quarry_of_creation-thanos8Type: Alien dimension pocket realm beyond all time and space

Environment: Barren land surrounding a pit filled with the petrified remains of former gods;
    it apparently has some sort of life-sustaining biosphere as Eros and the de-powered Thanos wore space helmets in while in space, but they removed them after reaching the God Quarry

Usual means of access: A black hole on "the edge of the universe";
    also via mystic means and presumably vibration attunement

Dominant Life Form: Petrified remains of former gods (including Thane

Significant Inhabitants: Avenger Prime (Loki Laufeyson-18201), Multiversal Avengers (notably Ant-Man-818/21170 (Tony Stark), Infinity Thing-818/21170 (Ben Grimm), Moon Knight-818/21170 (Mariama Spector), Star Panther-41766 (T'Challa), Thor Odinson-56337 (God of Fists), Vision-818/21170, Wonder Man-818/21170 (Simon Williams), the Carol Corps (various realities' Carol Danvers/Captain Marvels), Deathlok-possessed Progenitor, the Howling Commandos/Howlers (various realities' Captain America/Steve Rogers counterparts)
    formerly Deathloks from various realities, the Witches of Infinity

Visitors: Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Avengers (All-Rider/Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Echo/Phoenix/Maya Lopez, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Nighthawk-21798/Kyle Richmond, Starbrand/Brandy Selby, Thor Odinson, Valkyrie/Jane Foster), Avengers of 1 million BC (Agamotto, Iron Fist/Fan Fei, Moon Knight, Odin Borson, Phoenix/Firehair), Captain Carter (see comments), Champion of the Universe (Tryco Slatterus), Council of Red (Mephistos of numerous realities), Dark Phoenix-14412 (Raven Darkholme), Doom the Living Planet, Doom Supreme-22215, Flowa, Emma Frost (formerly White Queen), Galactus (Galan), Gamora, Goddesses of Thunder of Reality-14412 (Atli, Ellisiv, Frigg), Gorilla-Man (Ken Hale), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Kang the Conqueror (Nathaniel Richards), Ka-Zar (Kevin, Lord Plunder), Loki Laufeyson, Longbow-398, Mephisto, Moondragon-18897 (Heather Douglas), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Nebula (alleged granddaughter of Thanos), Old Man Phoenix-14412 (Logan), Phyla-Vell-18897, Starfox (Eros), Tony Starks of various realities, Thane, Thanos, Thors of various realities, Ursa Major (Mikhail Ursus), Visions of various realities, Adam Warlock, "War Widow," seven unidentified Watchers;
    numerous unidentified Multiversal Avengers;
    possibly Loki Laufeyson-19456

Significant Locations: Avengers Tower

Aliases: Infinity's End, Quarry of Creation, the precipice, "our den" (from the Witches of Infinity)

First Appearance: Thanos II#8 (August, 2017)

Properties: The God Quarry is the bedrock of creation, a border between the Multiverse's myriad realities and a cosmic swamp of the rotting remnants of the First Firmament (an existence preceding the current Multiverse). These remnants are an "unending ocean of dark power."

     It exists beyond time and space, and is the "heart of the All and the Always."





(Avengers Forever II#15 (fb) - BTS) - The God Quarry is the bedrock of creation, a border between the Multiverse's myriad realities and a cosmic swamp of the rotting remnants of the First Firmament (an existence preceding the current Multiverse).

(Avengers VII#65 (fb) - BTS) - The God Quarry, at Infinity's End, was a land more ancient than existence itself. It was a place of great power that had drawn gods like moths to the flame since time immemorial.

(Thanos II#8 (fb) - BTS) -  When Thanos possessed the Infinity Gems, he sensed the Witches of Infinity at the edges of the universe....in the blackest parts of space.

(Thanos II#8 (fb) - BTS) - After a dying Thanos had been stripped of his power and trapped on the barren Titan, he resolved to find the Witches of Infinity to restore his power.

(Thanos II#8 - BTS) - Thanos shared his plans with his brother, Eros, and his associates Nebula and Champion. Eros initially dismissed the Witches as myth, and when Thanos confirmed their existence, Eros noted that if they were real then so were the stories about them. He warned Thanos that to strike a deal with them would cost him his soul, but Thanos noted that he had lost his soul long ago. As Thane was slaughtering various worlds and races, Thanos was able to convince Eros and his associated to bring him to the Witches.




quarry_of_creation-thanos9-6eyeskull    When they reached a black hole, Thanos and Eros entered it.

(Thanos II#8) - After suffering massive distortion, Thanos and Eros arrived in the God Quarry and were greeted by the Witches of Infinity.

(Thanos II#9) -
When Thanos reiterated his desire to restore his power, two of the Witches considered casting them away or destroying them, but the third noted that neither of those options were their place to perform, and she noted that the quarry still held the power of all of the dead and forgotten gods who had come there.
     The others continued that the power was not their to give or take but rather than it depended on the challenger: "The quarry gives or takes. Those who enter it willingly face a trial for their very soul. Should you pass, the power you want can be yours. However, should you fail this trial, you will join the other deities who are now frozen for eternity in the quarry's ageless walls."



     One of the sisters then asked Thanos if he had come there to waste their time or if he would enter the quarry.

     Accepting the challenge, Thanos began scaling the quarry, but he soon found his limbs pulled into the wall and his body petrified or ossified.

     As he had asked what trickery this was, the Witches answered "No trickery. The quarry has him now. His trial is just beginning."

(Thanos II#10) - Recognizing the reality he was living -- where he was Earth's greatest hero, mirroring Reality-19103 -- as false, Thanos threw off the illusion, escaping the God Quarry and restoring his power. After blasting and incapacitating Eros, Thanos then departed to confront Thane.

(Thanos II#11) - Thanos' struggle with Thane destroyed the planet on which they had fought and brought them back through the black hole to the God Quarry. Having unsuccessfully attempted to escape that battle, Champion and Nebula were brought to the God Quarry. Eros remained unconscious.

(Thanos II#12) - The Witches welcomed Thane to the God Quarry, noting it to be the place at the end of all places, where gods were made and gods undone. As the Witches felt that the Phoenix had no place there, they banished it from Thane's body, and it departed the realm.

    Thanos subsequently battered the powerless Thane and then dropped him into the God Quarry, where he was petrified. Thanos suspected that he would not escape as Thane lacked understanding of his own nature.

    Death then appeared before Thanos, and the Witches advised her that she had no business there. Death argued that she did as Thanos was her business, but after Thanos told Death that he no longer needed or wanted her love, the Witches obliterated the manifestation of Death, although they noted that she could not be killed but only delayed.

    Thanos then departed through the black hole exit point, leaving Champion, Eros, and Nebula there, while the Witches were nowhere to be seen.



quarry_of_creation-aog3-nebpetquarry_of_creation-aog3-nebfreed(Asgardians of the Galaxy#3 (fb) - BTS) - Eros and Champion departed the Quarry under unrevealed circumstances. Nebula underwent the Witches'/Quarry's challenge.

(Infinity Wars Prime#1 - BTS) - Asgardian Tomekeeper Flowa told Loki of the Quarry of Creation (as it was originally called) and advised him that it was protected by "elder witches."

    Loki convinced Flowa to take him to the Quarry of Creation.

.(Asgardians of the Galaxy#3 (fb)) - In her vision, Nebula slew Thanos and then Gamora but revealed that what she was seeing was not reality because she was not suffering enough. Overcoming the challenge, Nebula broke free of the petrified shell in which she had been held. Neither willing nor able to supply Gamora with the power she demanded, they instead directed her to the Naglfar Beacon.


(Infinity Wars#1) - Via an Asgardian longship, Flowa brought Loki to the Quarry of Creation where Flowa noted that the gods were only the top sediment there and that there were tales of the true treasure that lied below the Quarry of Creation.

    Spotting the witches, Loki began to introduce himself in hopes of gaining information about his perceptions were possibly being distorted. However, they instead commanded his silence and stated, "Infinity's End...is...here!" as they apparently self-immolated.

    Loki-18897 was then knocked into Reality-616's Quarry of Creation from his own reality by a battle. After some discussion with Loki-616, Loki-18897 was then pulled into a battle alongside some of his allies against what Flowa thought to be a Soul-Eater (perhaps that reality's Devondra). Loki-18897 apparently perished in that battle (or against that Reality's Requiem/Gamora)

quarry_of_creation-infinitywars3-gamora arrivequarry_of_creation-infinitywars3-gamblast

(Infinity Wars#3) - After Gamora had acquired the Infinity Stones and overlapped the universe's population, merging each two into one in the Warp World, Loki offered his counsel to Gamora and asked her to accompany him to the God Quarry to learn why he was being manipulated/thwarted. Refusing Loki's offer, Gamora sent Loki into the Warp World and traveled to the God Quarry with Flowa.

    Gamora appreciated the age of the quarry, and she noted that there was a floor beneath them through which she could not see. Feeling that with her power, there should not be any impediment to her sight, she began blasting through the quarry. Flowa advised her that there was a million millennia (that's a billion years) of dead gods under their feet, but Gamora told him that they had nothing but time.

quarry_of_creation-infinitywars4-gqbottom(Infinity Wars#4) - Gamora was frustrated as she could not see beyond the barrier at the bottom of the God Quarry, and when Flowa suggested infinite finesse over infinite power, Gamora was distracted by a vision of Thanos (who had been visiting her in visions since she had decapitated him via a sword bonded to the Power Stone). Regardless, as a group of seven Watchers had gathered overhead, Flowa noted that whatever Gamora did next should be worthy of song. The Thanos-vision further noted this to be the end of infinity.

(Infinity Wars#5) - Gamora futilely smashed at the bottom of the God Quarry with the Infinity Blade as the Watchers observed from above.

(Infinity Wars#5 - BTS) - Meanwhile, within the Warp World within the Soul Gem, Loki led Ant-Man, Emma Frost, Hulk, Kang, and Ms. Marvel to find that pocket dimension's counterpart of Gamora, and Emma and Kamala convinced that Gamora to let them have the Infinity Stones she possessed. Loki then divided the stones up amongst his group (Emma: Power; Hulk: Space; Ant-Man: Time; Kang: Reality; Ms. Marvel: Mind; and Loki: Soul).

(Infinity Wars#5) - Loki's group transported to the Quarry of Creation, arriving just shortly after Moondragon and Phyla-Vell (both of Reality-18897) had appeared and futilely attacked Gamora. Working together, Loki's Infinity Watch stripped Gamora's Infinity Stones, which Loki then stole these stones from his former allies. Loki then transported Gamora -- along with Moondragon and Phyla-18897 -- into the Warp World and then traveled through the floor of the God Quarry to encounter what appeared to be Celestials, the apparent "puppet masters" who had manipulated his life.

(Infinity Wars#6) - After being shown his future by these Celestials, Loki returned to the Quarry of Creation, disintegrating and depowering the Infinity Stones acquired from within Warp World. He then gave the true Infinity Stones to his former allies and headed back to Omnipotence City with Flowa.

(Infinity Wars#6 - BTS) - Ant-Man, Emma Frost, Hulk, Kang, and Ms. Marvel then returned to Soul World, where the Hulk used the Space Stone to make a black hole in Devondra that destroyed it, neutralizing its soul-devouring threat to the Soul Stone and the universe as a whole. The group then used their Infinity Stones to preserve Warp World and its inhabitants while restoring Universe-616 as well, after which they apparently granted the Infinity Stones intelligence/freedom to choose their own destinies.


quarry_of_creation-fcbdquarry_of_creation-fcbd-avtow(Avengers VII#65 (fb)) - After trying to kill himself by throwing himself into the sun, Loki-18201 instead ended up at the God Quarry. Seeing the fossilized remains of the gods therein, Loki knew that he belonged with them, and so he prayed to the Quarry itself to be turned to stone and granted the oblivion he deserved.

     The answer was "No." He would not be allowed to die until he had served his penance, assembling the mightiest Avengers of all infinity.

(Free Comic Book Day 2021" Avengers/Hulk#1: Avengers story (fb) - BTS /
Avengers VII#65 (fb) - BTS) - Many Starks, Thors, and Visions constructed Avengers Tower near the edge of the God Quarry, and Avenger Prime made this his base.

(Avengers VII#65 (fb)) - Over the eons, Loki summoned various Avengers, who came and went as needed. He long operated in the shadows unlike with a group of Deathloks.

(Free Comic Book Day 2021" Avengers/Hulk#1: Avengers story) - From Avengers Tower, Avenger Prime (Loki-18201) sent his Deathlok agents to evaluate and report on every charted universe and to deliver warnings to each local set of Avengers of a mysterious threat.

(Avengers Forever Infinity Comic#4) - From Avengers Tower, Avenger Prime discussed the gathering team -- including Atli, Ellisiv & Frigg of Reality-14412; Ant-Man-818/21170 (Tony Stark); All-Rider-616 (Robbie Reyes), and an unspecified Deathlok -- with Captain Carter (see comments) noting that they needed to get more hammers, Riders, Starks, and pillars, and that they would need the spirit of resilience in the face of despair.

Avengers Forever II#4) - By Avengers Tower, Captain Carter -- alongside Longbow-398 and "War Widow"-??? -- noted with pleasure the arrival of Moon Knight (Mariama Spector) and the Vision, both of the re-written Earth-818/Reality-21170, as they could always use more Moon Knights and Visions. When Moon Knight remarked that they needed to get back to their home, Captain Carter told them they could not do that until the war was won, even if it took forever.


quarry_of_creation-aaa-avtow(Avengers Assemble Alpha#1) - Avenger Prime departed Avengers Tower, arriving on Earth-616 circa 1 million B.C. to confront Mephisto; however, Mephisto overwhelmed him with multiple Mephisto counterparts, which also then swarmed into the God Quarry.

     Within Avengers Tower, Avenger Prime's gathered forces --
including a Black Knight, Captain America-8101, Captain Carter, Captain Marvel, Hercules, Longbow-398, Moon Knight-818/21170, and "War Widow" --  observed the demons' approach. They were pleased to see the arrival of the All-Rider (Robbie Reyes) of Earth-616 and Ant-Man-818/21170, but Robbie proved unable to transform into the All-Rider.

Avengers Forever II#12) - Legions of Captains (Captain America counterparts, including Captain Carter), Carols (Captain Marvel counterparts), alongside Thor, God of Fists; and Star Panther-41766 fought off the attacking Mephistos.

     Ant-Man led Moon Knight and Vision (all Earth-818/21170) to tunnel beneath the surface of the God Quarry, hoping to get under the Mephisto's main position and ambush them. Instead, they found the Mephisto's tunneling straight down toward the First Firmament to access the universe of ancient energy therein. The trio then assaulted the tunneling Mephisto's but were swiftly overwhelmed until being joined by
Old Man Phoenix (Logan) and the Goddesses of Thunder (all of Reality-14412).

(Avengers Forever II#13) - Ant-Man warned those within Avengers Tower of the impending assault, after which the powers of Old Man Phoenix and the Goddesses of Thunder (and the Mjolnirs they had collected) soon put the Mephistos on the run. As the gathered Avengers discussed pursuing them vs. defending Avengers Tower, Ellisiv (the middle sister of the Goddesses of Thunder) argued that they were not after Avengers Tower, and Old Man Phoenix explained that the Tower was just there to protect the Quarry and what was buried beneath it. Ant-Men sent Captain Carter and the Howlers (Captain America counterparts) into the pit to make sure it was clear.

      However, Avengers Tower was then assaulted by Doom the Living Planet, alongside other Dooms serving Doom Supreme. When Old Man Phoenix and Star Panther sought magical power to penetrate Doom's magical barrier, Avenger Prime then arrived, revealing himself to be Loki (of Reality-18201).

(Avengers VII#65) - Avengers Prime utilized the Winds of Watoomb from Universes-818/21170, -4559, -93748, and -199452 to slay an army of the Dooms serving Doom Supreme.

     As another army of Dooms approached, Avengers Prime summoned another batch of Avengers to aid the existing group of Avengers.

(Avengers VII#66 (fb)) - Mephisto-616 noted that the efforts of the Council of Red had caused cracks to form in the bedrock of the God Quarry, and he advised the Council that with Doom having brought his army, these cracks would begin to spread until the grand became so broken that he could shatter it with his own fist, unleashing what lied beneath for all the worlds to see.

    When the Council of Red attempted to stop him, he instead began to absorb the Council of Red, growing to giant size and power.

(Avengers Forever II#14) - The gathered Avengers warred against Doom Supreme and his forces, with Star Panther taking down Doom the Living Planet. The giant-collective Mephisto-616 confronted Avengers investigating the pit.

(Avengers VII#66) - The giant Mephisto assaulted the gathered Avengers forces as they fought the Dooms and then turned to battering the floor of the God Quarry. Avenger Prime unleashed another batch of Avengers, including a power cosmic-enhanced Ka-Zar and his ally/honorary Avenger, Galactus, whom he sent after Doom the Living Planet; and Gorilla-Man, who brought Ursa Major and the Celestial Progenitor, possessed by a Deathlok

(Avengers Forever II#15) - Galactus fed on Doom the Living Planet, and the various Avengers battled the Dooms, while the Deathlok-possessed Progenitor assaulted the composite Mephisto. Robbie returned to his All-Rider form and joined Starbrand/Brandy in battling other Dooms, but when the Phoenix/Firehair of Earth-616 circa 1 million BC charged Thor-616's Mjolnir with power and sent it against Dark Phoenix/Raven Darkholme, the forces shattered the damaged floor of the God Quarry. The liquefied leavings -- the waters of entropy, of all-consuming nothingness -- of an ancient multiverse began to seep through.

(Avengers Assemble Omega#1 (fb) - BTS) - Galactus departed the God Quarry to discuss these destructive energies.

(Avengers Assemble Omega#1) - Dooms and Avengers alike sought to escape the destructive flood that issued forth from the ruptured floor of the God Quarry. As Old Man Phoenix held back the destructive wave, Mephisto confirmed his goal of destroying all reality, while Doom Supreme tried to absorb the power from a small portion of the fluid, but Ant-Man-818/21170 caused the small portion to expand to a great quantity that overwhelmed Doom, petrifying him and leaving him a portion of the God Quarry; Ant-Man then shrunk his petrified remains to small size.

     Even with the Valkyrie Jane Foster bolstering Old Man Phoenix with her all-weapon, his Adamantium bones began to buckle. The Deathlok-possessed Progenitor used its hand to seal the leak from the Quarry, while the thunder gods and goddesses tried in vain to seal the hole. The Firehair and Echo Phoenixes cast the Darkholme Phoenix into the destructive waters, apparently destroying her, but the energies destroyed the Progenitor's hands, causing the geyser of destructive waters to issue forth again. Thor joined his energies to the Phoenixes to contain the energies again and then All-Rider reformed Doom the Living Planet and used it to plug the breach. As the energies threatened to burst through even that, the Thors used all of the gathered hammers to plug any leaks and hold the planet in place. With Avenger Prime having noted that nothing from this reality's side of the hole could plug it, All-Rider drove through the breach and then sealed it.

     Starbrand/Brandy and Phoenix/Firehair then combined their powers to restore the 615 Earths/Realities destroyed by the Multiversal Masters of Evil.

(Avengers Assemble Omega#1 (fb) - BTS) - Starbrand and the Phoenix preserved Ant-Man-818/21170, Infinity Thing-818/21170, Moon Knight-818/21170, Star Panther-41766, Thor-56337 (God of Fists), Vision-818/21170, and Wonder Man-818/21170, ensuring they would not be lost when their worlds' original realities were restored.

(Avengers Assemble Omega#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Deathlok-Progenitor apparently remained in the God Quarry, and Avengers Tower was rebuilt. The above Avengers remained at Avengers Tower in preparation for any needed battles, with the Howling Commandos and Carol Corps were used for missions in other realities.

(Avengers Assemble Omega#1) - Avenger Prime sent a number of the Howling Commandos/Captains and Carol Corps to investigate all of the Earths that had had their previous realities restored and to deliver reconnaissance reports.

Comments: Created by Jeff Lemire and German Peralta.

    So, the Avengers Assemble story arc revealed that Avenger Prime had established Avengers Tower just off to the side of the Quarry, apparently eons ago. The Witches of Infinity were pretty possessive of the location and who they allowed to be there. I find it highly unlikely that they would have allowed Loki to build a base there, and I think it equally unlikely that Loki could have hid himself from their detection...these are beings who obliterated a manifestation of death, stripped away the Phoenix Force for a host, etc.
    I think that, after the Witches' self-immolation, Loki established a base there and then warped time around the tower to make it eons, or something like that...meaning that he was not there when the Witches were there.

    Petrified means turned to stone. Ossified means turned to bone...

    In Wolverine: Infinity Watch#1, there is a "flashback" that shows Loki gathering the Infinity Stones, starting with the Space Stone (that was hidden away in one of Fury's safe houses) and then (as Requiem) slaying Thanos, after which he went through the wall at the Quarry of Creation, didn’t like what he saw (as the Stones didn’t work in that higher realm and he was stomped on by the Celestials or whatever was there)…but then Loki enlisted Wolverine-14412 (Old Man Phoenix) to help prevent Loki from doing this and getting his mind messed up…Logan took the Space Stone from Loki and gave it to Black Widow and then things played out like they did in Infinity Wars in Reality-616.
    So, what that would mean is that Reality-616 diverged from another reality when the Black Widow got the Space Stone, and that other reality is where things played out with Loki possessing the Infinity Stones...so, that reality is  Earth-19456

    Avengers Prime refers to Avengers Tower by the God Quarry as "this interuniversal lighthouse at the root of the all and the always."

Captain Carter

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to

black hole

quarry_of_creation-thanos8-blackholequarry_of_creation-thanos8-distortionA black hole on the edge of the universe served as one entrance point to the  God Quarry.

(Thanos II#8) - Having flown to the edge of the universe, Thanos and Eros entered the black hole. After suffering massive distortion, Thanos and Eros arrived in the God Quarry and were greeted by the Witches of Infinity.

(Thanos II#11) - Thanos' struggle with Thane destroyed the planet on which they had fought and brought them back through the black hole to the God Quarry. Having unsuccessfully attempted to escape that battle, Champion and Nebula were brought to the God Quarry.

quarry_of_creation-thanos12-blackexitabove(Thanos II#12) - Thanos then departed through the black hole exit point, leaving Champion, Eros, and Nebula there.

Thanos II#8 (11, 12


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