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Real Name: Veronica von Frankenstein

Identity/Class: Human (possible mutate; see comments)

Occupation: Biophysicist, surgeon

Group Membership: The von Frankenstein Family (not a team, but a grouping)

Affiliations: Ralph Caccone, Children of the Damned, Frankenstein's Monster, Eric Prawn;
    formerly (seemingly)
Werner Schmidt;

Enemies: I.C.O.N. (International Crime Organization Nexus; Berserker android, Cardinal, Dreadknight (Bram Velsing), Indigo, Lilac, Werner Schmidt, Strand, Vermilion, Voltarr, Ludwig von Frankenstein (aka Rainbow), Zandor),

Known Relatives: Anna Munchmeyer & Johann Dippel (great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents, deceased);
Konrad von Frankenstein (born Konrad Dippel; great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, deceased);
Alphonse Frankenstein (great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, deceased);
    Ernst von Frankenstein (great-great-great-great-grandfather, deceased); Victor von Frankenstein (great-great-great-great-granduncle sometimes referred to as her great-grandfather, deceased), Elizabeth von Frankenstein (great-great-great-great-grandaunt, deceased), William von Frankenstein (great-great-great-great-granduncle, deceased);
Vincent von Frankenstein (great-grandfather), Lenore von Frankenstein (great-grandmother);
    Basil Frankenstein (grandfather, deceased);
Ludwig von Frankenstein (father);
Victoria von Frankenstein (sister; see comments));
Jason von Frankenstein (presumed distant relative or great-great-grandfather, deceased)
    Maximilian Frankenstein (Maximilian von Katzenelnbogen, distant relative);
    other Frankensteins

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Last seen living in a tower in Carcassonne, France;
formerly a Swiss Alps Chalet;

First Appearance: (Behind-the-scenes, referenced only as a Frankenstein) Frankenstein Monster#14 (January, 1975);
    (seen, identified) Frankenstein Monster#16 (May, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Veronica is an experienced surgeon and biophysicist.

    She can perform reconstructive surgery on the larynx, restoring speech to a being rendered mute via laceration to the larynx a century before (although he was in suspended animation for much of that time); she could perform surgery on the reanimated and apparently superhumanly strong tissue of the Frankenstein monster.

    She has the composure to perform skilled surgery in a timely fashion, even while enemy forces are bombing the room in which she worked.

    She is also experienced with blood transfusions.

    Like her older sister, Victoria, Veronica may use a formula to slow down her aging processes (see comments).

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'8"-5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 125-135 lbs.; she is pretty lean)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red-brown


(Frankenstein Monster#16 (fb) - BTS) - After learning of the revival of the creature created by her father, Veronica resolved to atone for the sins of ancestor Victor by helping the monster in every way possible.

(Frankenstein Monster#16 (fb) - BTS) - Cardinal -- a high-ranking agent with I.C.O.N. (the International Crime Organization Nexus; secretly led by her father, Ludwig) -- contacted Veronica, presumably wishing her aid in capturing the Frankenstein monster. Veronica apparently refused to aid ICON.

(Frankenstein Monster#14 (fb) - BTS) / Frankenstein Monster#16 (fb) - BTS) - Veronica -- with her boyfriend/associate Werner Schmidt (no known relation to Brain Drain) making the phone call to avoid discovery that she was a woman -- contacted private investigator Eric Prawn to bring Frankenstein's monster to "him."

(Frankenstein Monster#16 (fb) - BTS) - Werner -- posing as Frankenstein -- assured Prawn that the monster would not be hurt.

(Frankenstein Monster#14 - BTS) - Following the Frankenstein's monster and his new friend Ralph Caccone, Prawn was assaulted by I.C.O.N. agents. After the monster intervened, saving Prawn and subduing his attackers, after which Prawn introduced himself, noted that he had been trying to locate the creature for months, and he convinced the monster and Ralph to accompany him back to his apartment. However, upon arrival, they found the apartment occupied by ICON agent Cardinal and his reanimated assistant Zandor; Cardinal noted that Prawn had been hired by the last surviving member of the house of Frankenstein, who wished to erase the blemish of his family name by executing the monster (see comments).

(Frankenstein Monster#15 - BTS) - After the conflict ultimately resulted in the destruction of a local I.C.O.N. base, Prawn pressured Caccone and the monster at gunpoint to accompany him on a private flight to Switzerland.

(Frankenstein Monster#16 - BTS) - En route, Prawn told Ralph and the monster that his client had assured them that they would not be harmed, and he also reminded them that Cardinal had proven himself to be a criminal and had not had the monster's interests at heart.

(Frankenstein Monster#16) - After Prawn landed his plane at Victoria's Swiss Chalet, they entered the open door and followed Veronica's voice. After reaching her, she introduced herself and explained how Werner had been the voice on the phone to keep her true identity secret. She then approached and examined the monster, considering him to be docile, and her cool and gentle touch earned her the confidence of the monster. When she asked the "poor creature" if he would like to speak (as he had been rendered mute by damage to his vocal cords by the vampire Carmen in the late 19th century), the monster nodded emphatically, and Veronica instructed Werner to prepare the laboratory for her to operate that night.

    After explaining why she wished to help the monster and advising Ralph the Cardinal and I.C.O.N. had an ulterior motive for wishing to discredit her, Veronica ultimately told Ralph that the point was academic as the monster had already agreed to her help; she subsequently asked which of them would provide the blood transfusion for the procedure, to which Ralph ultimately agreed.

    Just before entering the operating room, Veronica encountered Werner, secretly preparing to shoot a flare to signal Indigo and Cardinal, circling relatively nearby in a helicopter. Covering the flare, Werner assured her that everything was ready, and Veronica instructed him to fetch the others as she prepped for surgery.

    After Werner brought the monster, Ralph, and Prawn to the operating theater, Ralph noted that he would provide blood in appreciation for the monster having repeatedly saved his life. When Prawn raised his gun and advised Veronica that he had promised Ralph and the monster their safety, Veronica advised him that any further assurances would be redundant and advised him to remain silent during the surgery.

    As Veronica initiated the surgery, Werner slipped away and fired the flare, which was seen by Indigo and Cardinal, who instructed the Marauders to initiate "assault-drop phase one"

    Seeing the flare ignite in the sky, Prawn investigated and saw numerous people in parachutes dropping toward them. Correctly presuming these to be I.C.O.N. agents, Prawn urged Veronica to hurry up, although he would try to buy her some time.

    After the attackers blew up his plane, Prawn realized that the abnormally large beings were a task force of Marauders, I.C.O.N.'s synthetic monster brigade. When the Marauders blew a hole in the wall of the operating room, Veronica instructed Prawn to defend the room as she could not be interrupted at this critical stage. As Prawn fended them off but urged haste, Veronica instructed him to be patient, as she was inserting the sutures at the moment. von_frankenstein-veronica-werner

    Prawn ultimately finished off the last of the Marauders, but the Indigo had the Berserker dropped. When Prawn realized it was bulletproof and urged flight, Victoria instructed him to detain it a moment more and keep it out of the room at all costs. However, the Berserker smashed a new hole into the OR and flattened Prawn and then Caccone when they tried to stop it.

    Completing the surgery, Veronica -- considering that the cyborg had noted that its purpose was to abduct Frankenstein's monster but that it may want to kill her -- fled for the door, but she was blocked by the surprisingly swiftly moving Berserker. Astounded at the creatures' speed, Veronica hoped that by remaining completely still and doing nothing to antagonize it, she might avoid harm at its hand. Meanwhile, the reviving Frankenstein's monster slammed into the Berserker and ultimately subdued it with electrical wires.

    Veronica, Ralph, and Prawn subsequently stared in shock as the monster voiced its first words in many decades, "Not a hero...but...who...am...I...who?"
    Veronica was pleased with her success.

(Frankenstein Monster#17) - When the monster questioned its existence, wondering if it was only good for killing, Veronica discouraged the thought and tried to lead him to another room for discussion. Werner then rushed in, asking if she was alright, and she questioned whether the sounds of explosion and gunfire had frightened him and prevented him from investigating until now. Although he embraced her and asked about the attackers, she dismissed him, telling him to clean the laboratory and avoid notifying the authorities due to the presence of their guest (the monster).von_frankenstein-veronica-post-room

(Frankenstein Monster#17) - As Veronica led the monster, Ralph, and Prawn to a room where they could sit and talk, Werner communicated with Indigo via Morse code, and they instructed him on how to repair the Berserker, even at risk of breaking his cover.

(Frankenstein Monster#17) - Veronica and the monster discussed the identity of the person whose brain was used in his form, and Veronica noted that she had tried to locate her ancestor Victor's notes and personal diary but had been unable to find them anywhere, as if every trace of Victor's work had vanished from the face of the Earth. Nonetheless, she vowed to help the monster in any way she could to atone for Victor's evil, to ease the pain he had brought to a helpless innocent. Nonetheless, the monster became frustrated, not wanting to pitied, and he rushed out into the snow-covered ground despite Ralph's efforts to stop him.

    Veronica subsequently suggested they give the monster a little bit of time, and if he did not return she would provide the coats to protect them from the frigid cold and have Werner lead them in a search.

    Later, however, they were interrupted by the repaired Berserker, who flattened Prawn and then asked about the monster's whereabouts. After Ralph noted that the monster had taken off into the snow, the Berserker departed to locate him.

(Frankenstein Monster#18) - Examining the unconscious Prawn, Veronica worried that he was critically injured and resolved to save him. When Ralph saw Werner outside rushing toward I.C.O.N.'s helicopter, she realized that he must have been the one to have repaired the Berserker, as well as the one who signaled to the assault troops while she was operating on the monster. Blaming Werner for having caused the monster to have run out on them (see comments) and for Prawn's injuries, Ralph grabbed Prawn's gun, ran outside and shot -- despite his inexperience with guns -- the helicopter's fuel tank, causing it to explode and apparently killing Werner, Indigo, and Cardinal.

    After the explosion knocked Ralph down, Veronica -- having determined that Prawn stable -- rushed out to check on him Ralph asked how some people were sick and twisted that they could push even a guy like him until he would go crazy and kill them. After she sympathetically told Ralph she did not know, they went back in to check on Prawn, and Ralph told Veronica that she was "outtasight!"

(Frankenstein Monster#18 - BTS) - The monster ended up bonding with the Berserker, but the latter was decapitated by the Children (of the Damned; creations of Basil, Ludwig, and Victoria Frankenstein), who captured the monster and brought it to Castle Frankenstein and their "mother"/ruler, Victoria (Veronica's older sister, see comments). von_frankenstein-veronica-withralph

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#2 (fb) - BTS) - Veronica chose to live in tranquility with her friend and lover Ralph Caccone in her tower in Carcassonne, France, which had been converted to become a modern habitation.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#1- BTS / unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#2 (fb) - BTS) - Eric Prawn, now an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., investigated a resurgence of I.C.O.N. and convinced the French and Irish heroes Peregrine and Shamrock to "find Frankenstein" before dying at the hands of I.C.O.N. agent Vermilion. Via SHIELD databases, Peregrine tracked "the last recorded Frankenstein," Veronica to her tower in Carcassone, and he and Shamrock traveled there.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#2) - Alongside Ralph, Veronica welcomed Peregrine and Shamrock into her home.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#2 (fb) - BTS) - Peregrine and Shamrock related recent events to Veronica and Ralph.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#2) - After expressing sorrow for Prawn's death, Veronica shared the history of the Frankenstein family.

    Seeking to collect I.C.O.N.'s bounty on Veronica's head, Dreadknight then broke through the windows, stunned Veronica and Ralph with his gun, attached Veronica to the cable on which he had descended, still attached to his Hellhorse, and caused the cable to retract leaving her bound to Hellhorse.. Dreadknight then summoned and mounted Hellhorse, but Shamrock ultimately caused his saddle strap (girth?) to break, and he fell to seeming death.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#2 (fb) - BTS) - Peregrine and Shamrock freed Veronica from the Hellhorse and returned her to her home.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#2) - With Ralph only slightly wounded, Veronica finished her story, detailing the history of Victoria Frankenstein (see comments) and noting that Dreadknight's involvement indicated that I.C.O.N. knew about Victoria and and that they had likely assaulted Castle Frankenstein.von_frankenstein-veronica-front-upper-oblique

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#3 (fb) - BTS) - Peregrine and Shamrock brought Veronica to Castle Frankenstein in the Swiss Alps, and they made plans to split up.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#3) - Overlooking the castle, Veronica confirmed she knew her plan.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#3 (fb) - BTS) - Shamrock and Peregrine dropped off Veronica.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#3 - BTS) - The heroes were confronted by I.C.O.N. agents Lilac and the Berserker as well as a spider-like member of the "Children" (malformed creations of Basil and Ludwig Frankenstein). Rainbow instructed Lilac to stop them but not kill them yet, as he wished to learn what they had done with Veronica.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#3 - BTS) - The Berserker subdued the heroes who were brought to and strapped down in a laboratory. von_frankenstein-veronica-kneesup

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#3 (fb) - BTS) - Via a secret passage known only to the Frankensteins, Veronica -- armed with some kind of gun -- traveled to the dungeon.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#3) - With other guards, etc. presumably distracted by Shamrock and Peregrine, Veronica located and freed Victoria, cutting the chains holding her with a handheld laser. When they were subsequently confronted by the spider-like member of the Children, Victoria stopped Veronica from blasting the creature with her laser and instead reasserted her control over it.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#3 (fb) - BTS) - Veronica and Victoria located the cell in which Lilac was torturing Shamrock and used the controls to release both Shamrock and Peregrine. In the ensuing struggle, the door was opened to Lilac's core laboratory, which contained the agonized head and dissected body of the Frankenstein monster.

    Appalled by this, the Berserker was convinced to turn against Lilac, who backed into and was electrocuted by damaged machinery.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#4 (fb)) - Veronica and Victoria reassembled the Frankenstein's monster.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#4 - BTS) - Having obtained the location via Lilac's files, Shamrock, Peregrine, Frankenstein's monster, and the Berserker arrived at I.C.O.N.'s headquarters on a Swiss Alpine mountain top, intending to take down the organization and its leader, Rainbow, once and for all.

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#4) - Rainbow, revealed to be Ludwig Frankenstein, unleashed the Silver Monster (a Frankenstein monster-type covered with a Silver Surfer-like coating, created from the original monster and Ludwig's X-Machine). The heroes subdued and captured Ludwig and the Silver Monster

(unpublished Shamrock and Peregrine story, episode#4 - BTS) - Contacted by Peregrine, SHIELD sent a squad from Geneva to clean up I.C.O.N. and imprison Ludwig and the Silver Monster.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench, Val Mayerik, and Bob McLeod.

    Jean-Marc Lofficier was kind enough to send me the unpublished plot intended for a Marvel Comics Presents story. You can read it HERE.
    The identity of Rainbow as Ludwig von Frankenstein from Lofficier's story was included in the Frankenstein Monster profile in OHotMU Horror 2005 (and in the A-Z hardcover), and the encounter was also referenced in le Peregrine's profile in All-New OHotMU Update#3 and Shamrock's profiles.
--Markus Raymond
    However, since most of the details are unpublished, I've listed most of the history/etc. in italics.

    As noted in the above-mentioned plot, JML said:

    This 4-part SHAMROCK-PEREGRINE was commissioned by Terry Kavanaugh for Marvel Comics Presents, and it was written & paid for. Then Kavanaugh got told that MCP should feature more commercial characters like, say, Wolverine, so exit Shamrock & Peregrine.
    So far it would be of zero interest if not for the fact that this story (a) made sense of all the von Frankensteins floating around in Marvel and (b) it also wrapped up the unfinished I.C.O.N. storyline from the FRANKENSTEIN comic.
    Also, though unpublished, a fair amount of the background material got reused verbatim in DR STRANGE: SORCERER SUPREME #37 ("FRANKENSURFER" story).   

    There was artwork, 2 or 3 trial pages by by Leo Duranona, but I don't think I kept these, plus four pages (at least AFAIK) by another artist.
In subsequent discussion, JML noted that the script would have been written/approved in 1989.

--Jean-Marc Lofficier

Also, in this unpublished story, Victoria and Veronica are noted to be cousins, and Veronica noted that Victoria was the direct descendant of Victor by a liaison he had in while he was still studying at the university. That would specifically make Veronica and Victoria  fourth cousins
By the time the history of the Frankenstein's saw print in the Dr. Strange story, Victoria and Veronica were confirmed to be sisters (with Victoria as the older sister).
JML said "I think them being sisters is in a fact a much better idea! I can't recall why I didn't go that way, except perhaps it was more likely an explanation for them being unaware of each other."
(Me/Snood again) In her first appearance(s), Victoria noted herself to be the direct descendant of Victor, but it is difficult to determine whether she was just trying to gain credibility or whether she believed it be the truth, or whether it really was the truth.
    I would credit the Book of the Vishanti with knowing the truth. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe entry supports the information in the Book of the Vishanti.

I also asked JML if there was any particular reason Prawn had sought out Peregrine and Shamrock to get involved with I.C.O.N. and the Frankensteins.
JML said "There probably WAS a reason in my head, but having only 8-page chapters to tell the story, I think it didn't make the cut. Meaning, if it's not in the script you have, then, ultimately, none were stated. I don't have any special recollection other than the vague "they'd worked together in the past"  (They being Prawn and Alain Racine)."

    It would be great to get this published in one of those "From the Vault"-type lost stories, but for now, we've got the plot, and I'll get all of the characters profiled.

    How old is Veronica?

    With Werner in place by Veronica's side for an undisclosed length of time, Cardinal should have known that the last known surviving Frankenstein (with Victoria's existence being generally unknown at the time) was a woman. However, perhaps Rainbow/Ludwig did not wish Cardinal to know, or perhaps Cardinal chose not to inform Prawn that his client was a woman, for whatever reason.
    Regardless, it would have been been in I.C.O.N.'s best interest to make the Frankenstein monster and any of his allies think that Prawn was involved with anyone with the goal of destroying the monster.

    It's not quite right that Ralph blamed Werner for the monster's running off.
    Werner was part of the group that sent the Berserker, and the monster's seeming killing of the Berserker had upset him, making him feel that he was only good for killing...but he left over frustration with not knowing his own identity, which didn't really have anything to do with Werner.
    Regardless, he was right to want to stop Werner, as he did reactive the Berserker, which had injured Prawn.

    There are a ton of unprofiled Frankenstein characters out there. In Wolverine and the X-Men#22 (February, 2013), the Frankenstein monster -- as he is trying to kill young Maximilian Frankenstein -- references tracking down and killing all of the Frankensteins. He specifically references Wolfgang, Grigore, Bianca, Gustav. He does not reference Victoria, who showed up alive and well in Wolverine V#3 (July, 2013) and a number of subsequent issues, although I believe she does reference that she is keeping her existence secret to try to prevent the monster from finding and killing her. He also does NOT reference Veronica. As the monster has been fairly consistently allied with Victoria (as recently before the Wolverine issues as Hulk Monster-Sized Special#1 (December, 2008)), it seems unlikely that he would be trying to kill Victoria. It also seems exceedingly unlikely that he would try to kill Veronica who has only tried to help him.

    Veronica Frankenstein originally was covered within the von Frankensteins profile, first posted 01/06/2002. The von Frankensteins profile attempted to be all-encompassing, but it is limited in terms of breadth and depth. Hopefully profiling each of the von Frankensteins individually will allow superior coverage...

    The von Frankenstein family sold their castle to the state in 1662. In 1732, Konrad Dippel received the title to Castle Frankenstein, founding a new dynasty of von Frankensteins. Thus, the von Frankensteins from which Veronica is descended are not directly related to: Arbogast von FrankensteinFrank von Frankenstein, Georg von Frankenstein, Hans von Frankenstein, or any of this line's descendants.

Profile by Snood.

Veronica Frankenstein
should be distinguished from:

Swiss Chalet

von_frankenstein-veronica-swiss-chalet-abovevon_frankenstein-veronica-swiss-chalet-frontFor an undisclosed timer period, Veronica dwelled with Werner as her assistant and apparent lover in an immense Swiss Chalet, which contained numerous rooms and facilities, including a full operating room facility.

After learning of the monster created by her ancestor Victor resurfacing in the present, Veronica resolved to help the creature in any way possible, and she hired Eric Prawn to bring the creature to her home.

After Prawn delivered the creature, along with the monster's new friend, Ralph Caccone, Veronica convinced the monster to let her perform surgery to restore his ability to speak. Although the traitorous Werner contacted his associates in
I.C.O.N. who sent in forces to bomb the chalet, blowing holes in the operating room itself, Veronica successfully completed the procedure as the powerful Berserker android arrived.

     After the revived Frankenstein monster subdued the Berserker, Veronica and the others spoke with the monster in an art-filled room, but the monster ultimately became frustrated and fled the facility. Werner repaired the Berserker, which pursued the monster, and then Ralph blew up I.C.O.N.'s helicopter, apparently killing Werner along with his I.C.O.N. associates.

Frankenstein Monster#16 (17-18

Note: Veronica and Ralph subsequently relocated to
a tower in Carcassonne, France.

: (without ads)

Frankenstein Monster#16, pg. 3, panel 2 & 5 (Swiss chalet; overhead and front);
       pg. 4, panel 3 (full-shadowed, by fireplace);
       pg. 5, panel 2-4 (two upper body views; facing and aside monster);
       pg. 10, panel 2 (prepped for surgery);
    #17, pg. 5, panel 3 (embracing Werner);
       pg. 7, panel 3 (posterior view; sitting room);
       pg. 8, panel 3 (face, close-up);
          panel 3 (knees up, in color);
    #18, pg. 5, panel 3 (reaching for Ralph in the snow)

Frankenstein Monster#14 (January, 1975) - Doug Moench (writer), Val Mayerik (pencils), Dan Green (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Frankenstein Monster#15 (March, 1975) - Doug Moench (writer), Val Mayerik (pencils), Klaus Janson (inks), Len Wein (editor)
Frankenstein Monster#16-17 (May-July, 1975) - Doug Moench (writer), Val Mayerik (pencils), Bob McLeod (inks), Len Wein (editor)
Frankenstein Monster#18 (September, 1975) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Val Mayerik (pencils), Val Mayerik & Dan Adkins (inks), Len Wein (editor)
Unpublished Shamrock & Peregrine story for Marvel Comics Presents by RJM Lofficier & Leo Duranona
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#37 (January, 1992) - Roy & Dann Thomas (writers), Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier (co-plot flashback), Geof Isherwood (artist), Mike Rockwitz (editor)

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