enemies: Luke Cage, Big Brother, Cheshire Cat

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Milehigh Keep near NY City, USA

First Appearance: Luke Cage, Power Man#39 (January, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: The Baron is a normal human who uses ancient weapons modified with advanced technology such as: a spear firing laser rays, stunning energy maces, and ionic energy axes.

The Baron confessesHistory:

(Luke Cage, Power Man#39 (fb) - BTS) - The Baron was a criminal leader. He and his men wore medieval knight armor and wielded ancient weapons modified with advanced technology. The Baron heard that Big Brother, another criminal leader, wanted to attack his organization. Afraid of Big Brother's power, he hired Chemistro.

(Luke Cage, Power Man#39) - Chemistro tricked Power Man, convincing him to attack Big Brother in his base. Big Brother, however, revealed to Luke that Chemistro worked for the Baron.

One night, Luke assaulted the Baron's fortress, Milehigh Keep, and confronted him and his "knights". The Baron blasted him with his laser spear, but missed Luke. Luke unsaddled him, and the Baron ran away while Luke fought with the other knights. Luke grabbed the Baron before he could reach the weapon control room. The Baron admitted defeat and told to Luke everything he knew about Big Brother.


Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Bob Brown and Klaus Janson.

The Baron lived in a Castle at the top of a high steep peak. He had advanced weapons, some knights, and Chemistro at his flank and Luke defeated him in about 5 minutes! Now I understand why he wasn't so famous as criminal leader!

Profile by Spidermay


The Baron and his "knights" have no known connections to

The Knights have no known connection to:

Checkpoint CharlieCheckpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was the Baron's informant. He kept tabs on Luke Cage's whereabouts, reporting back to the Baron with various gadgets. He showed Chemistro where to attack Power Man and later watched Cheshire Cat, Big Brother's henchman.

--Luke Cage, Power Man#37(37-38








Milehigh Keep, the Baron's fortressMilehigh Keep

The Keep is a masterpiece of fortress. Built on the top of a high, steep peak, it is as invincible as unreachable. I wonder how anybody brought the materials for the construction up there, as there was no way of access on foot is seen.

The Keep was the Baron's headquarter. There were catapults, ancient cannons, probably the stables for the horses, medieval tapestries, a weapon control room, and at least four knights.

--Luke Cage, Power Man#39





One of Baron's knights with a stunning energy maceThe Knights

Four Knights were seen in Milehigh Keep, one of them seen in a video registration from Big Brother's base and other three present when Luke attacked the Castle. They mounted horses, wore chain mail or scale mail armors, and used technological advanced weapons with the shape of an ancient weapon.

They were overpowered by Luke.


--Luke Cage, Power Man#39

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Luke Cage, Power Man#39 (January, 1977) - Marv Wolfman (story), Bill Mantlo (script), Bob Brown (pecnils), Klaus Janson (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)
Luke Cage, Power Man#40 (February, 1977) - Marv Wolfman (writer/editor), Lee Elias (pencils), Frank Giacoia (inks)

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