satha-set-niord-rearup SATHA

Real Name: Allegedly Set, but possibly Satha (see comments)

Identity/Class: Supernaturally (presumably demonic) large venomous serpent (possible Elderspawn (described on this page);
    active circa the Hyborian era

Occupation: Predator

Group Membership: None known

Affiliations: Presumably Set

Enemies: Niord, Picts (including Gorm), the Wyrm

Known Relatives: It is unrevealed whether Satha was a manifestation or an aspect of Set, or one of Set's offspring or descendants

Aliases: "The Great Serpent"; "the mighty crawling one" (from Gorm); "nightbeast" (from Niord);
    Set (true name, according to the Wyrm)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly a southern jungle (relative to the land ruled by Niord and the Valley of the Worm)

First Appearance: "The Valley of the Worm" in Weird Tales (February, 1934);
    (Marvel) Supernatural Thrillers#3 (April, 1973)


Powers/Abilities: Satha was an immense serpent possessing venom that was not only (presumably) rapidly fatal to people but could also slay the much larger and mystically-powered Wyrm. The venom could be harvested and used to coat arrows.

    Satha could move swiftly, although an athletic man could stay ahead of him for perhaps a minute or more while navigating across jungle terrain.

    Satha's great size would have presumably granted him great power to crush/constrict a foe as well, although he did not demonstrate this.

    Although some sort of magical origins are almost-certain, Satha was vulnerable to conventional injury and could be slain by a sword made of steel.

satha-set-niord-trappedLength Unrevealed (approximately 50')
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 1000 lbs.)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None
Scales: Orange

(Supernatural Thrillers#3 (fb) - BTS) - The great venomous known as Satha was the only beast feared by the nearby tribe of Picts ruled by Gorm.

(Supernatural Thrillers#3 (fb) - BTS) - After Niord's Aesir conquered Gorm's Picts, Niord befriended Gorm, who taught of him or new valleys and beasts like the giant serpent Satha.

(Supernatural Thrillers#3 (fb) - BTS) - After a settlement formed by Niord's former tribesman, Bragi, had been slaughtered by the Wyrm, Gorm confirmed the nature of the slaughter, and Niord resolved to avenge his people and end the threat of their killer. Niord told Gorm to take him to Satha, acknowledging that while he knew Satha had not committed the slaughter, he had need of Satha's venom. Gorm advised Niord that no man dared to seek out the mighty crawling one, but Niord insisted that he dared. Astounded, Gorm nonetheless complied.
satha-set-niord-swordattack    Gorm lead Niord deep into the southern jungle until they came to a low-lying expanse, dank and dark beneath the creeper-festooned trees, where their feet sank deep into the spongy silt, carpeted by rotting vegetation, and slimy moisture oozed up under their pressure. Gorm then advised that he would go no further and that neither should Niord: "Not even the bravest of my people's warriors would stalk Satha -- here, in his lair."
     Reminding Gorm that he was not one of his people, Niord proceeded set a trap for Satha, using his sword to chop down a large tree and letting it fall so that its weight was caught by a smaller trunk, leaving it suspended a few feet above the ground. Niord then slipped a prop-pole under the larger tree trunk and then cut away the smaller tree trunk that had been supporting it before finally fastening a long vine as thick as his wrist to the prop-pole.

(Supernatural Thrillers#3 (fb)) - Niord then went alone through the foul-smelling jungle before hearing something move through the underbrush, after which Satha reared up and hissed at him. Niord challenged Satha that he had come to fight his last battle, which he felt the need to clarify would end in Satha's death. Niord then turned and fled, taunting Satha to chase him as he stated that he was not fool enough to face his deadly fangs with a naked sword.

     Finally, after reaching the other side of his trap, Niord told the onrushing Satha, "...though I am to as a mouse is to a king cobra -- this mouse is fanged!" As Satha's head passed under the supported tree trunk, Niord tanked the prop-pole out, and the trunk collapsed on Satha's neck, with a broken branch spearing his body.

     Appreciating that Satha would break free in an instant, Niord rushed forward and slew the mighty serpent with his sword.


    Niord then harvested Satha's venom to coast his arrowheads to use against the Wyrm.

(Supernatural Thrillers#3 (fb) - BTS) - Niord fired all of his venom-coated arrows into the Wyrm, enabling him to kill it, although he perished in the process.

satha-set-niord-serpwar1(Conan: Serpent War#1) - The Wyrm influenced Niord's reincarnation James Allison to recall his life as Niord. They Wyrm told Allison that the Great Serpent was called Satha by "those fools" but that "Set" was its true name.

to the great venomous serpent Satha, whom he trapped and slew before harvesting the venom to coat his arrowheads. 

Comments: Created by Robert Erwin Howard;
    adapted to Marvel by
Roy Thomas & Gerry Conway, Gil Kane, and Ernie Chan.

    The Wyrm was called the Worm in the original stories, but its true form was seen and its nature was detailed/expanded in the Serpent War series, which clarified its name as the "Wyrm."
    So that's what I went with...

    Satha was a giant serpent in the Hyborian era, but it was nothing compared to the power of Set. The Wyrm was manipulating Allison to gather warriors to oppose Set, and it could easily have been lying to or misleading him. I think Satha could have been an aspect or an incarnation of Set, or perhaps a descendant.

    Satha originally had a sub-profile under Niord, originally published 10/17/2010.

Profile by Snood.

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"The Valley of the Worm" in Weird Tales (February, 1934) - Robert Erwin Howard (writer)
Supernatural Thrillers#3 (April, 1973) - Roy Thomas & Gerry Conway (adaptation), Gil Kane (pencils), Ernie Chan (inker), Roy Thomas (editor)
Conan: Serpent War#1 (February, 2020) - Jim Zub (writer), Vanesa Del Rey (penciler & inker; James Allison sequence), Scot Eaton (penciler), Scott Hanna (inker), Martin Biro (assistant editor), Mark Basso (editor), Ralph Macchio (consulting editor)

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