Real Name: Ngi

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (possibly? - see comments) god

Occupation: God

Group Membership: Yaounde (Cameroon) gods (N'Kokon, Otukut, Wo, Zamba, others)

Affiliations: Gorilla-Man (Ken Hale), all previous Gorilla-Men

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: Zamba (father), N'Kokon, Otukut, Wo (brothers)

Aliases: The Gorilla God, Ngi the Strong

Base of Operations: The spiritual plane

First Appearance: (in spiritual gorilla form) Marvel Comics Presents III#2 (April, 2019)

Powers/Abilities: Ngi is a god with superhuman size and strength and typically appears in the form of a large gorilla. He can also project his form into the spiritual realm and travel between the Earthly and spiritual planes in a brilliant flash of fire.

Height: Presumably various
Weight: Presumably various
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Gray (possibly black -
see comments)

(African myth) - Son of the god Zamba, Ngi and his three brothers were tasked with the shaping of humanity, each brother creating human beings in their image. Over time, Ngi and the rest of his pantheon came to be worshiped by humans living in the region of Africa that later came to be known as Cameroon.

(Wakanda#1/2 - Annotations - BTS) - Prior to the official establishment of the country Wakanda, the people of that land worshiped mainly the panther god Bast but others followed deities such as Ngi and others. The worshipers formed their own tribes, with one dedicated to Ngi.

(Marvel Comics Presents III#2/3 (fb) - BTS) - A small tribe in the Wakandan mountains (later known as the Jabari) sought to protect itself from its enemies so they summoned the spirit of the gorilla god, Ngi, and merged his spirit with a man to become their champion as the Gorilla-Man. While mystically merging Ngi's spirit to their chosen champion, the tribe's elders also bound Ngi's spirit with magics that would seek out new champions to merge with Ngi. Over time, Ngi's spirit eventually took over the Gorilla-Man form and began slaughtering natives, bathing in their blood in an effort to gain enough power to manifest physically as a god on Earth. The magic binding spell soon took hold and, summoned by the spell, men traveled to destroy the Gorilla-Man, taking Ngi's spirit into their own body and becoming the new Gorilla-Man. As time passed over generations, different men killed the previous Gorilla-Man, each merging with Ngi's spirit themselves and becoming the new Gorilla-Man.

(Wakanda#2/2 - Annotations - BTS) - Called the Farin Biri, the small tribe became known as the gorilla tribe due to their disastrous history with Ngi and they later renamed themselves the Jabari after one of their fallen warriors.

(Wakanda#1/2 - Annotations - BTS) - As Bast became the dominant religious deity in Wakanda, the tribes worshiping Ngi, fellow gorilla god Gehkre, the crocodile god Sobek and the lion god Sekhmet were viewed as heretics and cultists.

(Marvel Comics Presents III#2/3 - BTS) - In the modern era, Ngi's spirit took over the body of then-current Gorilla-Man, Ken Hale, and Ken went on a savage spree, more ape than man. Seeking to end Ngi's rampage and save his friend Hale from being killed by a mystically-summoned possible successor, the heroic Black Panther brought the savage Gorilla-Man to Wakanda to commune with the spirits of the past Gorilla-Men in hopes of confronting Ngi himself and remaining alive as the Gorilla-Man.

(Marvel Comics Presents III#2/3) - On the spiritual plane, Ken Hale was transformed back into his human form and made his way through the past Gorilla-Men to face Ngi himself. At first attacking Ngi physically, Hale was easily swatted aside and after multiple attempts to attack Ngi, Hale grumbled that it wasn't fair that his ape-like strength had been stripped from him upon entering the spiritual plane. As he complained, Hale realized his strength came from Ngi and that realization provoked a grunt from Ngi, who disappeared in a flash of flame. Awaking in a flash of flame in his Gorilla-Man form, Hale found his mental faculties had returned and Hale later discussed the events with the Black Panther, explaining how his test was never about fighting Ngi but rather, embracing Ngi's spirit within himself.

Comments: Adapted into Marvel Comics by David Lapham and Maria Lapham.

    I wasn't able to find much information on the gods of the Yaounde people in Cameroon online, only that Ngi is one of the four sons of Zamba who were tasked with creating humanity after Zamba created the Earth and all its creatures. If I'm able to find more information, I will gladly add the information to this profile. Due to the lack of information, I was not able to determine whether the Yaounde gods reside in an extradimensional realm or if they were some sort of terrestrial gods. Presumably, like many other mythological pantheons within the Marvel Comics, the Yaounde gods dwelled in some sort of extradimensional realm and accessed Earth via portals.

    While one might assume that the Yaounde people's gods could be a variation/other aspect of the Vodu (African gods), the annotations in Wakanda#1 established that Gehkre (the gorilla god of the Vodu) and Ngi (the gorilla god profiled here) are two different beings. It's possible that perhaps Ngi is the gorilla god seen in the Solomon Kane story in Kull & the Barbarians#2.

    I listed Ngi's hair as being gray, as it seemed lighter than black in his appearances, but a few things need to be considered in that regard. 1) Ngi was surrounded by fire so that fire may've made his fur look lighter than normal, 2) He was appearing in spiritual form, which could have affected the coloring of his fur much in the same way that Dr. Strange appears transparent while in his astral form and 3) Do we really know for sure what color hair the true Ngi had. He appeared in the form of a gorilla but how many mythological gods do we know that can assume different forms?

Profile by Proto-Man.

Ngi, the Gorilla God,
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images: (without ads)
Marvel Comics Presents III#2, p28, pan1 (Ngi, main image)
Marvel Comics Presents III#2, p29, pan7 (Ngi sitting)
Marvel Comics Presents III#2, p29, pan2 (Ngi swatting Ken Hale aside)

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