Classification: Alternate reality (Reality-700459) extraterrestrial race

Location/Base of Operations: The planet Hotep

Known Members: Khufu

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

First Appearance: Spider-Woman cartoon episode, "Pyramids of Terror" (September 22, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: The Hotepians are capable of firing beams of force from their fingers that transform those hit by the beams into mummies. They can also generate heat through their bodies sufficient enough to melt Spider-Man's chemical webbing.

Traits: The Hotepians in general were violent and hostile to others. The sole Hotepian identified, Khufu, was an especially violent overlord obsessed with crushing his foes and enslaving the Earth. Whether this particular trait is common among all of the Hotepians remains to be seen.

Type: Bilaterally symmetrical semi-humanoids
Eyes: Two (Red in color)
Fingers: Five
Toes: Five
Skin color: Unrevealed (see comments)
Average height: Unrevealed (approximately 7'0")

(Spider-Woman cartoon episode "Pyramids of Terror"(fb) - BTS) - A fleet of Hotepian spaceships resembling pyramids all landed across the Earth. The Hotepian crews put themselves into suspended animation until their home planet Hotep was ready to colonize the Earth.

(Spider-Woman cartoon episode "Pyramids of Terror") - When a massive sandstorm raged across Egypt, a massive Hotepian pyramid ship appeared before the horrified crowd in an unidentified city. The adventurer Spider-Man investigated the pyramid and fought with the massive Hotepian mummy inside, a fight that ended with him being captured.

    In the United States, Jessica Drew was in a museum with photographer Jeff Hunt covering the Egyptian display when a mummy in a display case seemingly came to life and went on a rampage before being stopped by a venom blast by Jessica in her superheroic guise of Spider-Woman. Returning to Jessica's office at Justice Magazine, Jessica and Jeff talked about the incident when her nephew Billy entered the office and told her of similar incidents of mummy rampages happening all over the country. When Jessica called Police Chief Cooper to ask about the story, unaware that these living mummies were actually alien Hotepians, Cooper's aide came in and related the news that mummies had been spotted all across the world and that Spider-Man had been captured in Egypt.

    After the sandstorm ruined the Egyptian city, an army of Hotepian mummies advanced on the city and once inside, the Hotepian leader Khufu boasted of his origins to a captured Spider-Man. He was aware of the hero's name and bragged about his plan to mummify the people of Earth (see comments). When Spider-Woman entered the pyramid, she confronted Khufu and he boasted of his species' superiority, dropping Spider-Woman via trapdoor into a chamber with an advancing wall to crush her. Unaware of Spider-Woman's ability to control spiders, Khufu failed to see her ordering spiders to somehow chew through the stone walls.

    Khufu then launched a full scale invasion of Earth, starting in London, England. Hovering over the city, the Hotepian mummies blasted the population, wrapping them like mummies. When Spider-Man webbed up one of the Hotepian ships' control rooms, the leader Khufu responded by blasting the hero as well.  When Spider-Woman helped free Spider-Man from the mummy wrapping, they devised a plan. Acting as a distraction, Spider-Woman taunted Khufu, leading him into an alleyway where Spider-Man webbed Khufu's ship into a cube shape. With his ship incapacitated, Khufu ordered the mission aborted and the Hotepian pyramids retreated back into space (see comments).

Comments: Created by Jeff Scott and DePatie-Freleng Productions (see Appearances list for list of artists involved).

    The Hotepians' typical skin color was impossible to determine as they were all covered in bandages.

    Apparently in the Spider-Woman cartoon, being mummified means being wrapped in "space bandages" that can be easily removed provided one is not totally covered? Why do the Hotepians flee after Spider-Man webbed the main ship? Maybe no longer being a pyramid shape means the Hotepian ships lose power?
-For that matter, why does one ship's transformation from pyramid shape to cube shape disrupt all of the Hotepian ships and if they were all defeated, how did they fly their ships back into space? --Proto-Man

    I apologize for the quality of the images but the best I could do was take screen captures from a TV recording of the episode. The Spider-Woman cartoon series isn't exactly on HD blu-ray or even on DVD in the US. --Proto-Man

Profile by David Lawrence.

The Hotepians have no known connections to:


The leader of the Hotepian mummies on Earth, Khufu launched the Hotepian invasion. During the attack, he captured Spider-Man, Jeff Hunt, Bobby and later Spider-Woman as well, though he was later forced to lead the Hotepians' retreat when Spider-Man turned his pyramid-shaped spaceship into a cube.

Like the other Hotepians, Khufu was capable of projecting beams from his fingers that caused those hit by the beams to become bandaged like a mummy. He can also generate heat from his body.

-Spider-Woman cartoon episode "The Pyramids of Terror"

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Spider-Woman cartoon episode, "Pyramids of Terror" (all images in this profile)

Spider-Woman cartoon episode, "Pyramids of Terror" (September 22, 1979) -
Jeff Scott (writer), Rex Barron, Bob Bemiller, Bob Bransford, Barrington Bunce, Hak Ficq, Rene Garcia, John Gibbs, Mark Glamack, Lee Halpern, C.L. Hartman, Karenia Kaminski, Mel Keefer, Jim Keeshen, Bob Kirk, Walt Kubiak, Ron Myrick, Dan Noonan, Rolando Oliva, Barney Posner, Tom Ray, Richard H. Thomas, Sharon Thomas, Art Vitello, Robert West, Roy Wilson, Terry Windell, Jayme Adelson, Fransesca Allen,  Kathi Castillo, Myrna Gibbs, Maxine Markota, Jeanette Nouribekian, Kevin Petrilak, Armand Shaw, Britt Van der Nagel (storyboards/layouts), Gerry Chiniquy,David Detiege, Sid Marcus, Bob Richardson (animation director)

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